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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: House of Slack
Author: Zen&nancy aka Zen and Nancy
Dates: 2000 or before - present
Fandom: Highlander, X-Files, Sentinel, Due South, Hard Core Logo
URL: (defunct, via Wayback)
Live, Grow Stronger, Slash Another Day.png
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House of Slack is Zen&nancy's slash page. It has the subtitle "Live, Grow Stronger, Slash Another Day" which is based on a famous Methos quote (only he says "fight" instead of "slash"). The X-Files section is called The Rat's Nest.

The page hosts Zen&nancy's Highlander, X-Files, Sentinel, Due South, Hard Core Logo and crossover fiction. It also hosts stories by many talented slash writers from a wide array of fandoms, check those out at the Homeless Shelter.

The site is associated with the Renegade Slash Militia and is hosted by SlashCity.

It was listed in The Fan Fiction Directory under "Slash - Due South" in 2000.[1]

Fan Comments

Right. Why no one has recced this site and everything on it before now, I don't know, but I'll try to make up for the oversight.

The site is 'Live, Grow Stronger, Slash Another Day,' ... and it hosts some of the finest Due South, Sentinel, X-Files, and Highlander stories I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. Literally everything here is worth reading, but there are a few that I just have to mention in particular, to make sure no one misses them.

In the X-Files section 'The Rat's Nest,' there are three PWP's, "Precious Pain," "Rough Boys," and "Something You Said," which you should only read if you like angst, mental torment, and S&M. If that turns your crank, you'll love 'em.

The Due South page, 'Sweet Home Chicago' only hosts four stories, and of these, only "Ring of Fire really strikes me as in character for the guys. But if you can deal with involuntary drug use, issues of consent, and no happy ending, "The Politics of X" is hot enough to melt your monitor. I kid you not, have a large glass of ice water to hand if you decide to read this.

If you liked my recs so far, and crossovers don't automatically squick you, you might like "Dogs In the Yard," a delightfully vicious little RayK/Krycek PWP found on the crossover page. (hint: it's S&M, but who's which might surprise you)

And then, of course, there is the 'Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen,' featuring ten truly talented authors. Gushing about everything these folks have done that I love would take all night, so I'll restrain myself to plugging only three of the very best of the best.

1) The Muse! series and accompanying Highlander DM/M/sometimes-A fics by Suze. Laugh-your-ass-off ROG-ful goodness. Not to be read while eating, for fear of choking.

2)Bone. She is a goddess. Read all her stuff, but especially her new Sentinel story "The Reluctant Patient," "Out Of Whack", co-authored J/B goodness by Bone and Aristide, "Exposing the Nape" for some really hot J/B action, and most definitely "Back To Good," for one of the best post-S4 stories you will find on the net. As for her Due South stuff, she and Aristide also got together for "The Better Angels," which no BF/RK fan should be without. Ditto for Bone's DS masterpiece, "Layers," which is so fabulous I'm sure you've heard oodles of praise for it already, so I won't even bother. However, you may not have heard of Bone's latest fic, "Bounty," or a charming little PWP she wrote called "Smooth," both of which are like unto spicy cinnamon candy: sweet and hot, all at once.

3) For the hottest, sexiest, JUICIEST Sentinel story you will EVER read, check out "Fruit of the Vine" by Aristide. And have your SO standing by, trust me. For the downright scariest TS tale on the net, read "The Dragon," co-authored by Mairead. After all that adrenaline, go to "Solitary Creatures," for a pure, sweet, wonderful J/B first time. And finally, check out "It's All In the Wrist" for a DS fic that starts out ROTFLMAO funny and winds up where-the-heck-did-my-SO-get-to hot.

Welp, I think I've rambled on enough. So what are you still standing here for? Go to the House of Slack and read some fic, fergoshsakes.

Calico Jane >^.^< (never miss an opportunity to tell other people what they think) [2]
This is the home of Zenandnancy's fic. If that weren't enough to bring you there, they also sponsor a "Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen" for homeless fic writers. Among the writers they've given a home are Aristide/Mairead Triste and Bone.[3]
The Rat's Nest - The Heroin Series is absolutely superb, and should be read by all who enjoy good, original fic. Be warned, though, this series has many more thorns than roses. I'm still hopeful that all will turn out for the best, however, as there are still two installments to come:) All the other stories are good as well. Very good, in fact. I just wish they wrote faster:) Oh, and in the homeless shelter, with fiction by Bone, Aristide, be absolutely *sure* not to miss A Boy and His Rat by C.M. Decarnin.[4]


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