The Heroin Series

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Title: The Heroin Series
Author(s): Zen&nancy aka Zen and Nancy
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: The Heroin Series (The Rat's Nest)
cover art by The Theban Band

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The Heroin Series is a Mulder/Krycek story by Zen&nancy. The Theban Band created a fanfic cover for the series. It won the 2000 FOX Awards in the categories Outstanding Krycek Fanfiction Cover Art and Outstanding Angst Fanfiction Cover Art and it tied first place in the category Outstanding X-Files Fanfiction Cover Art.


  • Waiting For The Man (30K Rated NC17) - Here's our first serious offering in the nest. BEWARE! This is very dark, deals with hard drug use in graphic description, and there is no sex. If you read this and it upsets you, remember, you were thoroughly warned.
  • Out Ta Get Me (31K Rated NC17) - nancy couldn't leave that rat alone, she had to write a sequel (and there's one more part to this little monster, coming soon). Please do be warned, Alex's little life gets a great deal nastier. Mulder shows up. *Head's Up* RAPE STORY
  • Gimme Shelter (82K Rated NC17) - We thought this would be the last, a nice, neat trilogy. However, the muses have conspired, and there's one more yet to come. Mulder comes back, looking for redemption.
  • Perforation Problems (122K Rated NC17) - The fourth installment in the series, told from Mulder's POV. Some misery, some sweetness and a phone call from Scully.
Author's note:
After two years of writers block on this series, a solution has been reached. Alex was kind enough to explain to us that we were not, actually, writing the next story in the series. We were in fact writing the second half of the last story. So, Bitter Pill has been revised and re-posted, now about twice as long as was originally, and the next story in the series is now under way. Thanks for your patience!
  • Bitter Pill (63k Rated NC17) - The fifth story in this series (as far as the Junkrat is telling us now, there's two more yet to come), Bitter Pill follows Alex onto a greyhound and across this great wide land of ours to meet his destiny. <snerk!>

Recs and Reviews

The Heroin Series is absolutely superb, and should be read by all who enjoy good, original fic. Be warned, though, this series has many more thorns than roses. I'm still hopeful that all will turn out for the best, however, as there are still two installments to come:) All the other stories are good as well. Very good, in fact. I just wish they wrote faster:) Oh, and in the homeless shelter, with fiction by Bone, Aristide, be absolutely *sure* not to miss A Boy and His Rat by C.M. Decarnin. [1]
Krycek goes on a semi-controlled heroin binge and is hunted down by Mulder at the worst possible moment.[2]
Welcome to the jungle!

Zen&nancy know better than most how to deliver the twisted and the kinky, the dirty and the simply fucked up, and I couldn't resist bending the crack_van rules just a little in order to rec their most striking work. Technically, The Heroin Series is a work in progress, since more parts were planned and there is a vague plotline that has not been resolved. But it is also clear that since it has been years since this story was updated, it will probably never be completely finished. It will have to be considered as it stands, or not at all. In my opinion, the first parts are just as moving and terrifying and perversely hot whether you ever find out what will become of Alex in the end or not. But if you really don't like loose ends in a fic, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

Actually, The Heroin Series is a story that comes with a lot of warnings, and rightly so. From drug use to rape, the dark underbelly of existence is depicted in graphic detail, and nothing is shied away from. The unflinching grittiness of this fic is what makes it so remarkable. When a heroin addicted Krycek finds his world invaded by a Mulder high on rage and lust for his sworn enemy, the results are not pretty, though, in spite of everything, they turn out to be unexpectedly romantic. Love and hate, lust and violence, fear and comfort - they rarely come together as explosively as they do here. Pop Guns n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction in the cd player, and enjoy. [3]
I love this series, it's one of my all-time favorites. Fucked up *and* heart-achingly romantic, somehow. And yeah, so hot. [4]
It is a great series. And I don't quite know how they manage that mixture of romance and complete twistedness, but it certainly works. [5]


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