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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Worlds Enough
Author: Sylvia
Fandom: The X-Files, Smallville, From Eroica With Love, Once a Thief, Harry Potter, Highlander, Andromeda, Brimstone, Buffy, Due South, Hercules/Xena, Lord of the Rings, Queer as Folk, Star Trek, The Sentinel, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Tokyo Babylon / X1999, Card Captor Sakura, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Rurouni Kenshin, Weiß Kreuz, Blackadder, Quantum Leap/Stargate SG1, A Distant Soil, War of the Worlds
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Worlds Enough is Sylvia's slash fanfiction and recommendation site. It was last updated Aug 27, 2003.

Her X-Files fanfiction has its own page, all her other fandoms are collected on another page. In addition to her own stories, Sylvia hosts some of BT's mostly Eroica fanfiction.

Sylvia's recs have a strong focus on Mulder/Krycek and Duncan/Methos, but there are several recs in other fandoms as well.

Sylvia's XF Stories

Sylvia's Other Stories


Macellum (Apr 14 03) The Legend of Nightshade (Apr 14 03)

From Eroica, With Love


Revolutionary Girl Utena

Ever After (Jul 14 02)

Once a Thief

Men at Some Time

Tokyo Babylon / X1999

Blossoming (Nov 04 01)

Card Captor Sakura

Wings (Jul 14 02)

Sylvia's Slash Recs

The rec page was last updated November 24, 2002.


Card Captor Sakura, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rurouni Kenshin, Tokyo Babylon / X 1999, Weiss Kreuz

Harry Potter

Snape/Potter, Snape/Lupin, Harry/Draco, and some Gen





Other Fandoms

Andromeda, Brimstone, Buffy, Due South, Eroica, Hercules/Xena, Lord of the Rings, Once a Thief, Queer as Folk, Smallville, Star Trek, The Sentinel

BT's Fanfiction

BT's Fanfiction


The "Caged Flight" Series

  • Caged Flight 1: Le Coq d'Or
  • Caged Flight 2: Robin Goodfellow
  • Caged Flight 3: The Nightingale and not the Lark
  • Caged Flight 4: A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The "My Kingdom For A Horse" Series

  • Horse 1: My Kingdom for a Horse
  • Horse 2: I Run Before My Horse To Market
  • Horse 3: Earth Gape Open and Eat Him Quick
  • Horse 4: Packed With Posthorse Up To Heaven
  • Horse 5: To Seek the Empty, Vast and Wandering Air
  • Horse 6: A Shadow Like an Angel With Bright Hair


  • Cantiques de Noel ("BT is an author whose Eroica fics date back to that mythical age - pre-Internet. But thanks to Sylvia, her Eroica fic is now hosted online, and thank goodness. It's hard to pick just one, but this particular fic starts with an contemplative Klaus, a strange Christmas, and a broken engagement. It's dreamy and thoughtful, and perfectly accompanied by a pot of tea. If you like this one, there's a lot more where it came from." [1])
  • Revels And Revelations ("Klaus goes undercover, and as luck may have it, ends up at a Christmas party with Dorian and his family. I like the way that Klaus must struggle to remain in character, even when faced with the infuriating thief. Also, seeing a glimpse of Dorian with his family is interesting, as it shows a new facet of his personality." [2])
  • Day And Night
  • Masque For Three
  • Not A Day For Saints
  • Point Dexter Point Sinister
  • A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Red
  • Violets Exchanged For A Blue-Steel Tank
  • The Earl And The Officer (A Regency Romance)
  • Inheritance
  • Green Grows The Holly
  • Heaven's Fools
  • The Unbearable Sweetness Of Being Deadly
  • Do Blonds Really Have More Fun?
  • Weills Of A Summer Night

Other Fandoms


  • Taradiddle

Quantum Leap/Stargate SG1

  • Interference Patterns (added Jan 23 2002)

A Distant Soil

  • Don't Stop Me Now (added Aug 27 2003)
  • The Eye of the Avatar (added Aug 27 2003)

War of the Worlds

  • Sight Unseen (added Aug 27 2003)
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