A Distant Soil

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Name: A Distant Soil
Abbreviation(s): ADS
Creator: Colleen Doran
Date(s): 1991-
Medium: comics, graphic novel collections
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
External Links: Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil (official website)
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A Distant Soil is an SF comic book series written and illustrated by Colleen Doran, who began work on the series when she was twelve.[1] It follows Jason and Liana, orphaned teenagers with unusual abilities, who discover that they are actually the children of an alien refugee, Aeren.

Liana has been born an Avatar; and as only one Avatar is supposed to exist at a time, the Ovanan hierarchy sends a warship to capture her. At the same time, Rieken, the leader of the Ovanan resistance movement comes to Earth to rescue her. As the series develops, it expands off Earth to space, following multiple characters through complicated plot lines. Wikipedia describes the series as "explor[ing] issues of politics, gender identity, and tolerance".[2]

A Distant Soil began as individual comics (up to #38), but is more readily available in a series of reprint editions. The series is unfinished (projected to have about eight more issues), and is currently in hiatus.

There is an official website,Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil.

Fan Activity

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Colleen Doran on FanFic

Colleen Doran has a webpage on the official site which details her position on fan fiction. Basically, she's fine with it as long as it's not commercial and credits her copyright/trademark.


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