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Title: Betrayal
Author(s): Sylvia
Date(s): 28 September 1998[1]
Length: 1,883 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Betrayal (Worlds Enough)
Betrayal (TER/MA)

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Betrayal is Mulder/Krycek slash story by Sylvia.

Summary: This is another Mulder/Krycek AU story. This was written prior to (and is acompletely different AU from) Partners.

Warning (and Disclaimer): This is not a nice story. If mean behavior on the part of fictional characters depresses you, then don't read this. (The fictional characters involved are not mine, as I'm certain you all know.) One more thing - this is an AU, so don't be too sure you know what really happened.

Recs and Reviews

Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get XF: Betrayal by Sylvia walks the line damn well.[2]


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