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Name: Aristide/Mairead Triste
Alias(es): cimmerians
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek:TOS, Starsky & Hutch, due South, Hard Core Logo, Harry Potter, Highlander, OZ, The Sentinel, X-Files, Glee
The_Cimmerians on AO3 (House of Slack Homeless Shelter)
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Aristide/Mairead Triste is not a slash pairing, but two writers housed in one magnificent brain. To quote from her LJ: "Aristide is the nice/sweet/lighthearted/romantic one. Mairead is a horror, and enjoys spreading that around. I still haven't figured out if I allow them to collaborate because it's so weird, or because I like watching the fights." [1] Normally, this writer signs "Aristide" to her lighter, more romantic stories, and Mairead Triste to her darker or more horror-filled ones; some stories are written by both.

Aristide has also written many notable stories with Bone.

In 2024, the author wrote a tumblr post commemorating her 40 years in fandom. This post recounted her experiences in 1980s and 1990s slash fandoms.

Writing style

spuffyduds says of Aristide's due South writing: "Hilarious, spot-on RayK voice. And the sex, oh man, the sex. She manages to make the sex INSANELY hot without falling into the trap of shifting from a detailed, specific character voice into "generic pretty sex description"—the sex is STEAMING and it is still very, very clearly Ray and Fraser who are HAVING it." [2]

Influential Works

The Sentinel

due South

  • The Better Angels
  • The Course
  • Foreign Territory (Fraser/Kowalski). First-time fic in which Ray really wants to impress Fraser with his derring-do, but is totally startled that Fraser is already impressed in another way entirely. He slowly acclimates to the idea in a multi-step, believable, completely hilarious way. Oh and there's the really unmissable scene with the vibrator.
  • Haven (Fraser/Kowalski). A post-COTW, first-time, hurt-comfort with a bewildered cabin-fevery Ray and a heartbreakingly worried Fraser. Fabulous funny sex, and in one conversation the most perfect off-handed "oh YEAH, that is exactly how it had to be" description of Ray's feelings for Stella I've ever read.
  • How Ray Got His Groove Back co-written by Aristide and Bone
  • It's All in the Wrist


Harry Potter

The X-Files


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