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Name: spuffyduds
Alias(es): spuffy
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, C6D, due South, Hard Core Logo, Stargate Atlantis
Other: spuffyduds on AO3
URL: livejournal
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spuffyduds is a prolific fan writer active in multiple fandoms.


The Buffyverse was probably spuffyduds' first fandom. She was active there in 2005-2006.

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due South and 6 Degrees of Canada

spuffyduds has been a writer in the due South fandom since 2007, and also writes in 6 Degrees of Canada including Slings and Arrows, Hard Core Logo and Canadian actor RPF.

Writing style

Sionnain says of spuffydud's due South fiction:

"Her Ray Kowalski FILLS ME WITH GLEE, okay, I love the way she writes him so much. Really I love *anyone* Spuffy writes, because she always *nails* the character-voices perfectly, no matter who it is she's writing. She writes some of the best dialogue ever, and it just *snaps* and sparks and crackles (like Rice Krispies, but better!) right off your screen! Her fics have a rhythm to them that I find incredibly distinctive and amazingly awesome--her style is so active and really engages the reader. It's very crisp and rhythmic, and I adore it. Her fics range from the smoking hot to the hilarious to the adorable to the angsty, and she can actually put all of that in one fic, not even lying. [1]

Other Fandoms

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Notable Works

due South


  • Going Fast, Coming Undone (Callum/Hugh, Canadian Actor RPS). FYI, this fic is smoking hot. And there's affection and tension and it's just PERFECT.

Hard Core Logo:

  • Destination (Billy/Joe) WARNING posted at link. This fic is a lot like the movie HCL itself--complex, swirling and dark, with an ending that just hits you and shakes you all up. Very affecting, stark and simple and perfectly Billy/Joe.

Greek Myth:



  1. ^ sionnain, due South Author Profile: spuffyduds posted on 23 November 2009 (Accessed 26 November 2009)