I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else Than Here Today

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Title: I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else Than Here Today
Podfic Artist(s): zabira
Cover Artist: cybel
Date(s): April 13, 2008
Length: 0:25:22
File: 27.4MB mp3; 11.5MB m4b; 7.8MB m4a
Based On: I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else Than Here Today
Author: spuffyduds
Fandom: Slings & Arrows
External Links: AO3

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I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else Than Here Today is a half-hour Geoffrey Tennant/Oliver Welles podfic by zabira. It is a podfic of the fanfic of the same name, written by spuffyduds.

Summary: “Why are bartenders always wiping glasses?” Oliver says. He is approaching pickled but not, alas, quite there yet. Lightly pickled. Suspended in a vinaigrette, perhaps. “It’s a redundancy. They’re already clean. Why why why with the wipe wipe wipe?”

Recs and Reviews

  • I hadn't read this before I heard the podfic, and since then it's been haunting me. Spuffyduds wrote an amazing, just, gogglingly amazing story about the washed up and pervy Oliver Welles, trying to stop himself from making mistakes and getting off on performing the tragedy of his life to a local and sympathetic bartender (an original character who positively sings).
Zabira's reading is low, and slow, and sort of snarky in a "this is my sarcastic face" kind of way, and transported me right smack into that bar, right there on a stool next to Oliver listening to him tell Neil precisely how he plans to continue sabotaging himself till he's dead. The reading's clear and quiet and unglamorous, just like Oliver, and a little tired, and a little miserable. It's perfect.[1]"


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