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Name: Cara J. Loup
Alias(es): Cara Loup, Loup
Type: fanwriter, publisher, fan artist
Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek: Voyager and Lord of the Rings.
Communities: Cara Loup's Lord of the Rings Fanfiction
URL: Elusive Lover (Star Wars archive) archived here and here
A Bit of Light (LOTR fan fiction site)
Cara J. Loup on AO3
Cara J. Loup on LJ
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Cara J. Loup is an award-winning and influential fanwriter, fanzine publisher and fan artist, best known in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fandoms. She also has written in a few other fandoms, including Star Trek: Voyager.

Star Wars

Cara is an influential Star Wars slash writer and fanzine publisher. She, along with Z.P. Florian, is credited with the resurgence of adult and slash themed fanzine publishing in the Star Wars universe in the 1990s. She published under the name of Anoat Press. She has won numerous FanQ and Star aWards for both her fan fiction and her fanzines.

Of her Star Wars fan fiction: "As Water Follows The Moon by Cara J. Loup - Cara's writing is lyrical, sometimes mystical, and incredibly beautiful. This particular Han/Luke story took my breath away, and helped to inspire me begin writing slash fiction. Although it is perhaps the most mystical and unusual of Cara's work on the web, it is worth reading -- there is certainly nothing else like it on the web. And if you need to see something a bit more, well, concrete, read "The Healing", also by Cara J. Loup, which will show you the true nature of her talent for drawing realistic characterization and dialogue. Han/Luke at their most real. Cara rocks."[1]

Lord of the Rings

Cara's LotR fan fiction was nominated for multiple Mithril Awards;[2] her essay Mortals in the Undying Lands won the nonfiction category in 2005.[3] Her Lord of the Rings stories are published at Archive of Our Own, West of the Moon and her personal site, A Bit of Light (here).

LOTR cara loup LightPassingBetween-art.jpg

One fan made the following comment about Cara's LotR slash fan fiction: "I said I didn't want to see explicit sex in Middle Earth. And I meant it. But sweet jesus, Cara Loup breaks down my boundaries with achingly beautiful, heart-breaking, ethereal stories about Frodo and Sam, Sam and Frodo."[4]

The treatment of class differences between Frodo and Sam in her stories For a Star and a Half and Winnow and Rhyme is discussed in "Oh...Oh...Frodo!": Readings of Male Intimacy in The Lord of the Rings by Anna Smol. Smol writes that they:

...not only include what is a conventional scene in which Frodo tries to convince Sam to stop calling him "Mr. Frodo" or "sir" once they become lovers, but they also imagine how Sam's father and how Frodo's friends would react to a situation that they see as being, essentially, the local squire dallying with one of his servants. In addition, these stories explore the way in which Frodo's and Sam's social positions affect their behaviors and assumptions as lovers.[5]

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