Only You

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Title: Only You
Creator: Holdt
Date: March 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:21
Music: Stabbing Westward - You Complete Me
Genre: slash, angst, d/s
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity (Mal/Simon slash)
Footage: Serenity movie/Firefly series
URL: Only You by Holdt

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Only You is an adult Firefly slash vid by Holdt to You Complete Me by Stabbing Westward. It was Holdt's first Firefly vid.

Warnings: 18+ for slash, series-specific violence, alpha/dom!Mal,sub!Simon, dominance/submission, mature imagery

Story: Even in the darkness, sometimes the path is clear.

Summary:From River's POV, as she senses it all but is powerless to explain her understanding. Simon wonders why he can't stay away from Mal. Mal wonders why he can't resist Simon's looks even though he knows the boy is trouble. They'll do anything to touch...anything.

What they have is the brightest spark they can hold on to.

River gets in the way despite herself. In the end, Mal decides that if River's issues are the only price he has to pay to be with Simon, then Simon's worth it.

Footage owned by Paramount, MGM and BBC

Video & Edits Property of Holdt.


1st Place, ADF R38, Best AU

1st place, COA R46, Best Unconventional Couple

1st place, COA Special Round (Slash), Best Non-Buffyverse

1st Place, SPA R8, Best AU

1st Place, SPA R8, Best Unconventional Couple

1st Place, VIVA R9, Best Use of Song

2nd Place, VIVA R9, Best Atmosphere

2nd Place, MDA R21, Best AU

2nd Place, BTH R4, Best AU

2nd Place, BTH R4, Best Angst

Honorable Mention, MVA R6


"I really enjoyed the disjointed editing. It fit the song perfectly. I thought the use of River was great. She added a ghostly/etheral quality to the video (which may or may not have been the intention) that contrasted well with the very visceral storyline happening between Mal and Simon. " - Lori, BtH Awards, R4

"The song you chose for this video worked very well in setting the overall feel of the video. Unfortunately there were not enough entries to judge on best slash but that category has been added to the next round. I don’t know what inspired you to create a Mal / Simon pairing but you did it in a way that seemed natural and not a pairing you were trying to force a video out of. I liked the addition of River and I think this is what made it different from other slash videos." - Mazza, COA, R46