Il Traviato

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Title: Il Traviato
Publisher: Straight Up Press
Author(s): Cody Nelson
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): March 1997
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: The X-Files
Language: English
External Links: Il Traviato flyer, Archived version
Il Traviato (TER/MA)
Il Traviato (Rat and Fox)
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cover by Cody Nelson, nominated for a STIFfie

Il Traviato is a slash 74-page Mulder/Krycek novel by Cody Nelson. The cover art and interior illustrations are by the author.


"NC17, Mulder/Krycek. A novel in three acts: Mulder and Krycek as a loose interpretation of the opera La Traviata, following the series from "Sleepless" through "Apocrypha." Second through third season."[1]

Author's Comments

My second-longest X-Files story, I got to include some conspiracy, some case work, Mulder-Scully interaction, lots of angst, lots of sex... a little bit of everything. And a happy ending! [2]

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

An X-Files slash novel featuring M/K that covers the Mulder/Krycek relationship from Sleepless to Apocrypha. Lots of angst, love and pain, not necessarily in that order. [3]


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