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You may be looking for the fan writer and artist Black Rose aka darthneko.
Name: the Black Rose
Alias(es): blackrose, Rose
Type: writer
Fandoms: Gundam Wing, Boku no Hero Academia, Gundam Seed, Code Geass, Fruits Basket, Trigun, Escaflowne, Full metal panic!, and Infinite Ryvius
Communities: LoveReflection Discord
Other: 2005 Gundam Wing Nanashi Awards, won 'Best Non-yaoi' for the Heero/Relena fanfic "Medley"; 2008 CourtTV 'Next Great Crimewriter' (original fiction) contest, placed fourth overall - notably, one (of ten) editor's choice works; 2008 Chicago RWA 'Fire and Ice' (original fiction), placed second in Mainstream with Romantic Elements
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the_black_rose at AO3
@destinysblkros at Twitter
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the Black Rose is a fanfic author. She wrote several popular stories in Gundam Wing fandom, beginning in 2000, became active in Fruits Basket and Full Metal Panic fandoms in 2003; Gundam Seed in 2004, and Code Geass in 2007.

After a lengthy hiatus, the Black Rose began writing fanfiction for Boku no Hero Academia starting in 2021.

In early 2001, the Black Rose took over the Webmaster title and duties of the GeoCities site "Blissful Ignorance", dedicated to the Heero/Relena pairing for Gundam Wing.

Notable Fanfiction

  • Traitor to the Cause: AC 199. ESUN has become paranoid over possible threats to peace. Their target: the former Gundam pilots who struggle to go on with their wartorn lives. Relena takes up their fight in the only arena she can play, and pays a price for her actions.

Fan Communities & Mailing Lists

  • Blissful Ignorance - a Heero/Relena Dedication Site
    • Previously run by Zoe, the Black Rose and Silent Moon Sphinx migrated existing content from GeoCities to a registered domain name: Within a couple of years, the site would be converted to a Forum (phpbb) for all sorts of het pairings in Gundam Wing and other anime.
    • The site is currently (2021) in process of being recovered from a server failure and migrated to a social media platform.
  • Love Reflection Mailing List (Yahoo Group) and Love Reflection 2 Mailing List (Yahoo Group)
  • Kyoru Romance Mailing List (Yahoo Group) and FruityGroup Mailing List (Yahoo Group)
  • LoveReflection Discord Server


Links to Archived Works

Fan Meta

When the Whole World's Gone Crazy…I'll Believe in You, Heero/Relena (Feb 2005)