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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Paper Moon
Author: Aspen
Dates: 26 November 2001 - ?
Fandom: Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, The Secret Garden, Fushigi Yuugi, Hanson
URL: (main page 2003) (old URL, 2002)
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Paper Moon was a personal fanfiction site. The first version of Paper Moon was constructed in August of 2001 but didn't open officially until November 26, 2001.[1] The first layout was "dark and autumn-y"[1] and changed on May 18, 2002 to a "more a february-ish white, pale green/blue layout that lasted all summer"[1] before it changed again.

The stories were mostly slash and Harry Potter fics were sorted by chronological order with the newest pieces at the bottom and by alphabetical order. Drabbles had a separate page called "Platfomr 1/4". Other fandoms where all collected on one page.


Harry Potter

 shole (As Sung By Draco Malfoy) - R; parody. A parody of Denis Leary's "Asshole," because, hey. That's what Draco is.
 Bittersweet - Cedric/Harry; R; spoilers. Cedric confronts Harry in the Prefects' bathroom about Cho.
 Christmas Carols For The Harry Potter Fan - PG-13; parodies; spoilers; a tiny amount of slash. Features "Ronald, the Red-Eared Weasley," "Away On A Doorstep," and more.
 Close Kept - Cedric/Harry; R; angst; sequel; spoilers. The sequel to Bittersweet. It takes a strange channeling in Divination to help Harry begin to let go of his grief.
 Cold Shower Comics - Seamus/Harry; R. Seamus has yaoi doujinshi. Ron has issues. Harry has an ickle crush. This calls for a shower.
 Confection Carnage - Ron/Harry; NC-17; POV; PWP. A memory of Ron's of the hot summer day Harry enlightened him by eating an ice pop.
 Curses! Foiled Again! - Bill/Percy undertones; PG; fluff; preslash? Percy's holed up in his room; Bill comes up for a visit.
 Daisychain!Draco - Harry/Draco; NC-17; chanslash; crossdressing; incest references; kink. Harry punishes a very naughty little Draco.
 Do As The Prefect Says - Various; NC-17; m/m/m threesome; PWP; kink. Surprise! Happy Birthday, Ron.
 Eight Days A Week - Arthur/Draco; PG-13; ficlet. Weasley Senior counts the days, tucked in his little office with his summer intern, Malfoy Junior.
 Flickerflare - Cho/Ginny; NC-17; PWP; sap; flowery! Cho and ginny have a late-night lovers' tryst in greenhouse number four.
 Fly Away Home - Ron/Ginny; PG; POV; ficlet; sap. Co-authored with Altricial. Butterflies in the winter.
 Glad Rags On - Percy/Penelope, Ron/Ginny implications; PG-13; AU; fluff. Percy wants to rock around the clock tonight. What are Ron and Ginny laughing about? An AU set in 1955 America.
 Glass Globe - Draco/Harry implications; R; POV; angst. Draco Malfoy's violently-clashing thoughts about Harry Potter.
 Heaven's On Fire - Sirius/Harry; NC-17; kinky sex between an adult and minor; sequel; PWP. Sirius and Harry make toast in this silly PWP that takes place over the Christmas hols after "You're Sixteen..."
 Hidden, Sweet, and Wet - Ron/Ginny; NC-17; graphic fondling!!! Under the dock one summer day, Ron and Ginny discover some things have changed.
 Hurting The Ones You Love - Oliver/Cedric; PG-13; fluff. Oliver's Chasers know it's about more than Quidditch.
 If That Mockingbird Won't Sing - Snape/Harry; NC-17; AU; chanslash; PWP; mild BDSM. Snape, the headmaster of an all-boys Hogwarts, must deliver punishment to a not-so-innocent Harry Potter.
 Into The Fire - Snape/Harry; NC-17; songfic; kink. Baby, it's hot outside. Songfic to Meat Loaf's "Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)."
 It Would Not Take Much - Lucius/Draco; NC-17; graphic violence; AEA. Lucius saves his son from an undignified fate.
 Just A Boy - Snape/Harry; NC-17; PWP; chanslash. A stream-of-consciousness piece. Harry Potter tries to prove he's not just a boy.
 Keepsake - Lucius/Draco; R; precest; chanslashy; clothes fetish? Draco grows out of his play clothes, but he wants to be his father's baby forever.
 Limericks - Harry Potter Style! - A/A/B/B/A abuse; G; just silly. Limericks for Harry, Draco, Ron, Hermione, and Neville.
 Littlest and Strangest - Ron/Ginny; R; sap; ficlet. Ron knows Ginny best of all.
 No Sex In The Potions Room (As Sung By Lee Jordan) - PG-13; parody. A parody of Chris Rock's "No Sex (In The Champagne Room)" which seemed to suit Lee Jordan's sense of humour. I'm sorry. So very sorry.
 Ole! - Quidditch Style - G; parody; stupid. A parody of the Bouncing Souls' "Ole!" all about Quidditch. Suitable for singing at matches. No, really.
 Origin Of Love - Remus/Harry; NC-17; POV; slightly chanslashy. Remus and Harry attempt to put themselves back together.
 Other Than In Dreams - PG; Cedric POV, ficlet, stand-alone. Cedric watches over Harry.
 Pieces - PG-13; poetry; slash; het; various POVs. Seven pieces of poetry.
 Professor Snape Is A Bitch - PG-13; parody; spoilers. A parody of "Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch" from the South Park movie, because face it, Professor Snape is a greasy, snarky bitch.
 Quicksilver - Draco/Harry; NC-17; PWP; graphic sex and violence. Harry, Draco, and the sword of Gryffindor.
 Safe, Brother, Safe - Ron/Ginny; PG-13; ficlet; fluff Ginny feels safer in Ron's room.
 Shiver - Viktor/Cedric; PG-13; response to First Kiss Challenge. Viktor and Cedric are warm even though they are sitting in the snow.
 Smile, And That Will Mean I May - Various; R; endless Rocky Horror Picture Show references; humour. Harry takes his friends out to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show -- in costume, no less! -- and some unanticipated things happen.
 Someone With A Madness - Ron/Ginny; PG-13; ficlet; fluff. Ginny's diary is left behind.
 Spilling Secrets - Ron/Hermione; PG; sap. Ron avoids Hermione, but cannot avoid temptation.
 Strings Of Pearls and Copper Curls - Ron/Ginny; NC-17; PWP; sap. What Ron and Ginny like.
 Sweetums - Dudley/Harry; PG-13; mild squick; response to First Kiss Challenge. Dudley and Harry strike at truce and a trade.
 The Complete Idiot's Guide To FanFiction.Net - Draco/Harry; PG-13 for fig leaves; parody/humour. As Hosted By Draco Malfoy, a Public Service Announcement for the plebeians over at FanFiction.Net. Cheers, plebes.
 The Games We Used To Play - Ron/Ginny; PG-13; poetry; sap; incesty. Co-authored with Altricial. Poetry passed back and forth like a ping-pong ball.
 The Way We Work - Fred/George; NC-17; incest; mild kink. Fred and George fool around in the shower, but it goes a little farther than they expect.
 Think Of Me - Ron/Harry; PG-13; sap. Ron has some questions for Harry, and Harry admits more than he means to.
 Thinly Threaded - Draco/Neville; PG-13. Draco and Neville work things out in the library.
 Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me - Draco/Seamus with slight Hermione/Ginny; PG-13; songfilk; silliness

Draco and Seamus star in this stupid jab at Slut!Seamus fics.

 'Twas The Night Before Christmas - Harry Potter Slash Style! - Seamus/Harry, Draco/Ron; R; creepy Christmas parody

A slashy parody of Clement Clarke Moore's classic Christmas poem. I am going to hell and taking you with me. Merry Christmas!

 Vanilla Skin - Draco/Harry; NC-17; light sap and angst. Draco wakes Harry in the middle of the night to obsess over him. And, you know.
 Voldemort's Back - PG-13; parody; general spoilers. Co-authored with Kimmie. A parody of the timeless rap classic "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot. "Oh my God, Harry..."
 What Bothers Me - Ron/Ginny; PG; POV; ficlet. Ron wishes he understood.
 What Would Percy Weasley Do? - PG-13; parody; spoilers. A parody of "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" from the South Park movie, dedicated to Percy Weasley... the man. The myth. The Prefect.
 Working Together - Draco/Harry; PG-13. Your classic detention story. Harry and Draco build a kissing booth and a beautiful new relationship.
 You (And Your Control Issues) - Harry/Draco; NC-17; PWP. Draco gets stuck; Harry gets his way.
 Your Pack of Secrets - Sirius/Harry; PG-13; sap. Harry meets with Sirius on Halloween night in the most haunted place in Britain.
 You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful, and You're Mine) - Sirius/Harry; NC-17; kinky sex between an adult and minor Sirius and Harry celebrate Harry's sixteenth birthday doing what they do best.

The Secret Garden

 perhaps we may hear golden trumpets - (dickon/colin; NC-17; graphic sex; kink; sap; yorkshire). without the queer common boy, the rajah isn't anything at all.

Fushigi Yuugi

 the strength beneath the surface -(keisuke/tamahome; PG-13; spoilers) keisuke and tamahome share a moment of sorrow and strength before tamahome's return to konan.

Gundam Wing

 formalities - (D+R; PG13; shoujo-ai; ficlet) relena and dorothy dismiss the formalities. written for the 101 ways project.
 the day (he walked away) - (3+4; PG; POV; spoilers) quatre thinks about his many encounters with trowa.
 pen cap massacre - (1+2; PG; shounen-ai; fluff; POV) heero and duo bond in class over their destructive tendencies.
 the mullet - (G; humour; mullets). the g-boys discover what is truly evil, and almost lose wufei to the dark side.
 hot muggle love - (2+3; PG; humour; sap) duo's obsession with harry potter leads trowa on a hunt for the elusive book #4.
 quick fix - (3x2; NC-17; smut. smut. smutsmutsmut. pwp) trowa works on his car, then duo and trowa work on each other.
 little white flower - (implied 1+2; R; angst) the little girl returns.
 limericks - the zechs series! (implied 5+13; abuse of the A/A/B/B/A rhyme-pattern; a bit of silliness) total abuse of what is The Limerick for each of the g-boys.
 kiss my bear? - (1+2; PG-13; ultimate fluff) duo and heero bribe each other.
 pocky plaything (co-written with kimmie) - (1x2x3xpocky; NC-17; threesome; pwp; light squick) heero and duo take trowa's pocky obsession to an entirely new level.
 let's skip the dancing (co-written with kimmie) - (4xS; NC-17; PWP; humour) quatre and sally do the mambo... on a different sort of dance floor.
 security (co-written with kimmie) - (6x5xRelena; NC-17; bondage; light incest) a brother and sister team become the reason wufei's all tied up.
 special blend (co-written with kimmie) -(3x6; NC-17; PWP; humour). trowa teaches his commanding officer that there's nothing like coffee with a kick.
 when quatre was can-EH-dian (a big co-write) - (3+4; mean humour). the g-boys hide out in canada and find the evil that lurks aboot.


 thou shalt submit to incest - (SxC (scott/clint); NC-17; incest; pwp). written for clintism. scott and clint have a very chaotic relationship indeed...
 everything we did was right - (SxT (scott/taylor); NC-17 (or high R); devil angel lost chapter). written for the dae, an alternate future to devil angel. scott and taylor see each other again and try to resolve their old issues.


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