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Name: Draco Malfoy
Occupation: wizard, student
Relationships: Abraxas Malfoy (grandfather)
Cygnus Black (grandfather)
Druella Black (grandmother)
Lucius Malfoy (father)
Narcissa Malfoy (mother)
Astoria Greengrass (wife)[1]
Scorpius Malfoy (son)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Other: born 5 June 1980[2]
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Draco Malfoy is a character introduced in the first installment of the Harry Potter series as Harry Potter's school rival.

Character Background

The Malfoy family is known for being one of the last remaining pureblood families, and Draco, like the rest of his family, has been shown to be very proud of this fact and prejudice against those of "inferior" blood status, even going as far as supporting Voldemort. The canon has also suggested him to be a spoiled rich kid, a bully, and a coward, though fanon often contradicts this and attributes it to Harry's biased point of view.

In The Philosopher's Stone, he offers his hand to Harry in friendship, and is refused because Draco has been rude about Rubeus Hagrid and to Ron Weasley. It sets the tone for their relationship through the rest of the books.

Draco's noted fondness for Potions class has spurred much speculation and fanfiction about his potential academic prowess or fondness for Snape, and his rivalry with Harry has caused Harry/Draco enemyslash to be extremely popular.

Draco in Fandom

Draco's arguably shallow and ambiguous characterization (some fans would label him a cypher) has led to diverse interpretations and reworkings of his character in fanworks and meta.

Abused Draco

A common trope that usually involves Lucius abusing his son physically, sometimes mentally or sexually. Conditions vary: Lucius may abuse Draco himself, or allow other Death Eaters to do so; Narcissa may be unaware, apathetic, or actively involved in the abuse; the abuse may be in order to cement Lucius's reputation with the Death Eaters, or he may blame it on the stress of being a Death Eater. In these stories, Draco is often a helpless victim, and in thrall of his father- usually his unpleasant personality at school is him acting out.

Evil Draco

This is full-force Death-Eater-In-Training Draco. This Draco differs from the books in that he has no problem committing murder. Evil Draco often appears in Dystopian Future AU fic.

Leather-pants Draco

Created in Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy, this Draco is usually smart, witty, and a product of his upbringing with regards to his views on Muggles and Wizarding politics. He is often capable of great displays of loyalty and bravery, when under duress. This Draco often likes others to believe him to be "evil" or at least a true Slytherin, cunning and ambitious, but tends to find the Death Eaters ridiculous, stupid, and misguided. He also tends to have a vain streak--leading to the name.

Redeemed Draco

This Draco often begins the story as one of the other Dracos listed, but through tragic events, a growing friendship with one of the Trio, or the love of a good person (of the gender and age of the author's choice), he changes his views and joins Harry and Dumbledore. This often involves him joining the Order of the Phoenix, other members of the Order not trusting him, and his acting on their behalf as a spy on the Death Eaters. Sometimes Draco has to die in order to achieve redemption, but not always. (Often, however, he is horribly tortured- though rarely disfigured.)

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