The Cicatrix Cycle

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Title: The Cicatrix Cycle
Author(s): Ivy Blossom
Date(s): 2000-2002???
Length: novel series
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The Cicatrix Cycle was a series of Harry/Draco slash novels by Ivy Blossom that were posted on the now-defunct Veela Inc. website. The series title reflects the major themes of the stories: physical and emotional scarring. The stories revolve around Draco Malfoy's (fanonical) history as a victim of sexual abuse.

The series includes three finished novels--Origins, Haven, and Belong--an unfinished novel titled Quiescent, and miscellaneous outtakes (Breathe, an epilogue to Origins; Innocence, a Haven insert).


Origins, the prequel to Haven, is the most popular work in the series and appears in many lists of HP fandom "classics". Draco falls in love with Harry while they're at Hogwarts.


Haven is Ivy Blossom's first HP story and isn't as highly regarded as Origins or Belong. The summary reads, "Harry and Draco discover a new element of their relationship, and Harry learns that Draco might not be as keen to be a Death Eater as everyone had thought. Can Harry save Draco? Can Draco avoid betraying Harry?"[1]


Belong deals with the fallout from the events of Haven and explores how Draco's sexual abuse as a child has affected him. Meanwhile, someone tries to resurrect Voldemort.

It also features Draco becoming an excellent cook, a bit of fanon that shows up in some post-Hogwarts Draco-centric slash stories.[2]


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Related Fanworks

Ivy Blossom collected some artistic responses to the series on her website. Fanartist nefeleo created a Harry/Draco bookplate based on the series.

Libertine wrote two short pieces written from Neville's point of view: screamslikeagirl!Neville and wetunderpants!Neville.


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