Morrigan (hermorrine)

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Name: Vicki
Alias(es): Morrigan, Morrigan-Veela, hermorrine, morrigan27
Type: fan writer, archivist, con organizer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Smallville, Drake Bell, 30 Seconds to Mars, others
Communities: Restricted Section, HPforGrownups, HP Education Fanon, Veela Inc.
URL: hermorrine (previously morrigan_veela) at LiveJournal
Morrigan at FictionAlley
Morrigan-Veela at FanFiction.Net (stories deleted)
Morrigan's Harry Potter Slash (author page, archive link)
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Morrigan (previously Morrigan-Veela, now hermorrine) is a Harry Potter fan and slasher. She is best known for running the NC-17 archive The Restricted Section.

She joined HPforGrownups by January 2002[1] and began writing fanfiction shortly thereafter. Her author site was part of The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring. She was involved with Veela Inc. in early 2002 and had fanfiction hosted at the Veela Inc. archive, but split with the group in mid-2002.[2]

She has participated in several fandom RPGs, notably early Nocturne Alley.

Morrigan helped found The Restricted Section in October 2002[3] and in May 2003 took over running the archive.[4] She has also been involved in organizing and moderating panels at several Harry Potter conventions.

Morrigan has been interviewed by the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune about her involvement with Harry Potter fandom.[5]


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