Gardener's Delight Slash

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Mailing List
Name: Gardener's Delight Slash (gardenersdelightslash)
Date(s): 27 March 2002 - ?[1]
Moderated: no
Founder(s): Eggbert[2]
Type: fanworks & discussion
Fandom: Harry Potter
Scope: Neville Longbottom slash and gen
URL: Yahoo! group (via Wayback)
Fuh-Q-Fest website (via Wayback)
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Gardener's Delight Slash is a Yahoo! Groups mailing list for Neville Longbottom-centric slash and gen fanworks as well as discussion.

The group was founded in March 2002. Messages were not moderated but membership needed approval by the list owner. Activity on the list peaked in April 2003, when 284 messages were posted and the group had over 200 members. The list was mostly inactive by late 2005.

In April to May 2003, the group ran the Neville Fuh-Q Fest.

The group's description stated:

This list is for adults who like to read and talk about everyone's favourite Herbologist, Neville. Whoever you like to see him with, this is the list for you. Fiction, chat and art are positively encouraged here. As this is a slash list no het, please. Gen is fine as long as Neville is the main focus.


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