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Journal Community
Name: Beloved Enemies
Date(s): 31 October 2002 - February 2007 (Yahoo! group)
February 2007 - August 2015 (LiveJournal comm)
Founder: Maeglin Yedi & Nimori
Type: Harry/Lucius fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: beloved_enemies at LiveJournal; archive link
archived Yahoo! group

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Beloved Enemies was a Harry Potter LiveJournal community, and was previously a mailing list and archive, for the Harry/Lucius pairing.

The mailing list (HarryxLucius) was deleted unexpectedly by Yahoo! in February 2007, and the LiveJournal group was used as a replacement community.[1][2]

The list hosted the Harry/Lucius Fuh-Q-Fest.

The mailing list's fiction could be archived at The ETC Archive.

Mailing List

LiveJournal Community


The Beloved Enemies archive became part of the ETC Archive (now defunct).


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