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Name: Moonshadow
Date(s): 16 October 2001 – present
Archivist: JayKay, SarSpasm, Xochiquetzl
Founder: JayKay
Type: Snape/Lupin fanfiction & fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (2005-present) (2003-2005) (2001-2003)
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Moonshadow (also MoonShadow) is a Harry Potter fanfiction archive for the Snape/Lupin pairing. It is part of the Snape Slash Fleet.

The site was founded by JayKay and launched on October 16, 2001.[1] It may have originally been called Here There Be Slash.[2]

Sarspasm took over as moderator in 2002.[3] She maintained the Angelfire site until 2005, although it was not updated after 2004. Xochiquetzl opened the new site, which uses Automated Archive software, on March 21, 2005.[4]


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