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Name: Allecto
Alias(es): therealallecto
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, popslash, Teen Wolf, MCU, Star Trek
URL: Livejournal
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Allecto is a prolific fan writer who has been active in a wide variety of fandoms.

In 2002, she brought an FKA sign (referring to the phrase "Fine Kirpatrick Ass," coined by cathybites) to an 'N Sync event in Philadelphia, where Chris saw it; her livejournal post spawned a wave of references. It grew as a meme, a source of jokes, and an inspiration for icons and fiction[1] in popslash livejournal fandom through 2002.

Notable Works

-42 1/2, popslash. Chris is Santa's helper. Joey/Lance.

-And the Painted Ponies Go Up and Down, popslash. The nick epic. Brian/Nick, Justin/Nick, Mandy/Nick, AJ/Nick, Kevin/Nick.

-The Chosen, Harry Potter. Vincent Crabbe/Harry Potter.


  1. ^ For instance, these lines in a story by Rhys encompass both the widespread fannish appreciation of Chris' ass and the in-joke reference: "The hands on his ass kind of surprised him, but many a person had copped a feel of his fine ass, so adding Lance to the rank wasn’t too hard. If anything, Chris couldn’t blame him. If Chris saw his own ass, he’d want to squeeze, too. It was just that fine." Two Straight Guys In Wisconsin, posted in the spring of 2002. Accessed via wayback, December, 2008.