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Name: Rhys
Alias(es): Rhyssj, tangeriner
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: popslash, X-Men Comicverse, X-Force, Dead Zone
Other: as rhyssj on AO3
as Tangerine on AO3
Livejournal (Rhyssj)
Livejournal (Tangeriner)
URL: Experiment V, Tangerine's Dream, Tangerine's Experiment X, The Rictor and Shatterstar Page
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Rhys is a prolific and widely loved author in popslash. Her fiction covered just about every possible pairing of 'N Sync members, with a few forays into Backstreet Boys; she even wrote a story featuring Trevor from O-Town (a rarity among popslashers.) The stories' genres also cover the map; Rhys wrote AUs, hurt/comfort, MPREG, genderfuck, humor, and kink. Her website was originally part of the popslash collective on Illuminations.nu.

A fan of Chris Kirkpatrick in particular; most of her popslash stories feature him as a main character.

From her AO3 profile:
I'm a 30-something geeky lady living in Canada, so if my spelling is funny or I talk a lot about washrooms or poutine, that's the reason. I've been involved in fandom since 1996. I started in X-Men Comicverse, switched over to popslash under a different name, dabbled briefly in Dead Zone (TV), then came back to X-Men Comicverse, focussing primarily on X-Factor (Vol 3.) and X-Force (Vol. 1).

Notable Stories

(The summaries/tags are from the website.)

Book of Secrets A pseudo-historical romance novel (set in 17th century England).

MPREG (Archived page from Feb 13 2010) He's having his baby.

Two Straight Guys In Wisconsin: The Amazing Adventures of Chris And His Cock (Archived page from Jan 6 2012) A very long story. (When this tag was written, that was true, but Rhys eventually wrote longer.)

Spike and Wolf (Archived page from Oct 26 2009) A Universal Studios love affair.