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Name: Shifting Sands
Date(s): 1997[1] - 2006 [2]
Archivist: Darqstar, Alara Rogers
Founder: Darqstar
Type: Closed archive
Fandom: X-Men
URL: most recent host links)
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Originally run by Darqstar, Shifting Sands was one of "The Big Three" X-Men archives during the heyday of the fandom, along with Fonts of Wisdom and Lori's X-Men Archive. Shifting Sands was open to submissions and as a result had a wide cross-section of fanfic from the time. It also had sections for Darqstar's own fanfic, along with other for her husband, Lasher. She also archived some of the early Subreality Cafe stories, The Common People and her own popular series, X-S (Or Growing Up a Superhero).

The archive was originally run by Darqstar until late 1998 and then solely by her co-runner Midnight for a short time when Darqstar had to take a hiatus for personal health reasons[3]. As Midnight was unable to keep up with the demands of updating, Darqstar offered the archive up to someone who could maintain it[4]. Alara Rogers later took over hosting duties in 1999[5] until closing the archive in approximately 2006.

I've gotten Shifting Sands back up on my new web host. However, for the most part I do not plan to update it. There are many other fine archives that do the job this one did, once upon a time, and I don't see the demand for X-Men comic book fanfiction that there once was.

This site will continue to exist as a historical archive, and if I find an older story that I feel really should have been on this site all along, I may add it. Particularly if it doesn't exist elsewhere anymore. However, this is effectively a closed archive as of now. [6]

At the time of closing the archive had 387 stories by 165 fanwriters.


(Notes in italics are by Darqstar or Alara)

The Newpage

The latest update for the What's New page was on January 17, 2001.


(via Wayback Aug 10/04)

  • Dynasty - Magneto's dream of the Mutant empire has come true, but as he himself draws closer to death, who in his family will take over the seat of power? And who finds it worth killing for?
  • Inbetween Days - The End of the Millennium is nigh and divisive tensions are at their peak between mutant and human. Charles Xavier's Dream of Peaceful Co-existance has clearly failed and long past is the time for countless mutant factions fighting each other for supremacy while the masses of humanity prepare whole bloodlines for incarceration and worse. Now is the time to train for the battles of tomorrow, for the fight of the next generation's lives. United at last around a common platform, what will become of the Third Millennium's first children...and maybe their last. Inbetween Days: a dark look at the turn of an era .(This is a work in progress)
  • Yishuv - Hunted, hounded and marginalised. No longer. Watch as one of the greatest dramas in modern history unfolds. Determined to unite his people and wrest a land of their own from the world community, Magnus dares all for one, final opportunity at a solution to the 'Mutant Question'. If he fails the dire situation mutants are in world-wide will become untenable...but if he succeeds it might become worse. This story is not really part of the In Between Days story arch, but does take place within the same universe.
  • Tomorrow's Child Co-written with Darqstar. Scott and Jean are expecting their first baby, what could be more fitting for a young married couple? However, sometimes life doesn't turn out quite the way you hope and dream. And fate has a very heavy hand when it comes to Tomorrow's Child. This story is also listed with Darqstar's fanfiction. Scott, Jean, Hank, and Charles are the main characters in this story with a minor appearance by Logan and Mr. Sinister.
  • The Long Trail - In an alternate universe where Charles Xavier never formed the X-Men, the mutant run republic of Avalon is locked in a desperate war with the nation Genosha. Now, as enemies with-in and without conspire to destroy Avalon, the aging Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Magneto) must sacrifice everything to save the nation that he loves.
  • Through The Mirror Darkly - It is the far future and a mysterious group known only as the Praetorians have seized control of Avalon. A clone of Erik Magnus Lehsherr (Magneto), created by Lord Nathaniel Essex, must make dangerous journey into the past to try and prevent the rise of the Praetorians and save the future. But will his actions cause the very evil he is trying to avert?


(via Wayback Jun 21/04)

  • Ashes to Ashes - After Charles is killed in an accident, a young mutant shows up at the X-mansion with some very similar abilities. It's just a coincidence, isn't it? Or could this seemingly model child end up destroying them all?
  • Choices - There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to make a choice. In this alternate reality story, a young Remy LeBeau runs away so his family will not have to face the shame of having a mutant foundling in their midst. It's not an easy way to finish growing up. Fortunately, one day while trying to hitch a ride, an unusual young woman picks him up, giving him an offer he just can't refuse.
  • A Fairy Tale - It's a stormy night and to comfort her child, a mother tells a story of a very special young man named Remy and a storm he and his young friend Belle once survived. Remy is the main X-character in this story.
  • Through The Valley of Shadows - When Cerebro detects a powerful mutant living in a small town called Jericho, Magneto (as the headmaster of Xavier's School) and Logan feel obligated to check it out. They discover, much to their shock, that the mutant in question has been locked in a basement for over ten years. Yet, no one in the town objects and no one will tell them what she did to deserve such a fate..
  • Don't Fear The Reaper - An alternative look at Justine's (From Through The Valley Of Shadows) future, if Magneto had never rescued her.
  • Tomorrow's Child - Co-written with Lasher. Scott and Jean are expecting their first baby, what could be more fitting for a young married couple? However, sometimes life doesn't turn out quite the way you hope and dream. And fate has a very heavy hand when it comes to Tomorrow's Child. This story is also listed with Art's fanfiction. Scott, Jean, Hank, and Charles are the main characters in this story with a minor appearance by Logan and Mr. Sinister.
  • The X-S series - Ever wonder what it might be like to grow up with the X-men? Ever wonder how the X-men would react becoming parents? Well, I confess, I've always wondered and these stories are the results of my wondering...


Shifting Sands (X-Men archive)/Fanfiction Links


(Via Wayback Jun 26/04)

Subreality Café

Shifting Sands (X-Men archive)/Subreality Cafe Stories

Vision Comics

Visions Comics is a fan fiction writers group which started out in March 1997. The best writers from the web had joined their forces to bring the X-Universe back to its old glory. We all knew that X-Books were written bad at the time and that was our goal. To make our titles better than the original ones. At first it began with one title then grew and is still growing into more. Each title is breaking into its own continuity which has nothing to do with Marvel and makes the stories more entertaining and interesting. So enter and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing.

X-S Series

(see the Fanlore page above for the listing of stories)

X-S, or Growing Up X

The series that started it all. When Hank meets up with a blue furry baby with no family, what does he do? Adopt her, of course. Well, what would it be like to grow up with the X-Men? These stories might give you some clue...

Beyond X-S

Having a child growing up in the X-Mansion brings about a lot of changes. Some might even say it leads to a whole new world of possibilities. These are stories that take place in the X-S world, but focus on other characters who's lives have been touched by the daughter of Hank McCoy.

Alternative X-S

There are some that say every time someone reaches a crossroads, a new reality is spun off, based on the choice not made. Alternative X-S is a series of stories about Sikudhani in realities that are different from the first X-S.

X-S Artwork

Ever wonder what Sikudhani looks like? Well, some very talented people have taken the time to put their visions down for everyone to see.

X-S Submission Guidelines

Have an itch to write a story about Sikudhani or any of the X-S people? Want to do some artwork? Well, go here to find out how to get your work on this site.


X-Men Reviews

New Mutants


IMHO: Random Thoughts and Violent Bastardy - A cross-archive review column of all comics fanfic by Dex, now archived here at Shifting Sands!

The Gallery

This is a collection of artwork taken from cards, comic books, etc. The actual pictures themselves belong to Marvel Comics and/or the artists that created them. The scans however, were done by me. If you want to use them on your own web pages, you can. Just be sure to give Marvel credit. They do own the likenesses of all of these characters.

Please do not confuse the pictures found here with the original artwork on my pages (Such as the Nightcrawler or Gambit picture done by SOSBlade, or any of the original Sikudhani pictures in the X-S area) If you want to use any of those pictures on your site, you'll have to write and ask the authors for their okay. Only the pictures in this section are up for grabs. Oh, if you do decide to "borrow" any of these for your web pages, let me know! I'd love to see how you use them.

The descriptions act as a link to the actual pictures. I know this is a very small section, but I only got a scanner last Saturday. (3/28/98) I hope to be adding more pictures as time goes by.

Submission Guidelines

Included changes to the submission guidelines instituted by Alara after she took on the archive.


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