Shifting Sands (X-Men archive)

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Name: Shifting Sands
Archivist: Darqstar, Alara Rogers
Founder: Darqstar
Type: Closed archive
Fandom: X-Men
URL: link)
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Shifting Sands was one of the big X-Men archives during the heyday of the fandom. Shifting Sands was open to submissions.

Originally run by Darqstar, Alara Rogers later took over hosting duties:

I've gotten Shifting Sands back up on my new web host. However, for the most part I do not plan to update it. There are many other fine archives that do the job this one did, once upon a time, and I don't see the demand for X-Men comic book fanfiction that there once was.

This site will continue to exist as a historical archive, and if I find an older story that I feel really should have been on this site all along, I may add it. Particularly if it doesn't exist elsewhere anymore. However, this is effectively a closed archive as of now. [1]


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