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Name: Lori's X-Men Archive
Date(s): Approximately 1994-1999
Archivist: Lori McDonald
Founder: Lori McDonald
Type: Archive
Fandom: X-Men
URL: http://web2.spydernet.com/lori/x-men.htm[Dead link], Wayback
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Welcome to a world which hates and fears you. A world where mutants walk and nothing is ordinary. Welcome to a world which steps outside the boundaries of the comic canon, where anything can and does happen, and the readers are the writers, without editors to answer to. Here, anything goes.

Welcome to the dream.

Lori's X-Men Page was one of the earliest and largest archives of X-Men comic fanfic during the fandom's heyday, known as one of the "Big Three" along with Shifting Sands and Fonts of Wisdom. Lori's archive hosted both fanfic and fanart, beginning sometime in 1994 and the formal announcement closing the site made on ACFF on March 7, 1999[1].

In Lori's own words:

I've been coming to this decision for a long time. I only have so much creative energy in me, and I've been finding it harder and harder to get the desire to update this site. Finding out I might lose my server space was the final straw, I guess. I found myself thinking how to save my art gallery and my other pages, but I never once wondered about this section. I did some hard thinking and decided that it was time to just let it go. It's not that the stories aren't any good any more, it's just that I've moved on in my life to other things and the X-Men are taking a much smaller part in that. I don't want to take time away from those pursuits to maintain this anymore.

My apologies to all my authors. It's been a great five years and all of you are wonderful. I'm sure that all of you will have no trouble finding other sites to host your work. I'll leave this page up as long as I have the space for it, but new stories won't be added and older ones won't be updated. This site is closed and please don't make me feel guilty by asking me to reopen it. This is hard enough to do.

META: Lori's X-Men Fanfiction Archive Is Closed, acff googlegroup, Mar 7, 1999

Unlike Hawk's Archive, Lori did not archive every fanfic that came through ACFF. In fact, per her guidelines to be archived[2], Untold-L was her list of choice for fanfic reading. She also used CFAN and recommendations from others, either personally (such as from Luba Kmetyk) or from articles and sites - Dex Farkin's IMHO was linked to the main page of the archive, for example.

As of the last update, the archive housed 393 stories by 118 fanfiction authors, fanart by 46 fanartists and photomanips by 21 artists. There were also 40 stories by Lori herself as well as her own fanart.


The archive was one of the first in comics fandom and as a result, it contained early work of fanfiction authors and fanartists, as well as inadvertently their real names - Lori's process when archiving was to ask the individual for a display name, but if one wasn't provided, she would use the name attached to the email. This also led to some confusion, as some authors used parental or partner accounts.

At the time the archive closed, the following authors[3] were listed:

Abyss Raven Adams Admiral Draala Airawyn A. Lias Allegra
D. Amaya Atomic Mynx Faith B J. Bartley BelaLeBeau Corina B.
Adam B. Dr. Benway Budgie Bum Suzene C Caprice
Angela C. Geraldine C. Susan Crites Dandelion Jenny Dark Darqstar
Deinonychus J.A.C.D. Desert Nomad Liana Devereaux Dex DuAnn
Andrew E. Fair, Lily & Mice C. L. Fenwick Phil Foster C. Fraser & Madwolf Galliard
Carol G. Gamine GLAMbeau J. Gould Gladys H. D R.Henry
HeXadecimal Jackal JF Jackson Jaelle & Orla Jleskridge Gary Johnson
Valerie Jones Mitch Kelly Denise K Kerr Kielle Luba Kmetyk
Jacque K John K. Scott K & Robin A. Lady Phoenix Laersyn Lestat
Vicki L. Morgan Lewis RubyLis Breanna B. Mac Mash Jim R. McBriarty
Beverly Mac JB McDragon M. McMahon Me Montage Ms Marvel
N L. M Navarro Alexandra N O'Shaugnessy Diana O. Paladin
Steve Paul Dan Perry M. Y. Pescador Janine P Karolina P Rainbow Unicorn
Kae Rassenti Rebecca 227 Red Monster Ro Alara Rogers RogueStar
Becky R Round Robins (Various Authors) Anthony R Hans S. Patrick S Krista S.
Sevenall Shard Shayne Shelle Amanda Sichter Christopher S.
Sigil Soar Jennifer S. Spade Stepshadow Sequoia S.
Rose S. Swpwarrior Allen S. Tangerine Tazz TIC (The Inner Circle)
Twist David J. Warner Keri W. Jennifer W. Xcitebike Elena Zovatto


Lori's various authors.gif
Lori's artwork.gif

Alleigh Avatar Bucktown** Ian Carandang Carmen T Catt
Christina Crimson Christina Demearth Demon Love Mara Dittmers Derrick Fleece
Santiago Fraga John Galarneault GLAMbeau Fabio Grachiki Nelson Hernandez Mark Horneff
Hutch Invisible Force Jinx Jokersfool Laurie Min
Laura Pierson Jeremy Piert Martin Rebas Richard Lindsay Rogers RS
Sansakka Shayne Skayda Cat Smith Frank Southerington Spade
Stryfe Guy Swalling Tee Jay Thalionar Shawn Van Briesen Nicole Wagner
Wildfire Melissa W Javier Cruz Winnik Xanta Claws

(**art for the fanfic series The Mutants of Bucktown by David J. Warner)


4F Aaaxis Atomic Mynx Terry Dickerson Droopy D Kevin Dvorscak
Sean Fields Andrew Goh Raymond Gunter GLAMbeau Havoc Daniel Johnson
J.P. Kollier Vicki L. Marvlicious Lori McDonald Mystique
Mystic 1999 Karolina P The Philosophical Wombat Kevin Pitman Suter Todd Tidwell
Shawn VanBriesen

Notes and References

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  3. ^ In the case where an author's full legal name was used, the first name or the surname has been replaced with an initial to avoid outing. Those authors whose surnames remain are 1) already known for their fannish work (by use of Google); 2) deceased; or 3) have an extremely common name(s) that are difficult to Google. If you are identified and wish to be removed, follow the steps outlined here: Fanlore:Identity Protection