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Name: Min
Alias(es): Min Heng,[1] elyvern[2]
Type: fan writer, fan artist, reccer
Fandoms: X-Men/Marvel Comics, Babylon 5, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, others
URL: elyvern at LiveJournal
Stories by Min Heng at Shifting Sands (archived link)
Min's Emma Stories at Fonts of Wisdom (archived link)
The White Arc at (un)frozen (archived link)
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Min, also known as Min Heng and elyvern, is a fanfiction writer, fan artist, and reccer. They first got into fandom in the mid-1990s.[3]

Dex Farkin writes in a review of Min's X-Men fanfiction: "Min has a lyric style of writing, a sense of Dickens meshed with Shelley. Her charming emotional descriptions are the true strength of the work and, unlike most young writers, she has a definite and controlled handle on emotions."[4]


Min's fanfiction includes:


  • The White Arc series (Emma/Bobby):
    • WhiteA relationship piece on Iceman & the White Queen. Can be read as a prelude to Vicky's Diary.
    • A New HopeA brief exploration into Emma's and Bobby's relationship and their marriage breakup.
    • Vicki's DiaryIn an alternative world, Bobby's daughter keeps a diary, and this is what she has to say about growing up, being the daugher of an X-Man, and being part of Gen-X.
    • And the Cow Jumps over the MoonWhen Vicky is unable to sleep, Emma tells her a story.
  • The Snow HareA mythical parable on Gen-X.
  • A Life of Coffee SpoonsIn a world where Bobby's powers developed late, he tries to deal with their manifestation by not dealing with them at all.



Min uploaded some of their "old" artwork (as of 2006)[5] to LiveJournal, including:



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