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Name: In My Humble Opinion - Dex Farkin
Type: meta
Fandom: Comics Fanficiton
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From the Introduction

Welcome to the archive for IMHO: In My Humble Opinion, Dex's review column for comic book fan-fiction. IMHO began as a series of three Reader's Raves, and then developed into a regular column showcasing some of the best of the genre over the past several years. Alternate Timelines is delighted to be hosting the long-awaited collection of the entire run.

Fanfiction Meta

IMHO was a series of review pieces written by Dex and posted to Outside The Lines and Dex's own Yahoo mailing list. The reviews offered constructive criticism as well as praise, and covered new writers as well as established "names".

It began as "Reader's Raves", of which three were published, then morphed into "In My Humble Opinion".

The articles focussed on comics fanfiction written in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Seventeen articles were posted before Dex wrapped up the project in approximately 2004.

Featured Authors

Reader's Rave #1

Cold Relations by Montage, Dialogue by JL (Jelpy) Puckett, Icicles by Mice, In The Midnight Hour and In The Light Of Day by Melissa Nolen, Nevermore by Pat Sahlstrom, A Queen's Reflections by Sequoia Swennes, and White by Min.

Reader's Rave #2

Douglas Ramsey's Diary by Dr. Benway, Stories You Hear Down The Pub by Ian Phil Foster, And Happily Ever After by Maelstrom, Da Bum's V-Day Story by Bum, Hearts And DIamonds by Kielle, and 'Release by Tangerine.

Reader's Rave #3

Close Encounters Of The Lethal Kind by Luba Kmetyk, Devil's Country by Nightfall, Tag by Dr. Benway, Behind The Mirror by Kielle, Torn by Sequoia Swennes, The Archetype Association by James McBriarty, and White by Min.


Stories From The Field or "Things That Go SNAP!" by Indigo, And After The Battle by Alara Rogers, All My Life by Gates, Broken Wings by Tangerine, Love Affairs Are Horrible by Dandelion, and Matthew 5:30 by JL (Jelpy) Puckett.


A retrospective of the works of Lori McDonald, reviewing The Gestalt Arc (Stolen Kiss, The King Of Thieves, Middle Class Suburbia), Keeping A Distance, Bathroom Symphony, Split Second Decision, The Ambush, Breezes.


The Death Of A Dream by Onyx, Walking Through The Rooms In My Head by sevenall, A Dark And Hungry God Arises by Amanda Sichter.


The Arleccino Timeline (All My Love, Midnight Feeding, Of Plumbing In The Boathouse And Other Parts Of Married Life, The Balance by Falstaff, and Guilt by Tapestry).


SFX by Abyss, Small Moments by Ascian, Small Cages by Kaylee, Night Falls On The Mountain by Amanda Sichter, Stayin' Alive by DuAnn Cowart, Climb That Mountain High by Beverly McIntyre, and Chance Encounter by Magik.


Happy Hanukah by Jaya Mitai, 12 Hours Of Christmas by Dr. Benway, A Generation X-Mas by Me, The Snow Hare by Min, Angeldust And Parasites by Kerrin W, and Til Christmas by Kaylee.


After The Storm by Dana Night, Change The World by Thomas Wilde, Monile by Sequoia Swennes, Warriors And Little Girls by Jaya Mitai, Angela's Story by DarkMark, Sheol by Luba Kmetyk, and Take A Mutant To Lunch by Layla Voll.


A retrospective of the works of Abyss, reviewing Pale Reign Over Geshem, Abyss In Chains, It's Not The Fall That Kills You (It's The Beer And Bunny Slippers), Skulls And X-Bones, and Old Wounds, New Nightmares.


The American Dream by Robert Morris, Fruitloops, Nutcases And Prophets by Diamonde, Daisho: Fire And Fire by Redhawk, In Transit by Thomas Wilde, and Remembrance by Amanda Sichter.

IMHO #10

Apocalypse, Soon-ish or Days Of Future Last Tuesday Evening, Just Before The Football by Phil Foster, the Field Trip series by Bum, Harlequin and Bryan, Just Lucky, I Guess by DuAnn Cowart, Neon Hearts by Susan 'The Neon Nurse' Crites, Betrayal by Valerie Jones, and Kid Dynamo by Connie Hirsch.

IMHO #11

The Waning Dark by T'Kuro Grym and Closer by Tapestry.

IMHO #12

The Appeal Process by Brian Doyle and A Comic Reaction by Elizabeth Johnson.

IMHO #13

X-Manson by Dr. Benway and Bobby and Hank say "Farewell, New York" and Other Things by DarkMark.

IMHO #14

A retrospective of the works of Luba Kmetyk, reviewing Pulling Their Fat Out Of The Fire, Gehenna, Warning: Good Habits May Be Hazardous To Your Love Life, and The Glow Of A Starlit Dawn.

IMHO #15

Suffer The Children by Rossi, and Mhairie by Lady Amethyst.

IMHO #16

Where Light Dwells by Diamonde, I Guess It's All Right by Minisinoo Girl, Hellraiser: Hellfire by Zander Dig, A Matter Of Time by Indiana J, Cut Right To The Quick by Phillip Hunn, and The Apokolips Agenda by DarkMark.

IMHO #17

My Little Runaway by Erika Burke, Sometimes Two Beers Is All It Takes by M. Keith Davis, Throw My Head Away by Alestar, Snow People by Loki's Rose, The Karma Downs by Cherry Ice, and Death And The Art Of Pyramid Selling by Rossi.