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Title: Mhairie
Author(s): Amethyst
Date(s): 1995-96
Fandom: X-Men
External Links: The Mhairie Erotic X-Men Fiction Archive on Wayback; at the Definitive X-Men Erotica Archive (DXEA)

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Mhairie is an X-Men Comicsverse story by Amethyst. The titular character is a 16 year old OC, a cousin of Robert Drake (Iceman). She appeared in Mhairie, and an AU, Mhairie: Through A Mirror, Darkly. Mahairie is a catalyst who prompts various X-Men characters to explore their sexuality.

Mhairie was started in 1995 and most of the chapters were written from 1995-96. It was unusual for the fandom of the time for the number, variety and graphicness of its sex scenes, and became very well known. It included het, slash and femslash pairings plus the occasional threesome, as well as bdsm, discussions of child abuse and underage sex (although the author considered that as the age of consent in Scotland was 16, Mhairie didn't count as underage herself)[1].

Mhairie can now be found on the ArchiveofOurOwn fanfiction archive along with all of the author's other works

"Mhairie has become legend in fanfiction, so recognizable that it's heroine has become part of the language. And after a nearly four year wait, her writer, Lady Amethyst has added another chapter to the tale. Mhairie has become a rather fascinating study in all the years it's been on-line, and between the legends that have grown up around it. It was unique in the fact that during a time of mostly mainstream and straight-forward fiction, it delivered a cross book sexual odyssey of Dionysian proportions. It's epic in the sheer range and imagination of the various sexual pairings, from Jubilee and Gambit to Cyclops, Shatterstar and Rictor. One of the major strengths of the early Mhairie chapters was the fact that any thing could and often did happen. Lady Amethyst has always dealt fearlessly with same-sex pairings, bondage, dominant/submission relations and a host of other topics. Her latest chapter deals heavily with the effects of early child abuse ending in down right torture. It has a strong empathic sense in her writing, and an intriguing dynamic rarely achieved with canon and original characters. Flaws or merits, it's a classic story worth reading, and the newest chapter is hinting on it's evolution into something completely new. Now, the question is if we'll see another chapter in the next four years..." - Dex - Nov 27th 2000.


  1. "Note that Mhairie is Scottish and in Scotland it is legal to have sex at 16, thus I only consider Jubilee to fall under the "teen" bracket, not Mhairie. I don't consider Jubilee to fall into the pedophilia bracket because she is not written as 13 in the X-Men books despite the fact they keep saying she is 13." The introduction page at The Mhairie Erotic X-Men Fiction Archive on Wayback.