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Name: Susan Crites
Alias(es): The Neon Nurse, Sufan
Type: fanwriter, moderator
Fandoms: X-Men, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Communities: Outside The Lines
URL: homepage, LJ, blog
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Susan Crites is a multifandom fanwriter who was first published in a fanzine in 1969[1], where she received mention for her entry into a Detroit "Design a Starship Contest". She is the author of Neon Hearts, a popular het X-Men fanfiction story about a romance between Henry McCoy and OC Cassie, which was added to the Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards Hall of Fame in 1999.

She also wrote the Klingon-centric Star Trek: TOS novels Games of Love and Duty and No Peaceful Roads Lead Home, and one of the first DS9 zines, For There Is Much To Dare, a novel written just six episodes into the first season.

She was the founder and moderator of the comics fanfic/discussion mailing list Outside The Lines (1998), as well as the X-Men mailing list Blue Believers (1999).

Crites was also the creator of the perszine: Sufan. Some issues of "Sufan" may also have been part of an apazine.

Mini Auto Bio

My own interest in this genre [of fanfic] showed up at an early age. I can clearly remember telling my little sister bedtime stories after we were tucked in with the lights out. We had our own imaginary 101 Dalmatian Plantation when I was 5 and she was 3. In later years our adventures included being adopted by Superman, and going off to live with Jonny Quest and his non-traditional family when that great old show hit the airwaves.

Eventually we grew up enough to rate our own rooms, and my stories were then just for me. I didn't commit any to actual paper for a good long while, and those early efforts are (happily) mostly lost to the many moves of my wandering life. (I counted up once--49 times by age 25!)

The first one I actually put out for public view in a fanzine was done in 1977. Since then I have toyed with the characters of many different universes. Now, inspired by the miracle of web publishing, I've decided to try to slowly collect my life's work (and ongoing/future projects as time permits) in one handy-dandy web-omnibus! [2]

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