Empire Review

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Title: Empire Review
Publisher: Solo Ventures
Editor(s): Shirley Barrett
Date(s): 1980-1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Empire Review is a gen Star Wars anthology of art and fiction. It ran for five issues. There was also a "Pre-Issue."


  • unknown content

Issue 1

Empire Review 1 was published in 1980.

  • unknown content

Issue 2

cover of issue 2

Empire Review 2 was published in January 1981 and contains 50 pages. It includes fiction, reports, poetry, and letters (17 pages of LoCs) by Devlin Alann Scott, J. Anderson, G.R. Eddy, D. Armstrong, K. Taylor, P.D. Fay, art and cartoons by C. Scott, L. Bruce, L. Rutschman, P. Chrusch, C. Romero, D. Banzhof, and Devlin Alann Scott.

Issue 3

cover of issue 3

Empire Review 3 was published in May 1981 and contains 86 pages.

  • fans' responses to the question "If you were allowed two minutes in which to talk to George Lucas, what would you say to him?"
  • "There is Another..." by Arlene Bahrenburg (story) with art by by Elizabeth Hoolahan
  • "Evidenence to Support the Claim that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers' Father" by D.A. Scott
  • "Fan's Notebook"
  • "How to Overcome Empire Withdrawl" by Betsy Peed
  • stories and poetry by K. Talor, P.D. Fay, T. Varicelli, D.A. Scott, C. Scott, D. Armstrong
  • art and cartoons by C. Romero, C. Scott, D.A. Scott, K. Taylor, L. Rutschman, V. Ballesteros, J. Anderson, T. Varicelli, L. Bruce, P. Chrusch, B. Peed, B. Fulfrost and A. Holubec

Issue 4

Empire Review 4 was published in spring of 1982 and contains 88 pages.

cover of issue #4
  • Once, During a Snow Storm on Hoth..., story by Kathleen B. Retz (A certain Corellian tries to come to terms with an uncooperative beastie.)
  • The Awakening by Lois Bennington (Han is revived from carbon freeze, but will Lando survive it?)
  • Surprise, Surprise by T.R. de Maiffe (What really went on when the dining hall doors closed on Cloud City?)
  • Aurora by Janice Anderson (When Han runs into an old friend on Tatooine, the reception is as cold as Hoth.)
  • The Rebel Ultimatum and the Imperial Solution, an article by S-S A. Kaiafan, PhD
  • The Stars in His Eyes, an article by Dorothy Skinner
  • A Date with Chewie, an article by Chris Scott
  • Possible Hidden Meeting, an article by Karla Taylor
  • answers to trivia from the last issue
  • poetry, art, cartoons by Hoolahan, Bodnar, Hahn, Varicelli, Leo and a Martynn portfolio

Issue 5

Empire Review 5 was published in 1982.