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Name: Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards
Date(s): 1998-2003
Frequency: annual
Format: vote
Type: Fanfiction
Associated Community: CFAN, ACFF, OTL, Untold-L
Fandom: Comics
URL: The Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards (on Wayback)
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"The Annual Comic-Book Fan-Fiction Awards, an open fic/writer popularity vote first instituted in early 1998 -- voting is conducted in December/January (watch this site and others) and the results are presented in a rather unique form in March (hopefully!). The virtual award taken home by winners is called the Creative License."[1]

"The CBFFA Awards (Comic Book Fan Fiction Awards) were organized by Kelly "Kielle" Newcomb and were voted on by the entire fanfic community. It was the first, and to date remains the most significant and all-encompassing award ceremony for comic book fan fiction. The awards were separated by categories, each category awarding a winner, second place and third place."[2]

Also known as CBFFAs.

The CBFFAs began in December 1997[3], created by Kielle and hosted on her website CFAN, although there was discussion of a comics fanfiction award on acff as early as 1995[4]. The awards were created to recognise the best in comics fanfiction and honour the "classics" of fanfic through the Hall of Fame awards. The awards covered fanfic that was posted the previous year. Larger works that had sections posted over multiple years were therefore eligible for awards over multiple years. Voting was anonymous, with the award runner tallying votes and removing those which were blank or named a fic in the wrong category, or which had repeated votes from the same ISPs, to avoid "ballot stuffing".

The results were presented during a round robin "award ceremony" set in the Subreality Cafe. Each award category was handled by a different writer, who wrote a short segment of the overall award ceremony. The awards were "presented" by fanwriters and fictives and the final stories were posted on either Alt.comics.fanfiction or the Outside The Lines mailing list, depending on the year. The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors' Network hosted five of the events, including the awards ceremonies/stories, the tallies and the winners.


The CBFFA concept was created by and the inaugural awards were run by Kielle.


Best Serious: "Betrayal," by Valerie Jones

Best Humorous: "X-MST3k," by Kielle and Doc Nuke

Best Series (tie): "X-S," by Darqstar

Best Series (tie): "The Gestalt Arc," by Lori McDonald

Best Subgenre: "Subreality Cafe," by Kielle

Best Mature (tie): "Devil's Due," by Laersyn

Best Mature (tie): "In The Midnight Hour," by Melissa N

Best Excalibur: "Idylls of the Cat," by Luba Kmetyk

Best GenX: "Generation Cat," by Dyce

Best New Mutants: "Kid Dynamo," by Connie H

Best X-Force: "It's Too %&^% Hot in Here!" by Desert Nomad

Best X-Men: "Devil's Due," by Laersyn

Best Non-Team: "The Gestalt Arc," by Lori McDonald

Best Serious Crossover: "Strange Encounter," by Valerie Jones

Best Humorous Crossover: "Of Mice and Mutants," by David W

Best New Female Character: Dawn Embers, by Tapestry

Best New Male Character: Remi Neramani, by Valerie Jones

Best Established Writer: Valerie Jones

Best New Writer: Dyce

Most Improved Writer: Me

Fanfic Hall of Fame:

"Sometimes Even The Music Is Against You," by Denise K

"Betrayal," by Valerie Jones

"Kid Dynamo," by Connie H

Writer Hall of Fame:


Lori McDonald


Hawk's Talon (for for Outstanding Contribution to Fan-Fic Proliferation)[6]



Award Ceremony

Award-ceremony fic written by Kielle, Dex Farkin, Laersyn, Dyce, Celendra and Silvanis, Susan Crites Tapestry, Jelpy, Patrick S, Desert Nomad, Denise K, Falstaff, Abyss and Claymore


Subreality Cafe- The 1998 CBFFA Round Robin (20091012).png


This year the awards were run again by Kielle.


Best Serious: "Maturity in B Minor," by Dyce

Best Humorous: "The Adventures of God," by Poi Lass and Kaylee

Best Series: "Idylls Of The Cat," by Luba Kmetyk

Best Genre: "Subreality Cafe," by Kielle

Best Mature: "Chopsticks And Moonlight," by Dex Farkin

Best Excalibur: "Now or Forever," by Indigo

Best Generation X: "Maturity in B Minor," by Dyce

Best New Mutants: "Class Reunion," by Leary

Best X-Force: "Just Lucky, I Guess," by DuAnn

Best X-Men: "Crimes of the Heart," by Indigo

Best Non-Team: "Orphans," by Dex

Best Serious Crossover: "All My Mutants," by Denise K

Best Humorous Crossover: "Sailor Hellblazer," by Rod M. and David Tai

Best New Female Character: Kai, by Kaylee

Best New Male Character: Will "Archetype" Riley, by James McBriarty

Best Image/Wild Storm: "The Doomed Generation," by Skyrocket

Best Established Writer: Luba Kmetyk

Best New Writer: Kaylee

Most Improved: Raven Adams

Fanfic Hall Of Fame:

"Jean And Me," by David J. Warner

"Neon Hearts," by Susan Crites

"Vertigo: No Way Up," by Kielle

Writer Hall of Fame:


Amanda Sichter


Award Ceremony

Award-ceremony fic written by Kielle, Dex Farkin, Celendra, Kaylee (KayJay), Laersyn, Dyce, Diamonde, Jaya Mitai, Susan Crites Seraph, Trisha Lynn, DarkRiver, Frito, Nute, Suzene C, Twiller, Patrick S, Desert Nomad, Indigo, D. Amaya and Abyss.



This year the awards were run by Nute.


Best Serious: "First, Do No Harm" by Poi Lass

Best Humorous: "The Shi'ar Coffee Story," by Alicia McKenzie

Best Fic Series: "Mooks," by Kaylee

Best Mature: "Any Kinda Breath," by Kaylee

Best GenX: "Maturity in B Minor," by Dyce

Best X-Force: "Just Lucky, I Guess," by DuAnn

Best X-Force: "Broken," by Alicia McKenzie

Best X-Men: "First, Do No Harm" by Poi Lass

Best Marvel: "Old Glory," by Nute

Best DC: "Superman And Man," by DarkMark

Best Solo Nightwing: "Water And Stone," by Nute

Best Other: "Til the Midnight Hour," by Indigo

Best Serious Crossover: "Double-Team" by D. Amaya

Best Humorous Crossover: "Sailor Hellblazer," by David Tai and Rod M.

Best Humorous Crossover: "The Midnighter Vs. Everyone," by Indigo and Redhawk

Best Original Female Character: Charlotte Ashcroft from the Careless Moment Series, by Kerri G

Best Original Male Character: Draco, by Kaylee

Writer Of The Year: Alicia McKenzie

Best New Writer: Em-Spider

Most Improved: Em-Spider

Fanfic Hall of Fame:

"The Dawn Arc": Tapestry

"Five Minutes Longer," by Nute

"Idylls Of The Cat," by Luba Kmetyk

"Just Lucky, I Guess," by DuAnn

"Pale Reign Over Geshem," by Abyss

Writer Hall of Fame:

Alicia McKenzie



Note: There was no CBFFA Awards Show for the year 2000 and the tally wasn't provided for archiving.


This year the awards were run by Dex Farkin.


Best Serious Fanfic: "X-Manson" by Dr. Benway

Best Humorous Fanfic: "The Super Uncanny Adventures Of Bobby Drake And His Amazing X-Girlfriends" by Kerri S

Best Serious Crossover: "The Chosen Few" by Ana Lyssie Cotton

Best Humorous Crossover: "The Getting Of Wisdom" by Amanda Sichter

Best Fanfic Series (tie): The Alchemy Arc by Dandelion & The Gauguin Series by queenB

Best Mature Fanfic: "X-Manson" by Dr. Benway

Best Adult Fanfic (tie): "Friendly Wager" by DarkRiver & "X-Manson" by Dr. Benway

Best Original Character: Annie from Dyce's "The Godless Among Them" and "Slavery, Deliverance, And Faith"

Best Original Genre: Shadowlands -- concept by Alicia McKenzie

Best X-Men Story/Series: The Alchemy Arc by Dandelion

Best X-Force/Cable Story/Series: "Crusade" by Alicia McKenzie

Best Other Mutants Story/Series(tie): The Personal Religion Series by WGSarah & The Song Title Series by Dyce-Elihara

Best Marvel Story/Series: "Next Best Thing" by Jim Smith

Best DC/Vertigo Story/Series: "Suffer The Children" by Rossi

Best Image/Wildstorm Story/Series: "Antibodies" by DuAnn

Best Story/Series From Another Company (tie): "Cold Fire" (Rising Stars) by Paradoqz, "Everybody's Gotta Leave Sometime" (Peanuts) by DarkMark, "If You're Gone" (The Adventures of Tintin) by Maelstrom

Best Non-Team Story/Series (tie): "Maggie" by DarkMark & "Unstoppable" by Nute

Most Improved Writer (tie): JB McDragon & Joan M

Best New Writer: Andraste

Writer Of The Year: DarkMark

Fanfic Hall Of Fame:

"X-Manson" by Dr. Benway,

"Maturity in B Minor" by Dyce

"Drawn To The Lodestone Rock" by Dandelion

"Collective Mutants" by Rossi

"Orphans" by Dex

Writer Hall Of Fame:


Dr. Benway



Award Ceremony

Award-ceremony fic written by Kielle, Dex Farkin, Paradoqz, Andraste, queenB, DarkMark, DarkRiver, Dyce, DuAnn, Denise K, Dandelion, Diamonde, Jim Smith, Lyssie, Red Monster, Frito, Seraph, Jaya Mitai, Indigo, Nute and Abyss.



This year the awards were run by Dex Farkin.


Best X-Men: "The Sum Of Zero," by Dex

Best Movieverse: "Land of Blood And Honey," by Dyce

Best Alternate X: "The Golden Goose Series," by Minisinoo et al.

Best X-Other: "Future Pluperfect," by Domenika Marzione

Best Marvel: "The Steel Handshake," by DarkMark

Best Gotham: "In The Blood," by Dr. Benway

Best DC/Vertigo: "A Day No Pigs Would Die," by Dannell Lites

Best Non-Team Fanfic: "Starlight And Moondust," by Jaya Mitai

Best Other: "The Last Fast Blast Of The Bouncing Beatnik," by DarkMark (Astro City)

Best Story In Original Genre: "Renere" by Lise (genre - Shadowlands, created by Alicia McKenzie)

Best New Character (tie): Annie Peckenpaugh, by Mice; Grace Kills-His-Horse, by Minisinoo

Best Adult/Mature Fanfic (tie): "Shadow Over Westchester," by Kerri S.; "Climb The Wind," by Minisinoo

Best Erotic Fanfic (tie): "Lightning Over Elk River," by Minisinoo; "Surrender," by Paxnirvana

Best Humorous Crossover: "Beer And Bunnyslippers II," by Abyss

Best Serious Crossover: "Shadow Over Westchester," by Kerri S

Best Series: "Shadowlands: Oasis," by Lise and Alicia McKenzie

Best Series: "Growing Up A Superhero," by JB McDragon

Best Humorous: "Hooray, Hooray, The TO Has Gone Away," by Alicia McKenzie

Best Serious (tie): "The Sum Of Zero," by Dex; "Suffer The Children," by Rossi; "Climb The Wind," by Minisinoo

Fanfic Hall of Fame:

"Devil's Due," by Laersyn

"First, Do No Harm," by Poi Lass

"'Til Christmas," by Kaylee

"Dreamweaver," by Alicia McKenzie

Writer Hall of Fame:

Alara Rogers


Luba Kmetyk



Victoria P.

Most Improved: Paxnirvana

Best New Writer: Minisinoo

Writer of The Year: Dex and Minisinoo

Award Ceremony

Award-ceremony fic written by Dex Farkin, Paxnirvana, Paradoqz, DarkMark, Seraph, Xander DIG, Lyssie, DarkRiver, Domenika Marzione, Amanda Sichter, Dyce, Cherry Ice, Denise K, Jim Smith, JB McDragon, Mice, Diamonde, Indigo, Red Monster, Nute, Alara Rogers, Andraste and Rossi.

No voting tally was provided for archiving.


This year's awards were run by Mike Smith and Nute. The categories were amended to reflect changes in the fandom. No record of the winners exists, but the nominations (taken from the top six nominations per each category) were as follows. Winners noted where the information is available.


Best Humorous

"Charles Xavier, Barbarian Sex God" by Alara Rogers

"Full Disclosure" by Andraste

"In The Vernacular: Jailbait" by Skittlekicks

"Oh, Tiberius!" by Dr. Benway

"Rubber Ducky" by Paradoqz and JB McDragon

"Too Much of a Good Thing" by Stormfreak - Winner[7]

Best Serious

"As You Were" by Alicia McKenzie

"In the Eye of the Storm" by Wolverine6Claws

"Jus Ad Bellum" by Jenn

"The Karma Downs" by Cherry Ice

"Xavier's Orphanage" by Stormfreak - Winner[7]

Best Adventure

"Future Pluperfect" by Domenika Marzione

"Highway Summer" by Paradoqz

"Next Best Thing" by Jim Smith

"SCPD: The Case of the Comatose Writer" by Rossi & Dex

Best Romance

"An Accidental Interception of Fate" by Minisinoo - Winner[8]

"Earth, Wind and Fire" by Wolverine6Claws

"Eros on Trial" by Minisinoo

"No Time Like the Right Time" by Silverblade

"Walkin' On the Wild Side" by Wolverine6Claws

Best Adult:

"Earth, Wind and Fire" by Wolverine6Claws

"In a Hotel Six on Highway Five, After the Forty-Nines" by Minisinoo - Winner[8]

"Kiss of the Vampire" by Silverblade

"Outside My Window" by Stormfreak - Winner[7]

"The River and the Highway" by Twinkylady

"Walkin' On the Wild Side" by Wolverine6Claws

Best Series

"Everyone Says I Love You" by Mice

"The Pantheon Series" by Alicia McKenzie

"Special: The Genesis of Cyclops" by Minisinoo - Winner[8]

"Wings and Dreams" by Jaya Mitai

"Zaynah's Story" by Stormfreak

Best Short Subject

"New Shoes" by Andraste

"Room 102" by Dr. Benway

"Softly Kiss Goodnight" by Silverblade

Best Crossover

"Destiny" by Dr. Benway

"Heels Britannia" by Dex

"Highway Summer" by Paradoqz

"The Inhuman Condition" by Mike Smith

"Jack and the Yamainu" by Ciro

"Shadow Dancing" by Syl F

Best X-Men

"Dasyatidae" by Domenika Marzione

"Future Pluperfect" by Domenika Marzione

"The Karma Downs" by Cherry Ice

"Outside My Window" by Stormfreak

"Snow People" by Loki's Rose

Best X-Men Media

"An Accidental Interception of Fate" by Minisinoo

"Between the Walls" by Post

"Daddy's Girl" by Stormfreak

"The Evolution of Jubilee" by Mara Greengrass

"Golden" by Andraste

"help is bright green" by Sascha

"Jus Ad Bellum" by Jenn

"Razor" by Dex

"Splinter Me Filter" by Diebin

"Sympathy Pains" by Epona Harper

Best Marvel

"Business As Usual" [MV1: USAgent #6] by Scott Chamberlain

"An Ending" by DarkMark

"The End is Near" [Alternate Marvel: New Warriors #97-100] by Liam Gibbs

"Everyday Hero" by Nute

"The Everything Engine" [MV1: All God's Children #50] by Mark Bosquet

"Fanfic X" by Wyzeguy

"FIRE!" by DarkMark

"Justice, Like Lightning" by Mike Smith

"Loners" by Wyzeguy

"A Prize for Three Empires" by DarkMark

Best DC:

"Hanging the Drapes" by Persephone Kore

"The Inhuman Condition" by Mike Smith

"One Ring" by Dr. Benway

"Recollection" by Mike Smith

Best Vertigo:

"The Dark Passion of Cheerleader Dildonics" by Simon F (Transmetropolitan)

"Death and the Art of Pyramid Selling" by Rossi (Hellblazer)

"God Slave, the Queen" by Dex (The Invisibles)

"Heels Britannia" by Dex (The Invisibles/Hellblazer)

"*nvisibles" by Lise & Kate Bolin (The Invisibles/ NSYNC)

"Muscle and Bone and Feathers" by Gunbunny (The Authority)

"Sacrificial Angels" by Amanda Sichter (Preacher/Margaret Atwood)

"Ye May Yet Believe" by Suzene C (Fables)

Best Independent:

"Cigarettes" by Gen X (Darkminds)

"Down in the Mouth" by Liz Barr (Archie Comics)

"Lucy's Drowning" by Amanda Sichter (Lazarus Churchyard)

"A Summer of Wendy" by DarkMark

"these walls are paper thin" by Liberty Ginger (Dilbert)

"Trick" by WGSarah (Powers)

Best Original Character:

Dane Summers from "As You Were" by Alicia McKenzie

Eve Francis from "All About Eve" by Alara Rogers

Peggy Summers from the "Pegasus Flight" Series by Andrea13

Zaynah Bishop from Zaynah's Story by Stormfreak - Winner[7]

Best New Author:

Bounce - Winner[9]





Writer Of the Year:


Cherry Ice


Domenika Marzione

Persephone Kore


Stormfreak - Winner[7]


Fanfic Hall Of Fame:

"The Body Snatcher" by Alara Rogers

"Climb the Wind" by Minisinoo - Winner[8]

"Future Pluperfect" by Domenika Marzione

"Ghosts of the Past" by Morgana

"God... er, Dog" by Mice

"In the Eye of the Storm" by Wolverine6Claws

"Losing You to Those Before" by Court

"Next Best Thing" by Jim Smith

"The Sum of Zero" by Dex

Writer Hall of Fame:


DuAnn Cowart



Domenika Marzione


Stormfreak - Winner[7]


Awards Ceremony

The awards-ceremony fic was posted to Outside The Lines, however it does not appear to have been archived. The following fragment was found on a personal hard-drive.

Best Independent Fanfic - award segment by Rossi

2003 and Beyond

Out of the 2002 CBFFAs came a certain amount of controversy. Attempts to incorporate the new movieverse X-Men fanfiction fandom into the awards were seen as too little, too late[10] and it was felt[11] that the fandom had become too fractured to justify a global set of awards. There was additional drama in the form of accusations of ballot stuffing - Dex Farkin had mentioned the need to remove a number of votes stemming from the same ISP which pertained to a number of fics by one particular nominee, which was then picked up by members of comics fandom as evidence of a deliberate attempt to skew the vote and which was responded to heatedly by the individual and their friends. A message board was set up in October 2002 to discuss the future of the awards[12] - unfortunately, no record of that discussion was captured by the Wayback Machine, but it seems the vote was to continue the awards into 2003, this time with Mike Smith at the helm and Matt Nute providing technical support.

Nominations for the 2003 CBFFAs opened around February 2003, based on several "fic I wrote that's eligible" posts from fanwriters on Livejournal at that time[13] [14] and an announcement on The Scratching Post[15] message board; with the voting being hosted on[16], closing on May 7, 2003. The awards ceremony was posted to Outside The Lines and X-Fiction beginning May 20, 2003[9], however it does not appear to have been saved outside of these mailing lists and is inaccessible.

These were the last CBFFAs to be awarded.

Additional Reading

CBFFAs - Fan History Wiki: The Fandom History Resource, Archived version

The CBFFAs - 1998 to 2002


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