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Synonyms: movie!verse, filmverse
See also: Bookverse, Comicsverse, anime, novelization, adaptation, tie-in
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Movieverse as a term refers to the film adaptations of books, comics, TV series, etc.; the term is used by the fanfiction and fanart communities to mark stories which are based explicitly on the film adaptation, or which take details of plot, character or appearance from the adaptation, especially where these contradict book canon. Works that flesh out the universe from the adaptation but do not contradict book canon are sometimes referred to as hybrids.

Movieverse can function as a warning or an enticement.

For example, in The Lord of the Rings fandom, fans of the book!verse see Faramir as a noble Gondorian who wouldn't take the Ring if it was lying before him in the road. In contrast, fans of the movie!verse see him as deeply tempted by the power of the Ring, but finally convinced to let the Hobbits go. Also, in the book!verse, Denethor doesn't take a flaming leap off Minas Tirith. Blond Legolas is a movieverse invention who often worms his way even into works otherwise set in the bookverse.