The Shi'ar Coffee Story

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Title: The Shi'ar Coffee Story
Author(s): Alicia McKenzie
Date(s): 1999
Length: 5,793 words
Genre: Humor
Fandom: X-Men, X-Force
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The Shi'ar Coffee Story is a humorous X-Force story focusing on Nathan Summers. It won Best Humorous fic at the 2000 Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards and was nominated for Best Comedy at the 1999 Prosh Awards.

Reactions and Reviews

You can never have enough humor in fandom. Really. And this story is one I've read a hundred times, each time laughing my ass off. I'm not even sure how precisely to describe why it's so funny, it's a combination of spot-on, yet slightly absurd characterizations, a situation that's inherently hilarious, and the intimations that it got so so so much worse while you were looking away.[1]

there are a lot of good stories on this list. And then there’s this piece of crack. Nathan Summers and alien coffee. An idea that silly spawned something wonderful. I’m laughing just thinking about it.[2]
This is the most hysterical 'sillyfic' I have read in a long long time! Highly recommended to anyone in need of a good laugh. :)[3]