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Name: Dannell Lites
Alias(es): Lindsey Nuttal (?)
Fandoms: Batman, Blade Runner, DC Comics, Frisco Kid, Highlander, Legion of Super Heroes, Marvel Comics, Nightwing, Smallville, Star Wars, Teen Titans, Vertigo, X-Men
URL: Her fiction on Offpanel
Her fiction on The Fanfic of Dannell Lites
Fiction and art at AO3
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Dannell Lites was a fan fiction writer and the winner of several Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards and The Prosh Awards. She collaborated with Kerithwyn Jade on the Sea and Sky series. She also wrote 2 fics for The Dracoverse "Draco Draconis" & "Heavenly Babysitter".

Dannell passed away in September 2002.[1]

Some Fiction

Some Fan Comments

... I've worked with a collaborator. In this case, it was the late and much-missed Dannell Lites.

The storyline was cued by the five or so "Superman of 2499" stories that Mort Weisinger ran in the Superman titles circa 1965-66, and the fact that the Legion of Super-Heroes had to go back to the 20th Century to find a Superboy to recruit for their group, even though there was at least one descendant of Kal-El living in the 30th. Why was this? I dreamed up an answer, and seeded clues to it in a couple of stories. Then I got down to writing the story itself.

But I wanted input from a different source, one of the few persons in fanfic I knew I could work with. Dannell was one of the few ficcers in my age group. She knew what I did, and she could write about as well as anybody in ficdom. We both admired each other's work and got along together. So she agreed to collab with me on the story, and I think it worked well.[2]


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