Empire Star

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Title: Empire Star
Publisher: USS Atlantis Productions/Futura Publications
Editor(s): J.J. Adamson
Date(s): 1978-1981
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars & multimedia
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Empire Star is a media fanzine that was published between 1978 and 1981 and was edited by Australian publisher J.J. Adamson. The zine ran for 5 issues and ranged between 60-150 pages per issue.

An ad in Falcon's Flight #4 says it was the "first non-American SW fan publication."

Blaster was an Empire Star Special.

Empire Star Monthly News or simply "Empire Star News" was its non-fiction counterpart.

front cover of v.2 n.1, Mike Adamson, featuring work from the "Hunter" project
back cover of v.2 n.1, Mike Adamson, featuring work from the "Hunter" project

Issue 1

Empire Star 1 (v.1 n.1) was published in December 1978.

Issue 2

Empire Star 2 (v.1 n.2) was published in March 1979.

  • Green Fire of the Rhil by JJ Adamson (Seldra Kaidel, J.J. Adamson's lady smuggler, goes to Han when her brother turns up missing.)
  • KGK-45 (Leia saves Han's life.)
  • other unknown content

Issue 3

Empire Star 3 (v.1 n.3) was published in May 1979.

Issue 4

Empire Star 4 (v.2 n.1) was published in April 1981 and contains 120 pages.

Fandoms: Star Wars, Star Trek: TOS, Battlestar Galactica. The editors apologize for it being "ten months late."

  • Editorial (A Sad Story) (4)
  • The EMPIRE STARikes Back. Questions about The Empire Strikes Back (e.g. "How did the Imperial Fleet find Hoth?") with suggested answers from a handful of fans and responses from the editors. (6)
  • Addendum to The EMPIRE STARikes Back by Angela Callender (44)
  • There is a Way (45)
  • Han Solo: Lady's Man for All Seasons by Sherry Magee. Article on Han's relationships with women in fanfiction. (46)
  • Perspective: A View of The Empire Strikes Back by Nikki White. Negative review. (54)
  • Post Script on Empire and ES Review Ratings (57)
  • Time Trap! A New Star Trek Tactical Game by JJ and Mike Adamson. Choose Your Own Adventure-style game. (Star Trek: TOS) (58)
  • The Portfolio, art by Adamson and Adamson (58)
  • A Corellian's No Fun When... by Dannell Lites (73)
  • Rescue Mission & Rescue Mission II: Variations on a Theme by Sheila Paulson. Poems. (74)
  • And He Calls the Stars His Masters by Sherry Magee. Filk. (79)
  • The Great Romance by Dannell Lites. Filk. (81)
  • Confessional on an Odd Tuesday by JJ Adamson. Poem. (Star Trek: TOS) (83)
  • poem by Susan Matthews (84)
  • Coda by Denise Sheets. Poem. (Battlestar Galactica) (85)
  • The Wild Colonial Boy by Adamson and Adamson. Filk. (Battlestar Galactica) (88)
  • Portfolio for Hanatics Only, art by JJ and Martynn (89)
  • The Captain's Verdict (Time Trap Solution) (Star Trek: TOS) (94)
  • Important Announcement about ES's next ish! (97)
  • Young and Restless by Brenda Cunningham. How Han first won the Falcon off Lando Calrissian. (98)
  • Phlegathon by Mike Adamson. The Colonials investigate a long-dead planet and discover its robot defenders. (Battlestar Galactica) (106)
  • The Fanzine File (121)
  • other art by JJ and Mike Adamson, Michael Avenhouse, Donna Ellison, Martynn and Debra Milsom

Issue 5

Empire Star 5 (v.2 n.2) was published in September 1981, has 131 pages, and contains mostly Star Wars, some Battlestar Galactica.

flyer for issue #5, printed in Starwings #1
  • Editorial (4)
  • Ion Storm in a Tea Cup (LoCs) (6)
  • Perspective: (19)
    • Bombed Out in Space by JJ Adamson
    • Our Man in Their Future by JJ and Mike
    • The Almost War of '82 by Mike
    • Music of the Spheres by JJ
    • In Praise of Feathered People by JJ
  • Death Ship, story and art by Mike Adamson ("In the search for fuel, a scout Viper from the Galactica finds not only the precious ore but also a prize undreamed of — a derelict Battlestar, and it is there for the taking.") (28)
  • Don't Jump to Conclusions, story by JJ Adamson, art by Mike Adamson ("A funny I thing happened on the way to Tatooine: responding to an emergency call, Han Solo found himself taking aboard astronaut Jack Scott of Apollo XTX, who swears, and declares that faster than light travel is not possible, and so the Millennium Falcon cannot possibly go anywhere!") (48)
  • When the Starbuck Luck Ran Out, story and art by Mike Adamson ("He's a rambler, he's a gambler, he's a long way fron home, and there's no way in this story that he's going to get left alone! It was all in the name of fun. Or, revenge...") (51)
  • Yesterdays Gone, story by JJ Adamson, art by Mike Adamson ("In the closing days of the Clone Wars, Corel was the scene of a telling battle: many cities were ruined, the spaceport among them. Littered with dead ships, it was a store house of free spare parts, and Jak Moonraker and his mate, Chewbacca, found their ship, the Millennium Falcon, in need of one. That part was not all they found.") (54)
  • All About Postage (57)
  • Wishbone Sends Up the "TV WEEK", text and graphics by Wishbone ("Television programming may never be the same again — the networks should hope they live through it, as Wishbone lets them have it with both barrels. Laugh your way through July 11th (year no object), with: lust in SPACE, SEARCH FOR YESTERDAY, ASK THE LAYABOUT BROTHERS, LIFE ON MARS. The memorable episode of STAR TREK, THE WAY TO EDEN. Be Scornful of the rubbishing JOURNEY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD, thrill to the extravaganza, LUNE, while, in a daring scene they didn't think would make it by the censor, Twikki is exploding on BUCK ROGERS...") (58)
  • Corellian Doorprize, story by Linda Shandle, art by S. Kaiafah ("Well, what would you do i f you were a Corellian smuggler and someone left a squalling infant at the bottom of your ramp?!") (60)
  • A Case of Conscience, story and art by Mike Adamson ("You are a Terran jet fighter pilot, shuttling to meet your unit in the tropical hell of the Coral Sea. The hawkish alien fighters of the Ultimate War strike from space above and you go down. In the storm tossed, fang-filled terror of the open ocean your only allies belong to the most persecuted race in the galaxy. A tale from the early days of the HUNTER saga, circa 1998.") (74)
  • Napalm in the Morning, [filk]], words and music by JJ Adamson, art by Mike (78)
  • Too Late, story by Kay Crist, art by JJ Adamson ("Aboard Boba Fett's ship, Han Solo gathers his wits: his future is uncertain and his whole world has become danger. Where are his friends? Lost among his enemies, there is no way for him to know. Has Darth Vader had them put to death? What hope can there be? What is left?") (113) (discussed in Han and Leia in Fanfiction)
  • Day of the Lead Cubit, story and art by Mike Adamson ("Colonial combat pilots wear no space suits, so what do you do when you crash land on an airless moon? You are trapped in your cockpit, perhaps miles, perhaps only inches from safety. Is Starbuck worried? You bet! And so is everyone else.") (113)
  • A Good Blaster at Your Side, feature and art by Michael Avenhouse (126)
  • The Fanzine File (131)

Issue 6

Empire Star 6 (v.2 n.3) was NEVER PUBLISHED.

An annoucement in issue #5: "... still on 'hold' pending the solution the reduction problem. (We think we have the answer now -- it just requires MONEY, and lots of same)... Contains: Ellen Blair's ODYSSEY, JJ Adamson's QUEST, Elyse Dickenson's WAITING GAME, Sam Blackley's STAR SLAVERS, Jenny McLean's REFLECTIONS, Mike Adamson's THE LAST CYLON and WHEN THE STARBUCK LUCK RAN OUT etc etc."

Best of Empire Star

The Best of Empire Star was advertised in issue #4, with a caution that there were very few extra copies printed. This issue contains 223 pages. It contains stories from (1978-79) issues.