AussieTrek (Australian Star Trek con)

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Star Trek Convention
Name: AussieTrek
Dates: 1979, 1980
Frequency: twice
Location: Sydney, Australia
Type: major, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek
Founder: Karen Lewis
Founding Date: 1979
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AussieTrek was the first major Star Trek con in Australia.


AussieTrek 1 was held March 10–12, 1979 at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney. It had George Takei as its Guest of Honor. Fan Guests of Honor were Diane Marchant and Susan Clarke. Richard Bradley, Head of Driftaway Productions, presented on special effects in numerous upcoming movies. There were about 300 attendees.

There is a long, long con report by Nikki White in STAG #34. [1] Other con reports are in Beyond Antares #13, and issues of Captain's Briefs.

The first fan-run science fiction media convention, Trekcon, was held in 1978 in Melbourne. This was a solely Star Trek convention with no professional guest of honour. As organisers became more ambitious, it was obvious that they had to cater to people's broader interests - not just Star Trek – in order to afford to invite professional guests from overseas. This was evident in 1979 when AussieTrek 1 invited George Takei, one of the original Star Trek cast, to be their Guest of Honour in Sydney. As the first cast member to appear at an Australian convention, Takei attracted attendees from all over Australia and the convention had a large number of registrations, over 600. However, it ran at a loss.[2]


AussieTrek 2 had Susan Sackett as its Guest of Honor and was a one-day convention held in July, 1980, in both Sydney and Adelaide. It had 462 attendees.


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