Captain's Briefs

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Title: Captain's Briefs
Publisher: Aussietrek, Rockdale, NSW, Australia
Editor(s): Karen Lewis
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1978-1980
Medium: print
Size: A4
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Captain's Briefs is the Australian newsletter for Aussietrek.

first page of a late 1979 issue

It served as a progress report for the AussieTrek conventions, as well as a newsletter for charity fundraising and the social functions associated with pre-con buildup.

A Late 1979 Issue

There was an issue in November 1979 issue which contained 3 pages.

  • update about Star Trek: The Motion Picture ("sorry, no fresh news")
  • information about an upcoming "Tribble Show" on January 19, 1980 at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows' (I.O.O.F.) Hall, 100 Clarence Street, Sydney ("We thought tribbles deserved more recognition so are giving them (and their owners) a chance to show off. Bring your Tribble(s) and enter them in the show. Categories will be: Best Dressed Tribble, Best of Breed (longhair), Best of Breed (shorthair) and Best of Show. Independent judges will ensure absolute fairness (give or take a bribe or two) There will be prizes and afternoon tea, and the episode "Trouble with Tribbles" (what else?). Donation $3 towards the next Convention"
  • information about an upcoming ST Writers Workshop on February 1980 ("Since many of us are keen writers of ST stories and poetry, we are organising alive-in Workshop weekend. AussieTrek's tame writer-journalist, Valerie Parv (author of seven books and editor of 2 encyclopaedias and, of course, the Aussie ST Fanbook which you all did all buy it, didn't you???) will chair the weekend and give away a few tricks of the trade. We hope to put together a Fanbook of stories developed before and during the workshop. A film, barbecue and general good time are planned. To be held on the weekend of February 9th and 10th at Valerie's home at Summer Hill. Cost is $18 per person including meals, accommodation and entertainment (and the workshop). Bring your own sleeping bag. Booking is essential as numbers are very limited. If you'd like to be there, send the attached notice to us right away so we can reserve your place. First come, first served. You'll be sent a letter showing how to get there and so on when your booking is accepted.")
  • information about an upcoming event in March 1980 ("For the girls... there will be a Make-Up Demonstration of super Juvena products with samples, door prizes, and other goodies."
  • brief mention of two past club activities: a Book Party and a Star Trek picnic held in September 1979, and a marathon (running?) in early October 1979
  • the editors note that they are paying for their own expenses to visit the United States ("Rumour-scotching time...for the suspicious few who think Aussie Trek is funding our trip to the States. Not true - how we wish it were! If you feel at all envious, remember, you too can have a charge account like ours.")
  • send stamps! ("Due to the high cost of postage, we cannot afford to keep sending this newsletter to you unless you forward 5 stamps to cover issues between now and the Con. in June. We hate to seem so mercenary, but soaring mail costs leave us no choice. (Some of you have already sent stamps - to you, a thousand thank-you's). Or to put it another way...since we know all your addresses, if you don't send the stamps, we will send James T. Koala out on a dark night to bite you all on the leg. And if you've never been bitten by a rampant fan-koala...nuff said!")
  • there are two contests: one to write a caption to a screen shot, and one to write a limerick
  • an upcoming event ("STAR TREK PREMIERE NIGHT FOR SYDNEY FANS. A buffet dinner will be held on December 21 at the I.O.O.F. Hall, 100 Clarence street. City. 5.30pm-7.30pm. People wishing to wear costumes may change at the hall. There will be a prize for the best costume. Tickets for the movie will cost $4.00 with an additional $2.50 for the dinner. To all people who have reserved tickets and people wishing to purchase tickets please send your money now. Include a self addressed envelope preferably priority paid. Final date for ticket money 12th December, 1979. The Prize is SUPER secret!!!")