The Aussie Star Trek Fanbook

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Title: The Aussie Star Trek Fanbook
Publisher: Paul Parv
Editor(s): Valerie Parv
Date(s): August 1979 (as per the "stardate" in the author's notes)
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek:TOS
Language: English
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Volume 1

The Aussie Star Trek Fanbook was published in 1979 and contains 64 pages. The content is gen and non-explicit het. The four stories and one poem are by Valerie Parv. The cover is by Paul Parv, and some interior illos appear to be by Mike McGann.

front cover by Paul Parv

Valerie Parv, now a professional author and writing mentor specialising in romance novels, made her first professional sale with an article in The Best of Trek #7 (Signet, June 1984) entitled "Star Trek Jokes?".

From the Author's Notes

What do you do when you run out of Star Trek stories to read? The answer, for many of us, is to write your own. That is how Volume I of the Aussie Star Trek Fanbook came about - because its author was impatient for something new (anything!) to read on ST and there was nothing else forthcoming from other sources.

Like most fan-written material, this collection represents just one person's interpretation of the characters and world of Star Trek. It is not definitive and never could be on such a basis, so I make no apologies if some of it doesn't quite mesh with your personal view of Star Trek.

This is, if you like, an attempt to go "where no writer has gone before" and after more than ten years of Star Trek fan publishing, believe me, that ain't easy!


  • Author's Log, fiction (2)
  • A Small Vision of Immortality, fiction (3)
  • Passions of the Mirror, fiction (19)
  • Home is Where, fiction (36)
  • Scotty's Pledge (to his ship), poem (48)
  • The Last Battle, fiction (49)

Volume 2

cover issue #2

This issue was open to contributions from other Star Trek fans. It was "An AussieTrek Publication", a promotional tie-in to the 1980 AussieTrek 2 convention.