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Name: The Legion of Super-Heroes FanFic Archive
Date(s): 1999? - possibly 2001[1]; remained static until 2009 when Geocities went down
Founder: kerithwyn and Dannell Lites
Type: fanfiction, fanart, filk
Fandom: Legion of Super-Heroes
URL: (Wayback)
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The Legion of Super-Heroes FanFic Archive was a fanfiction, filk, and fanart archive for LegionFiction. It was hosted on Geocites.

The fanfiction was marked by the eras:

  • CLASSIC. From Adventure #247 to the end of the Magic Wars. Since this spans 30+ years of comics, additional notations will be added as necessary: issue numbers, author eras, and so forth.
  • GAP. Stories set following the five-year gap after the Magic Wars, from the reformation of the Legion to Zero Hour.
  • POSTBOOT. The rebooted Legion, from Zero Hour to the present

It held a tribute to Dannell Lites.

Authors Archived

Dannell Lites Kerithwyn Jade Bonita del Rio Carmen Williams Casey!
G'leep CGISPERT Tonya Todd Christian
DarkMark Murray Fox Andrew Troy Keller Karate Kid, Jr Chaim Mattis Keller
Greg Paula Steve Zink Ryan Brandt Phil Hartman Laz
Lar Gand Eros Greybird Mearl Dox Mark Weisenberger
darkhomr Hardshell TheTurtleBoy Matt Jayna Magik!
Nik Stanosheck Amnesiac 5 David Petersen Marla Fair Derrick Ferguson


Christian Tiril Laurie Shawn Melissa Wilson
Tracy Paddock SatyQ Marla F. Fair Faith G'leep
Dean Lee Traci Mota T. Catt Victor Moore Mark Weisenberger
Casey Kyle Baxter Doctor Vince

Filk writers

Dannell Lites Claudia Gispert Bonita del Rio


  1. LegionFiction years, unknown exactly when the archive was started/ended