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Name: DarkMark's Domain
Date(s): 2001-2008 (last update, Domain I still accessible)
Archivist: DarkMark
Founder: DarkMark
Type: Author Archive
Fandom: Comics, Professional Wrestling
URL: DarkMark's Domain I (DC stories) Wayback May 10/23
DarkMark's Domain II (Marvel stories) via Wayback Apr 16/09
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DarkMark's Domain was the personal fanfiction archive for DarkMark. He was one of the "old school" comic fans, having extensive knowledge of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, and it was reflected in his fanfiction. He was also a prolific writer, and in his own words:

After having written a big bunch of fan-fiction about various comic characters and having them archived hither and yon in various places, I've decided that the most efficient way of doing things is probably to put them all on one page. That is, a page of my own. Here it is.


The archive itself is relatively "basic", without many of the splashy backgrounds, images and animations of many other websites of the time. DarkMark included a brief biography about his fannish history on the main page of Domain I and a Special Note included interview and awards links.


It was created around April 2001, first appearing on envy.nu[2] and then relocating to Tripod a year later[3]. The site was later split into two sections - Domain I for DC content and Domain II for Marvel and some miscellaneous pieces - as it became too unwieldy sometime around March 1, 2004[4] . The last update, according to the What's New page, was on June 8, 2008[5]. Strangely, Domain II was banned by Tripod in 2010 for a Terms of Service violation[6], but Domain I remains. With DarkMark's death in 2022[7], the future of the archive is uncertain.


All notes are from the author. Where available, Fanfiction.net links have been used for the stories listed to ensure continuity of links.

Domain I - DC Comics Heroes

  • Supergirl series:  Kara of Rokyn - The heroine of these stories is Kara Zor-El, the former (and sometimes current) Supergirl, who lives in the Earth-1.5 Universe which the Crisis on Infinite Earths didn't quite reach.  She has given up her superheroic identity to live as a normal woman among her own kind on Rokyn, the world settled by Kryptonian survivors from Kandor.  But she finds that heroism is a hard habit to break, that danger and adventure can be found even on her new homeworld, and that the Supergirl identity isn't that easy to relinquish...
    • Kara and the Dreamsmith - In which Kara enters the Dreaming, resumes her Supergirl identity, and has one chance to help her other-self defeat the Anti-Monitor, or see all perish in the Crisis.  Loads of guest-stars.
    • The Early Stories - The earliest Supergirl stories I ever wrote, and they show it. ;-)  Nonetheless, they are part of the Earth-1.5 universe, and you may read them if you wish.  Some elements in some stories may make them unsuitable to younger readers.
    • Zoners - Four villains from the Phantom Zone escape to Rokyn with the intention of conquering the new Kryptonian homeworld.   Standing in their path:  Kara Zor-El, who must face her old enemy Faora Hu-Ul, the deadliest woman on the planet, who has sworn to kill her.
    • Last Waltz With Luthor  - Superman has been missing for a month.  So has Lex Luthor.  Kara Zor-El must don the costume of Supergirl again and return to Earth to help that planet's heroes find the Man of Steel, in a final showdown between the Luthor family and the Superman Family.
    • Kal & Lyla - Kara Zor-El begins the task of retelling on screen the greatest love story of Krypton's last days, between the late actress Lyla Lerrol and the time-lost Superman.
  • Supergirl of Earth 1.75 - This series features the Supergirl of a parallel Earth who also appears in "Kara and the Dreamsmith".  She has chosen to remain on Earth as a super-heroine and make a life for herself in American society. Most of the old DC Universe characters appear as guest-stars.
    • A Very Kara Christmas -  The story of Supergirl's first Christmas, and how she came to learn what this holiday meant to Earth people, and to herself.  Set during her orphanage days and guest-starring Superman.
    • Hellsister - An epic tale set in the 30th Century.  Supergirl returns to the future to team with the Legion of Super-Heroes in an adventure which pits her against her evil doppleganger in a battle to the death, while Rokyn and Daxam face destruction and the Legion's mightiest foe threatens to command all the evil of the universe.  Guest-starring John Constantine, other Trenchcoat Brigaders, and a horde of other DC Multiverse heroes.
    • The Apokolips Agenda - The sequel to "Hellsister" begins, as Supergirl returns to the 20th Century to face one of the deadliest villains in the multiverse, and to aid the New Gods in their battle against him.  Lots of guest-stars.
    • Hellspawn  - The third part of the Hellsister Trilogy commences.  In a time not their own, Supergirl and Dev-Em must deal with the deadly menace of Darkseid, and the son of Satan Girl.  
  • Supergirl / Prez / Sandman: The Golden Boy's Last Temptation - On another Earth, Prez Rickard, the teenage president of the USA, was once saved by Supergirl.  Now she has the chance to do so again...but the price may be her very soul.   Nominee for 2001 CBFFA Award:  Best DC / Vertigo.
  • Supergirl (movieverse): Supergirl movie rewrite -  A rewrite and revamping of the 1984 Supergirl movie, with a new villainess, a new danger, and a new version of Supergirl.
  • Buffy / Supergirl:
    • Chicago Crossover  - A cross-universe, cross-genre crossover.  Drawn by a vision of a blood-red moon over the Sears Tower, Buffy Summers comes to Chicago in search of vampires, and meets the city's resident heroine, the Girl of Steel.
    • The Vampire of Steel - About a year after Buffy's and Supergirl's first meeting, the two meet again, to deal with the menace of a vampire who may be from Kara's home planet.
  • Power Girl - This series features Kara Zor-L, the original Power Girl of the DC Multiverse, cousin to the Golden Age Superman and heroine of Earth 2.75.
    • A Force of Four - Power Girl thought she was the last surviving Kryptonian in her universe, until three others surfaced.  The problem is, they're all supercriminals, they're all old enemies of Superman, and they're being led by a nemesis of Wonder Woman's to destroy the Justice Society, and then the Earth itself.
  • Superman:
    • Superman and Man - Possibly my most popular story yet.  A very special person exchanges bodies unwillingly with Superman, and the Man of Steel, in a paralytic's body, learns of a different kind of heroism. NOTE:  This story has been named winner of the Best DC Fanfic category in the 2000 CBFFA awards, for which we are most grateful!
    • Heroes - A different sort of Superman story.  Hope you enjoy it. Winner of the 2001 Darth Yoshi Webmaster's Choice Award.
  • Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation - Why did the Legion of Super-Heroes have to go 1,000 years into the past to recruit Superboy for their team?  The answer lies in a tragedy that took place 500 years before their time, 500 years after Superman I's, which the world, and possibly the universe, would never forget...  (Cowritten with Dannell Lites.) Unfinished
  • Superboy of Earth-Prime: The Day After You Saved the Multiverse - A coda to "The Apokolips Agenda", as the Earth-Prime Superboy comes home from the Darkseid wars and finds what life on his own Earth has in store for him.
  • The Phantom Stranger: A Stranger's Christmas - On a special night, The Phantom Stranger pays a visit on an old friend, and learns that Christmas Eve wishes can sometimes come true.
  • Batman and the Outsiders: Dance With the Demons  - Another tale of Earth 1.75.  On the day of Bruce Wayne's wedding to Selina Kyle, she is struck by an unknown assassin.  Now Batman and his band must find out who did the deed...and deal out their own personal justice.
  • Batman: Ally Babble and the Forty Sleeves - Two stories of the Golden Age Batman featured a character inoculated with the proverbial phonograph needle, named Ally Babble.  If he had a counterpart on another DC Earth, this is possibly what he'd be like...so be forewarned!  (A script-format story.)
  • Bizarro: The Unfantastic, Uncool, and Totally Credible Adventures of Bizarro -  From the good old pre-Crisis DCU, a tale of Superman's imperfect and backwards-thinking duplicate, Bizarro, and his crusade to save the square world of Htrae from Blue Kryptonite meanies who aren't even decent enough to make war on the Bizarros, if he can just think up a plan that has so little a chance of success that it's feasible.  We think.  You am like this one.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes:  
    • Triad   In the 30th Century, Dawnstar pursues a dangerous love affair with a priest from a primitive world, which may tear apart that society...and cost them both their lives.  Mature readers ONLY.  Rated R.
    • Love, Marriage, and...Oh, Yes...the Menace of Pulsar Stargrave  - After two members get married and head out on their honeymoon, one of the Legion's deadliest enemies snatches two others for a very sinister purpose.
    • The Day Kid Psycho Died - If the name Kid Psycho doesn't ring a bell with you, you'll know who he was and why he was after you read this story.
  • The Flash: Funeral For a Flash - The death of Barry Allen, the Flash of Earth-One, has been confirmed.  Now heroes must mourn, and none more than Wally West, who must take up his mentor's mantle and begin his first mission as the new Flash.
  • Green Lantern Corps: With This Ring -Three Green Lanterns are headed for the planet of Zamaron, for a confrontation with Carol Ferris, the Star Sapphire and ruler of that world.  Hal Jordan's objective:  to see if Carol will become his wife...or remain his deadly enemy.
  • The Atom: Love, Swords, and Very Small People - A story set during the Atom's time spent among the miniature Kathartan people, when he and Princess Laethwen face danger from flying warriors who menace their tribe, and an old enemy from his heroic past.
  • J'onn J'onzz, Manhunter From Mars: The Nicest Place This Side of Mars - The Martian Manhunter, in his John Jones identity, goes back to his original Earth hometown to see the girl he left behind...and someone else he left, as well.  (Script-format.)
  • The Shadow: Final Shadows - In 1950, the Shadow and Margo Lane face a new turning point in their lives, even as their greatest enemy appears for a final showdown.
  • Justice Force: The Origin - Just before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Question, Peacemaker, Nightshade, and Thunderbolt are called together to face a team of their old enemies, controlled by the deadliest villain on Earth-Four.  (A story in progress.)
  • Robotman and Robbie: When Titans Clank -  Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when DC's riveting and riveted robot detective and dog come up against what may not be the deadliest enemy of their career, but it's still a fairly good read, anyway.
  • Metal Men: The Helen O'Loy Blues  - What do you do when you're a beautiful platinum robot who's fallen in love with her creator?  Find out in this one, which pits the famed robot heroes of DC's Silver Age against a surprise villain.  One of my personal favorites.
  • Fanboy:  
    • Encounter With a Codger - From the pages of the epic mini-series by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones comes Finster the intrepid comic book store clerk, in a meeting with the most horrific entity since Thanos...an older comic book fan.  Read if you dare.
    • Finster Rides Again!!  - In which our hero must aid a friend whose web page has gone astray, with the moral help of a masked hero from Old California.  Once again...read if you dare.
  • Lobo: Lobotomy - In which the Main Man finds a foe capable of pursuing him to Kingdom Come, and then...
  • The Spectre: Finesse -  In which a hitman learns, a little too late, that there are some targets you shouldn't accept a contract on, no matter how good you are...
  • The Marvel Family: Here There Be Monsters - It's 1954, between the last published issue of THE MARVEL FAMILY and the Suspendium incident.  Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., and Mary Marvel must cope with being forever young, which is a hard task indeed.  Especially when Dr. Sivana and company want to make sure they don't get too much older.
  • The Squadron of Justice: Here There Be Monsters - In a story which fits into and alternates with the Marvel Family tale, Radar, Ibis, Phantom Eagle, Spy Smasher, and several other luminaries from Fawcett's Golden Age find they have a role to play and foes to fight in the Monster Society conflict...if they survive it.
  • Watchmen: Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty -A sequel to the famed Alan Moore / Dave Gibbons series.  From the journal of Ozymandias,  learn what happened after the last issue, and how at least part of the story finally ends.
  • The Freedom Fighters: Return To Earth-X - On one Earth, the Allies lost World War II.  A team of superheroes finally defeated the Nazis in the 1970's.  Now, Uncle Sam, Doll Man, the Ray, the Phantom Lady, the Human Bomb, and the Black Condor are back on the world they call home, only to learn that, for them, the War may not quite be over...
  • Blackhawk: Taps For Blackhawk - It's been years since World War II, years since the death of Chuck, years since the Blackhawks undertook an assignment.  Now Blackhawk's deadliest enemy has come for him...and his deadliest enemy is his own brother.
  • Solomon Grundy: The Redemption of Solomon Grundy - How a monster found faith, and something more, after a life on the wrong side of justice.  A story in progress.

Domain II - Marvel Comics Heroes

  • Magneto:  
    • Devil's Diary - Ever wonder what it's like to be one of the most powerful and tormented super-villains of all time?  This story is a series of excerpts from Magneto's diary, and reveals his motivations, actions, and tortured soul in an untold tale that takes place around the time of his public debut in X-MEN #1.  One of my most popular ficts.  NOTE:  This story has been given a Maggie Award by Alara's Magneto site, for which we are most grateful!
  • Iceman:  
    • The Iceman Goeth - A conversation between Iceman and Cyclops on the night before Bobby has to leave his hometown and join Xavier's academy.  Set just after Iceman's origin story in X-MEN #44-47.
  • X-Men 1970:  
  • X-Men:  
    • If the Fates Allow...  The X-Men spend what might be a sad Christmas at the Subreality Cafe, but find out about the power of a song and a Christmas wish.  Written for the 2001 Holiday Project.
    • Let's Roll - A story about heroes both real and unreal.  Though that's a quite subjective difference.
  • Madrox the Multiple Man:  
    • The Problem of Legion - Jamie Madrox can turn himself into many multiple beings.  Now he's being asked by a group of alien heroes to help one of their number with a similar power, before that one can die...whether he wants to help, or not.
  • Emma Frost:  
  • Cannonball:  
    • Frost and Fear - One night, Cannonball learns that the weapon he must use to save someone is not his power, but his faith.
  • X-Fluff:  Just my attempt to have fun with some stuff we probably shouldn't take too seriously.
    • Weepyangstfic - Jean Grey's thoughts after the demise, cancellation, or enforced abscence of Cyclops. Hankies or paper towels required.
    • Wolverine's Rant - Even if you haven't seen that famous Canadian beer commercial with a guy named Joe, you may enjoy this one.
    • The Button-Down Mind of Bob Mutant - Say, did you ever hear the one about the contractor Professor X called about installing the Danger Room?  Not you, Mrs. Webb, we know you've heard it...
    • The Summers Brothers Smothers Show -Mom always liked this one best.  Apologies to Bob Dylan.
  • Filk
    • X-Filk - In which DM indulges his Weird Al Yankovic and fanboy obsessions at the same time.  Don't encourage him, he'll just do more.
    • Goodbye, Magneto and Toad - Didn't we TELL you not to encourage him??
    • Takin' a Life (Disco Sinister) - Break out the mirror ball and put on your old copy of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, and boogie down right with Nathaniel Essex.
    • Ghost Riders In the Store - Sing along with the cowboy classic about the four guys who ride the skies above the comics shop.
    • My Name Is Joe - Sentinels have been given a bum rap.  They've never been allowed to tell their side of the story.  It's time this injustice was addressed.  Step up and meet Joe.
    • Gang War / Vietnam Veteran Vigilante - The Kingpin, Elektra, Bullseye, and the Punisher may be murderous, psychopathic hardcases, but don't think they can't belt out a tune with the best of them in their off-hours. ;-)
    • Money For Comics - To the tune of an old Dire Straits classic, possibly the thoughts of a lot of comics shop owners.
    • You Can't Always Read What You Want - But if you try sometime, you just might find...
  • Marvel Universe:  
  • Marvels:  
    • Maggie - From the MARVELS series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, the story that Phil Sheldon left untold until now, of a lonely little mutant girl, the family into which she came, and everything that followed.
  • Iron Man and Colossus:
  • Mutant Hunter:  
    • The Beginning - My first original character story on this site.  In an alternate Marvel Universe future, all mutants are hunted, and Roger Black is one of the Hunters.  But some of his quarry have their own agenda, and it could prove quite deadly to homo sapientes and homo superior alike.  
  • Screaming Mimi (Songbird) / Shanna the She-Devil:  
    • Cinderella Vindication - Back before she became Songbird in the Thunderbolts, Mimi Schwartz was Screaming Mimi, sometime super-villain and full-time professional wrestler.  But bouts are hard to get when you're the only woman in the promotion who doesn't have super-strength, and Mimi gambles all to become an ally of the loveliest jungle girl in the Marvel Universe and, after helping her on a case, to face off against her in the ring.
  • Mephisto and Co.:
    • The Hell With It - A Boys' Night Out with three devils from the Marvel Universe.  This one's a homeuva lotta fun.
  • Man-Thing:  
    • Several Obscure Characters - In which your humble author pays a visit on a certain familiar swamp and learns that some little-known characters might be better off being left little-known.
    • Society's Child - Two characters from the Marvel Universe find out that the only thing they have left to say is goodbye.  A Breakup Challenge fict.
  • Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu:
    • The Bargain of Fah Lo Suee - The most famed martial arts hero of Marvel's Bronze Age is now 60 years old and happily married.  But his half-sister reappears after many years to offer him and his wife a devil's bargain.  Written for Falstaff's Old Married Couples challenge.
  • Ms. Marvel / Binary / Warbird:  
    • A Prize For Three Empires - A tale of Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel, aka Binary, aka Warbird.  She's been through seven kinds of hell, and made several galactic empires very mad at her.  And that can prove to be a quite dangerous thing, when all see you as their pawn.  Guest-starring the X-Men, the Avengers, the Starjammers, and other heroes.
  • Daimon Hellstrom:
    • The Dublin Horror - Written for my own Scary Story Challenge.  Something very large and eerie has invaded a Dublin pub-cum-playhouse.  An Irish priest joins forces with an American of some note to try and cast out whatever is inside...the problem is, there's so much of it.  (Language and some story matter may make this unsuitable to younger readers.)
  • The Black Knight:
    • An Ending - The fall of Camelot, and what came after, as experienced by the greatest knight of the Marvel Universe.

Domain II - Other Heroes

  • Angela:  
    • Angela's Story - A venture into the Image Universe.  The lovely wayward angel-being created by Neil Gaiman finds a friend in the wake of a war and goes hunting for big, big game on another planet...only to find herself no longer hunter, but prey.  From the pages of SPAWN.  Another story which has turned out to be among the most popular ones.
    • Song in the Darkness - Between worlds, Hilth learns of Christmas, and of Angela's unique perspective on it.  Written for CFAN's Christmas 1999 fanfic cycle.
  • Axel Pressbutton:  
    • Broken Axel - A hero from Britain's Warrior magazine and his own Eclipse Comics title finds out that, the night before you die, the Subreality Cafe isn't such a bad place to visit.
  • Gen13:  
    • Or Maybe the Story Ends Like This - Did Caitlin Fairchild and company really end up as badly as they did in the comics, or is there another side of the story?  You be the judge.
  • Magnus, Robot Fighter:  
    • The Steel Child - An untold tale of Magnus's eighth year of life, when his life with 1A on the bottom of the sea was interrupted by a new arrival...a robot.  
  • Mighty Crusaders:  
    • War With the Wizard  - Years ago, one of the great super-heroes of World War II inexplicably became a villain.  Now the Fly, Fly-Girl, the Black Hood, the Shield, the Comet, the Hangman, and other heroes must learn why (or if) the Wizard turned evil...if they can keep him from killing them all first.
  • THUNDER Agents:  
    • Spiderweb - Dynamo, Lightning, NoMan, Raven, and other agents of THUNDER face a world-threatening menace from the evil organization SPIDER, and are forced to take on a super-powered Russian agent as their partner.  If they fail, the Tower Universe may not see 1971!
  • The Rocketeer:  
    • Return of the Rocketeer - The high-flying, jet-powered hero of the 1930's hasn't been seen in decades.  But when his daughter is kidnaped, the latest scion of the Secord family learns about his true heritage for the first time.  Based on the character created by Dave Stevens.
  • The Spirit:  
    • Return of the Spirit  - NEW STORY  8/15/06   Will Eisner's classic masked crimefighter of the Golden Age returns in a story set  just after the last Spirit Section in 1952.  The Spirit is back from the Moon, but finds trouble as usual in Central City...and an old enemy is kidnapping his friends.
  • Pogo:  
    • A Probable Pogo Christmas - Our Christmas tale for 2002.  On Yuletide night, Pogo Possum finds that some deadly things can disturb even the brightest of holidays.  Based on the timeless characters created by Walt Kelly.
  • Subreality:  
    • Four Legends - An excerpt from a Subreality Cafe Round Robin.  A writer is on trial for writing fanfic, but four unexpected witnesses for the defense make an appearance.
    • Subreality? - The Subreality Cafe is usually a fine place to visit, full of cameraderie, good friends, fine music, and a general good time to be had by all.  This is about one of the times it isn't.
  • Pictopia II - Based on a story by Alan Moore and Don Simpson.  The heroes of the 1930's comic strips may have been ghettoized and all but forgotten by their successors.  But what happens when the super-heroes are all gone, and Nocturno the Magician and his friends are the only ones left to save them, if they can?
  • Wendy the Good Witch
    • A Summer of Wendy - One summer, a young man comes upon the girl of his dreams.  But there's more to her than he ever dreamed of...
    • The Return of Wendy - It's been over a year since the summer when Bill met Wendy.  There would seem no way they could be reunited.  That is, unless Bill can discover the one way possible, and learn what has become of Wendy.
  • Discworld:  
    • Death and the Catslinger - A non-comics fict, based on Terry Pratchett's fine and fun series of Discworld novels.  Death finds himself a bit boxed in, a wandering wizard takes advantage of the situation, and Corporal Carrot and a new arrival must take things in hand before Discworld is totally afflicted with non-Death.  (A story in progress.)
  • Airboy:  
    • The Airboy Saga  - UPDATED 2 / 21 / 06 From the Golden Age to the modern age, the story of comics' finest boy aviator, his son, and their allies Valkyrie, the Heap, Hirota, and Skywolf, banded together one final time to stop their archfoe Misery from destroying the Earth.  (A story in progress.)
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movieverse)
    • Mina's Story - An untold story from the LXG movieverse, of what happened to Mina Harker between the events of DRACULA and her appearance with the League.
  • Rumble Roses:  
    • Reiko's Story - Our first and only video game fic.  Wrestling queen Reiko Hinomoto must win her next match to get a chance at love, but greatest enemy has another outcome in mind.
  • Tribute ficts:  
    • Everybody's Gotta Leave Sometime - What happens to a group of phenomenally popular comic strip characters, when their artist can no longer draw them and they have to find a way to grow up?
    • And Some Things the Poets Sing For - All things must pass.  But still...
    • Surprise Story -  We'll let you discover on your own the characters of this magnum opus.  Trust us, you won't be disappointed...and it's complete.


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