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Name: Dannell Lites' Archive
Date(s): 2002-2016
Archivist: 'rith
Founder: 'rith
Type: Fanfiction Archive - Memorial Author's Page
Fandom: X-Men, DC, Legion of Superheroes, Highlander, Magnus, and others
URL: via Offpanel.net - Wayback capture Mar 5/17 AO3 backup
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Dannell Lites' Archive was created by 'rith as part of the Offpanel.net hub, in approximately December 2002 after Dannell's death in September 2002. In 'rith's own words:

Dannell Lites passed away on September 16, 2002. Those who knew her online cherished her stories, her encouragement, and her cheerful presence on our computer screens. This site will stand as a memorial to the gift of her fiction.

The site contains many, many subpages; it's much larger than it appears from this listing!
This page is intended as a complete collection of Dannell Lites' fanfiction writing.
I've presented the work exactly as she did, with the following modifications:

  • Fixed all broken and inaccurate links
  • Redirected story and picture links
  • Disabled the email links
  • Removed graphics that overlaid text
  • Very slightly reorganized the pages for easier navigation, including adding links back to the main indices.

I have NOT fixed spelling or grammatical errors or otherwise changed the text in any way. [[notes]] refer to images or files not found. I am still working on the galleries and a number of other subpages, as noted.
Please let me know if I've inadvertantly (sic) missed any of her work.
Dannell's cousin has constructed another site for her work at the Fanfic of Dannell Lites.

The Bludhaven YahooGroup has also constructed a links page for Dannell's work: Bludhaven Memorial Page (via Wayback Apr 9/04)

The archive was one of those transferred to AO3 before Offpanel.net went offline in November 2016, having been in approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee.


The Legion Index

(notes in italics are by Danell; see Dannell Lites' Archive/Legion for full listing of fics and filks)


(21 stories - also archived at The Legion of Super-Heroes FanFic Archive)


The DC Index

Most of this content comes directly from Dannell's !Batman! site and a full listing of fics and filk can be found at the !Batman!/Fanfic page. However, there are some stories that appear on the Offpanel archive which do no appear on any of Dannell's sites, and so are listed separately here.

  • Links If'n ya'll didn't satisfy yall's craving for The Dynamic Duo here then try these great sites! Reccommended, Sugah:):)

The Marvel Index

This content comes directly from Dannell's !Magneto! site - details are provided there and a full listing of fanfic and filk can be found at the !Magneto!/Fanfic page.

Miscellaneous Index

Highlander; Magnus, Robot Fighter; Badger.