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Date(s): 1999-2016
Archivist: kerithwyn and Smittywing
Founder: kerithwyn and Smittywing
Type: fanfiction archive
Fandom: Comics fandom, primarily DC Comics
URL: [Original, Defunct] [Wayback Machine Backup]
AO3 Collection

Click here for related articles on Fanlore. is a Comics fandom archive/hubsite created and maintained by kerithwyn and Smittywing. Its byline reads, "Where 4-Color Doodles Do Off-Color Things," though the content includes stories of every rating and category.

From roughly 1999-2016, a number of dedicated female comic fans banded together and decided to share a virtual space for their fanworks. These are their stories.

The archive closed in November 2016, but prior to that, in March 2016, its move to AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee. The move was completed in September 2023.

Authors & Their Sites

kerithwyn - 'rith's Tiny Little Homepage

Smittywing; Smittyworld 2.0


Smitty's Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon series.

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Domenika Marzione; The DMZ

nw's chick; nw's chick/trixie's fanfiction

Chicago; Chicago's Library

Darklady; Darklady's Fiction

Carmen, aka Greenygal; Greenygal's Homepage

  • Greenygal's Fanfiction Archive

Kael; Kael's Comic Fic Page

Sevenall; sevenall's fanfic

Tangerine; Tangerine's Experiment X

Dr. Benway

  • Page not completed


Dannell Lites; Dannell Lites' Archive (memorial site)

Leah Adezio; Leah Adezio's Archive (memorial site)

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DC Slash Archive

Previously Linked Sites

The Tempest Fic Index (and bonus Tula index)

  • The Tempest FAQ
  • Fanfic listed by Author
  • Bonus Tula index
  • Bonus other fic index

The Batwoman Index

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