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Name: Welcome to the Potatoverse!
Date(s): 2002-2004
Archivist: Chicago; Smittywing
Founder: Smittywing
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Batman, DC Comics
URL: Potatoverse (via Wayback)
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Welcome to the Potatoverse! is the archive for the Potatoverse stories by Smitty and Chicago. The series follows the domestic (and not-so-domestic) adventures of married couple Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon and "Spud", the child they adopt; plus the wider Batfamily. While Smitty and Chicago created the series, a number of other fanwriters contributed to it: A.j., Kerrie S., The Seitz, Reccea, 'rith, Marcelo Rinesi and Gen X. The site contained 44 Potatoverse stories, poetry, fanfic, fanart and a section for miscellaneous stuff.

The archive appears to have last been updated in 2004. The central archive, Offpanel.net closed in November 2016, but prior to that, in March 2016, its move to AO3 was approved by the OTW Open Doors Committee. The Potatoverse stories do not appear to have been uploaded, however.


Main Continuity

Side Stories

  • Tales From the Workplace by Smitty and Kerrie
    • No Caffeine is Suck by Smitty - What happens when Tim can't get his morning caffeine fix?
    • Lengthwise by ...someone...(send feedback to Kerrie!) - Tim went to a New Strategy Management Conference but there wasn't money in the budget to take his secretary.


Gator Fic





All the trivia, drinking games, timelines, and character briefs you can shake a stick at.[1]



Spudverse Continuity

Spud's Map of Blüdhaven

Find all Spud's landmarks.*Warning: Loads slowly*

Trivia Games!

Test your Potatoverse knowledge, now in standard and Chicago.

Drinking Game

Every series has its trademarks, repeated phrases, and goofy stuations. And every good series can poke fun at them.

Secret Files and Origins

The hidden lives of the Potatoverse authors!


Wow, check it! The excellent and verbose Marcelo Rinesi wrote an article about August! This'll probably be the only article ever written about the Potatoverse, but I'm so awed it's getting its own section!


This is called "Smitty has a new toy and wants to play". Come play with us!


Potatoverse affiliates and how to become one. AND! Look at the pretty banners and buttons and tell A.j. she rocks!


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