Leah Adezio

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Name: Leah Adezio
Alias(es): Elay
Type: fan artist & fan writer
Fandoms: A Distant Soil, DC Comics, Nightwing, Teen Titans, and others
URL: Her fiction and art on Offpanel
Fiction and art at AO3
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Leah Adezio was a fan artist and fan fiction writer. She collaborated with Elayne Riggs as co-writer/inker on the comic book Ari of Lemuria, and was a member of Friends of Lulu.

Leah passed away in January of 2007.[1]


Elayne Riggs said of her:

"To say my best friend will be greatly missed is to insult her memory with understatement. Leah will be present in everything I ever do for the rest of my life. She will live on not only in her sons but in all the people whose lives she deeply touched, none of whom has ever had a bad thing to say about her. I am privileged to have known her and to have been a part of her life, and I will always cherish the gift of herself that she left me."[2]


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