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Name: X-Men: Evolution
Abbreviation(s): XME, Evo
Creator: Boyd Kirkland (producer/director/writer), Greg Johnson (writer/producer), Steven E. Gordon (artist/director), Stan Lee (producer), Rick Ungar (producer), Craig Kyle (writer/producer)
Date(s): November 4, 2000 – October 25, 2003
Medium: Animated Series
Country of Origin: United States
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X-Men: Evolution is an animated series. The fandom is differentiated from the X-Men comics fandom because many canonical details were changed for the animated series due to their target audience being much younger, and as such a lot of differences occurred between Evolution and the comics. For example, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat were all teenagers while Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Mystique, and Magneto were the adults.

And there’s one more universe to talk about… the X-Men Evolution universe, where everyone’s a teenager in high school together.



X-Men: Evolution officially consists of the four seasons of the animated series, plus several comic books tie-ins. Although many of the staff worked on the show also worked on the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series, due to differences in canon, EVO is NOT generally considered to take place in the same universe.

Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Jean Grey make up the original X-Men. During the first season, they recruit Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Spyke (Ororo's nephew, originally created for the show and later joined the Morlocks) to the team, and later after a stint with the Brotherhood under the leadership of Mystique, Rogue joins the X-team. The second season has the New Recruits join the team, consisting of Boom Boom (briefly), Sunspot, Iceman, Wolfsbane, Magma, Multiple, Jubilee, Berzerker and Cannonball. Along with the New Recruits, Hank McCoy joins the X-Men after his mutation evolved: permanently changing into a blue beast.

The Brotherhood remains the antagonist throughout the seasons, mainly consisted of Lance Alvers (as Avalanche, although this version of the character was originally created for the show), Quicksilver, The Blob, and Todd Tolansky (as Toad, this version created for the show). In later seasons Boom Boom joined the them after leaving the X-Men, before becoming unaffiliated when Mystique returns to the Brotherhood with the Scarlet Witch in Season 2.

Magneto, like Mystique, remains a villain throughout the show. In season 2 he introduces his Acolytes team, which consisted of Pyro, Gambit, Colossus, and Sabretooth. Although in later seasons he tended to join with Charles quite often, usually reluctantly.

Season 3 has the mutants dealing with being revealed to humans, causing much tensions between the groups. Wolfsbane and Jubilee had to leave due to it. During the season Apocalypse is resurrected, an ancient mutant that had been locked away thousands of years ago, by a hypnotized Rogue under Mystique and Mesmero probably due to Destiny's vision.

In Season 4 has Apocalypse defeating Magneto, Xavier and Storm, transforming them, along with Mystique (who had been believed to be dead) into his Four Horsemen. With the combined efforts of the X-Men (including the New Recruits), Brotherhood, Acolytes, and the Morlocks, they are able to defeat Apocalypse and the Horsemen return to normal. While being controlled by Apocalypse, Charles Xavier catches a glimpse of the future, and ends the show with a speech on what he had seen.

During the speech a series of future scenarios were shown such as a reformed Magneto teaching the New Recruits (including a returning Jubilee and Rahne), Jean becoming the Phoenix, the Brotherhood (now consisting of Pyro) joining S.H.I.E.L.D., a fleet of Sentinels led by Nimrod. The future X-Men team consists of Cyclops, Nightcrawler, X-23, Shadowcat, Colossus, Iceman, Beast, Storm, and Rogue (who was shown to be able to fly as well as gloveless) [2]. This hints at either a Ms. Marvel storyline or Rogue being able to use all the powers she absorbed at once.


During the height of the fandom (2000-2003), fanworks were mainly found on FanFiction.Net, a couple mailing lists, and fansites (mostly on Geocities), later it moved onto Livejournal. Most of the fansites went inactive/static after the show cancelled (in 2004), thus leaving only FFN, LJ, and AO3 as the remaining active X-Men: Evolution areas. Since the late 2000s to the present, the X-Men: Evolution fanbase on Tumblr and Wattpad has increased. Fanfiction, Gifs, fanart and other fanworks, live-blogging and discussions appeared on Tumblr. Fanfiction and fic posters appeared on Wattpad.

Because the X-Men movieverse was happening at the same time practically, a lot of fans usually combined the two universes together, or at least influences from the movies for the fanworks and even in their shipping such as Rogue/Wolverine. Although sometimes it was common to find influences from what happened canonically in the comics.

There was usually a lot of Ship Wars that dealt mostly with Jean/Scott vs Scott/Rogue, other wars featuring other ships often occurred as well.

OCs, aka Original Characters, often appeared on XME FFN, although they were often criticized for being too Mary Sue, usually judged by how 'powerful' their mutant abilities are.


  • XME and EVO - abbreviation for the show's title or just the universe.
  • New Recruits - common term used to describe the new team of mutants that joined the X-Men in S2, most of the characters were part of the original New Mutants team.

Due to popular shipping aspect of the show, pairing names became a popular way to describe them - some of them came with the ships from the comics and others were created during the show's run.

  • Jott - pairing name for Scott/Jean.
  • Lancitty - pairing name for Lance/Kitty.
  • Scogue - pairing name for Scott/Rogue.
  • Kurtty - pairing name for Kurt/Kitty.
  • Scitty - pairing name for Scott/Kitty.
  • Evietro - pairing name for Evan/Pietro.
  • See List of X-Men Pairing Names for more.


The main characters of the show which include all the X-Men and Brotherhood happen to be quite popular and the main focus of the fandom besides shipping. Scott, Jean, Pietro, Kitty, Lance, Kurt, Rogue, and Toad were all popular. Season 2 gained a lot of new characters, with the appearance of the New Recruits and Acolytes. Beast, Gambit, Warren (Angel), Tabitha, Amara, Bobby, Jaime, and Wanda also became quite popular with fans and even the others were quite common. Due to the large cast, it was quite common to have them all as supporting characters in fics.

The Women of X-Men: Evolution had a larger fan following, especially in Season 2 with Amara, Tabitha, Jean, Kitty, and Rogue which came mostly from their time as the Bayville Sirens [3] during the show's run Ororo and Mystique also became quite popular.

The popularity of X-23, a character originally created for the show (as like with Harley Quinn in BTAS) became comic Earth-616 canon in 2003.

Due to some of the Ship Wars, quite a few characters had bashing happening. Probably the most bashing seen was with Jean Grey as well as Scott Summers. Kitty Pryde also received a lot of criticism for her "valley girl" accent. A lot of people bashed Duncan Matthews, Jean's first boyfriend in the show, which was mainly because of that fact since he kept Jean and Scott together and was usually a jerk to Scott and the other X-Men members. Other reasons later came after the mutants were revealed to the world, becoming even bigger jerk (although Jean finally broke up with him).


See Category:X-Men Relationships for more ships.

Shipping was a very important part of the X-Men: Evolution fandom. Het and Slash/Femslash pairings were both very much popular. Along with canon ships (both the show canon and sometimes canon influenced by the comics) being popular, fanon ships were also quite popular.

Some of the main pairings shipped that was canon and are popular were Kitty/Lance, Jean/Scott, Amanda/Kurt. When Gambit officially made his appearance on the show, Gambit/Rogue became popular although they never officially became canon on the show though they did at least become friends. The same goes with Colossus making his appearance brought hope to Kitty/Priotr fans of it might actually becoming canon, however they never become more than friends during the show's run due to the show's direction of keeping Kitty/Lance together.

Fans of pairings with it being canonically one-sided such as Rogue/Scott, Toad/Wanda, and Kurt/Kitty were also fairly popular. Fanon pairings of Lance/Scott, Lance/Pietro, Pietro/Rogue, Kitty/Rogue, Pietro/Scott, Logan/Rogue, Jean/Logan, Kurt/Toad, and Logan/Ororo were also popular. Rarer pairings exist as well such as Lance/Rogue, Angel/Rogue, Piotr/Rogue, Kitty/Scott, etc.

With the New Recruits appearance in Season 2 also brought in new pairings to the fandom such as Bobby/Jubilee, Rahne/Roberto, and Amara/Tabitha between the New Recruits. And between the New Recruits and the older X-Men: Kurt/Tabitha, Bobby/Kitty (which became canon in the Movieverse and the Ultimate Universe), Scott/Tabitha, etc.

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