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Name: DeadJournal, DJ
Dates: 2000-present
Type: Social Networking Site, Blogging Platform
Fandom: Meta, Multifandom
URL: Deadjournal logo.jpg
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DeadJournal is a journaling service that uses LiveJournal's open source code and was actually the first one[1]. Compared to LiveJournal and later Dreamwidth, DeadJournal has a smaller concentration of fandom-related activity.

During the Strikethrough event, some fans turned to DeadJournal besides InsaneJournal and JournalFen. It was also somewhat popular prior to that for celebrity rpgs, as it didn't take long for many popular celebrity usernames to be claimed on LiveJournal. While smaller than some of the other LJ clones, it has outlasted Greatestjournal, Journalfen, and Inksome. However, by 2020, only a few hundred of its nearly half a million accounts were still active.[2]



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