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An anon meme is a journal community or post where nearly all comments are anonymous. It can be a kink meme, a commentfic fest that is entirely anonymous, or it can be for anonymous comment discussion. Like kink memes, anon memes were once as likely to refer to a single post[1], but evolved into entire communities.

Discussion memes can be fandom-specific like spnpermanon or multifandom but focused on a particular topic such as fail_fandomanon. Some memes are defined more by the style of conversation and might be hate memes or love memes or capslock communities.

In some memes, thread titles are strongly encouraged so that readers can use flat view to see the responses as they come in, and changing thread titles is strongly discouraged for the convenience of tracking!nonnies[2] and flatviewers.


Many anon memes have developed their own vocabulary & abbreviations

  • nonniememe - what many participants call the anon memes.
  • nonnie or nonny - a participant in the meme (initially mainly in SPN fandom, use has since spread)
  • nona - anonymous participant at sfd-anon
  • mouse/mousie - a participant in the meme (short for anonymouse)
  • anon - another term for a participant in the meme
  • AYRT = Anon You Replied To
  • DA = Different Anon; "I am a different anon from the one you're replying to."
  • NA = New Anon; "I'm a new anon who has not commented on this thread before."
  • SA = Same Anon; "I'm the same anon, replying to my own comment to edit/elaborate."
  • A!A = Author Anon; "I'm the author of the commentfic, responding to feedback."
  • OP = original poster
  • AIRT = anon I replied to
  • DD = Details, details!
  • LL = Link links
  • NN = Name names
  • anonfail = inadvertently posting a comment logged in
  • threadfail = inadvertently posting a comment in the wrong thread or as a new thread instead of under the desired reply-to comment
  • tabfail = inadvertently posting a comment intended for one anonmeme to another (for example, a kink meme prompt to an episode review thread)

List of anon memes


  1. For example: Unpopular bandom opinions ahoy!, Archived version, livejournal post by untappedbeauty, 2007-12-28.
  2. tracking!nonnies are anons who follow the meme via gmail, which threads responses according to thread title. tracking!nonnies can be very helpful in digging up links to parts of discussions in old posts when non-tracking anons request them.