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An anon meme is a journal community or post where nearly all comments are anonymous. It can be a kink meme, a commentfic fest that is entirely anonymous, or it can be for anonymous comment discussion. Like kink memes, anon memes were once as likely to refer to a single post,[1] but evolved into entire communities.

Discussion memes can be fandom-specific like spnpermanon or multifandom like fail_fandomanon. Some memes are defined more by the style of conversation and might be hate memes or love memes or capslock communities.

In some memes, thread titles are strongly encouraged so that readers can use flat view to see the responses as they come in, and changing thread titles is strongly discouraged for the convenience of tracking!nonnies[2] and flatviewers.


Anon memes may have become popular in part because their anonymity offered an antidote to certain problems with LiveJournal culture. In a 2009 discussion about a particular meme, one fan explained that "bandflesh sprung out of a place that was largely for fandom lurkers. The social pressures of livejournal fandom were circumvented and allowed us to share, create and be a member of a community without worrying about any kind of reputation or journal upkeep."[3] After RaceFail '09, there was also an increasing perception that the way fans were practicing social justice (calling each other out, dogpiling, etc.) was discouraging civil discourse and meta in namespace.

Downsides to anonymity include endless arguments on meme caused by anons misreading which anon held which opinion. Outsiders unfamiliar with anon memes fare even worse and tend to attribute any one comment they don't like to the meme as a whole. Finally, unmoderated anon memes tend to descend into endless wank and trolling. If unchecked, eventually the entire meme will consist of one troll replying to themselves because everyone else has left in disgust.


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