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Name: Arsenic Jade
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Highlander, Neon Genesis Evangelion, X-Files, Popslash, Harry Potter, Bandom, MCU
Other: Every Rose Has a Thorn (author page)

Taste of Poison
URL: arsenicjade (LiveJournal), on Tumblr
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Arsenic Jade is a prolific fanfiction author who has written stories in several fandoms, including Highlander, Neon Genesis Evangelion, X-Files and Popslash. Stories include crossover gen, het and slash fanfiction. Also Hurt/Comfort.

In the early 2000s she had a website called Every Rose Has a Thorn (also hosting original essays and poetry), but since 2006 has kept her fic at Some more recent stories are also available at AO3.

Arsenic Jade has given Blanket Permission to Podfic:

"You are welcome to podfic, remix, translate, create sequels or other works in the same 'verse, create fanart, fanmixes, etc., for any of my fanworks, SO LONG AS: 1) you credit me somewhere, and 2) you let me know/send me a link."[1]

Example Fics



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