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Journal Community
Name: spnanonhaven
Date(s): January 2010 – June 2015
Moderator: Spanky
Founder: Spanky
Type: Livejournal anon meme
Fandom: Supernatural and Supernatural RPF
URL: http://spnanonhaven.livejournal.com/

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spnanonhaven was a Supernatural-focused Livejournal anon meme. The meme was created in in January 2010, but only became active in October 2010 when the primary Livejournal-housed Supernatural anon meme, spnpermanon, was deleted without warning. The spnanonhaven account is a personal journal, but functions in the same way as memes on communities, with posters creating and commenting on threads anonymously covering various topics.

The mod was referred to as "Spanky" to complement the mod for the original spnpermanon, who was referred to as "Spermy". Participants in the meme were referred to as "nonnie" or "nonny" (singular), and "nonnies" (plural), which are terms derived from the word "anonymous". Participants are encouraged to post anonymously. While it is not mandatory, posting while logged in (i.e. posting "unanon") is frowned upon.

Like most anon memes, spnanonhaven contains a mixture of arguments, gossip, in-jokes, trolling, meta discussion and random discussions of everyday life. Posts typically last until they reach 5000 comments, after which the mod will open a new post.


The rules listed at the meme are:[1]

  • No posting f-locked content.
  • No linking between RL and online identities.
  • Keep the actor gossip to the (actor gossip) posts or take it to spn_gossip.
  • Keep spoilery information out of thread titles.
  • No embedding music.
  • Embedded images must be SFW.

Also emphasized at the top of the post is the statement:[1]


Mod response to the breaking of these rules is usually to delete or screen the offending comments. Sometimes the mod intervenes in threads that don't break the above rules but push the boundaries (e.g. body shaming of fellow fans, threats of violence), to which either the comments are screened or the threads frozen.

Types of Posts

Main posts

The main posts, which are tagged as "show & fandom", contain most of the activity of the meme. In these posts, nonnies discuss the show (e.g. episodes, characters, meta discussions) and fandom (e.g. fanworks, fannish people, fannish behaviour). Commenting is free-for-all, and anyone may make a new thread.

Typical threads:

  • Each new episode has a thread for nonnies to liveblog or discuss the episode afterward.
  • Art Prompt Threads, where nonnies prompt for art and art nonnies create works.
  • Drinking Threads, usually at the beginning of posts, where nonnies report in with what they are drinking.
  • End of Post Random, at the very end of the post, usually a few hundred comments before the post hits 5000, where nonnies talk about any random thing.
  • Big Bang Support Threads, where nonnies discuss the fanworks they're working on. The focus is mostly on Big Bangs works, but others are included as well.

Fanworks posts

The Fanworks Discussion posts, tagged as "fanworks discussion" and referred to as the "FD posts" are used to discuss fics and art. The format of these posts were carried over from the Fic Discussion posts on spnpermanon, which were created solely to discuss SPN J2 Big Bang fics.

In this post, individual threads are created for fanworks, with the format:[2]

SUBJECT: Title [Main Pairings, Rating] by CREATOR
CONTENT: Additional details (Additional pairings/ Art by whoever/ Wordcount/ Summary/ Description)
http://url of the post on the challenge community.

Only fics that have been posted as part of fests are allowed on this post. Fests that have been included are the SPN J2 Big Bang, Sam/Dean Minibang, Dean/Castiel Big Bang, SPN Reverse Bang, Sassy Minibang and SPN cinema. Discussion of fics posted outside of fests are carried out on the main post.

The Fanworks Discussion posts were initially known as Fic Discussion posts. Spanky previously changed the name to Challenge Discussion posts to be inclusive of non-fic works, following which a nonnie suggested using Fanworks Discussion in order to keep the acronym "FD".[3]

Actor gossip posts

Discussion on the actors and their activities outside the scope of the show are contained in these posts.

Off-topic posts

For topics that aren't covered by any of the above posts.

Affiliated accounts

  • spnanonhaven at Dreamwidth. This account acts as back-up of the main meme whenever Livejournal is down. Older threads have been imported to this account for archival purposes.
  • nonnie at Archive of Our Own. This is a shared account for nonnies to archive their fic or art that has been created on or for meme. The owner of the ao3 account has an affiliated livejournal: nonnie_ao3 where nonnies may submit their works for posting.
  • aptnonnie at Tumblr. This account was announced by a nonnie on June 23, 2011,[4] who used it to archive and share artwork created on the meme. There was some backlash on the meme due to the tumblr owner not asking for permission from the artists before uploading their art, and the tumblr is now inactive.


Spnanonhaven uses the basic identifying acronyms previously established by spnpermanon. As commentators are anonymous, these can be useful for keeping track of nonnies in a lengthy conversation. These identifiers are:[1]

  • AYRT = "I am the anon you're replying to."
  • DA = "I am a different anon from the one you're replying to, and already commented somewhere else on this thread."
  • NA = "I'm a new anon who has not commented on this thread before."
  • SA = "I'm the same anon, replying to my own comment to edit/elaborate."
  • AIRT = "The anon I replied to."
  • OP = "Original post / original poster."

Other terms:

  • FD = Fanworks Discussion (post)
  • APT = Art Prompt Thread
  • E*G = Evil/Extreme _____ Girl, an extreme fan of a specific character, usually used in a derogatory manner, but sometimes reclaimed as a matter of pride. The common ones are EDG (Dean), ESG (Sam) and ECG (Castiel). The term can also be used jokingly, e.g. EImpalaG for the show's '67 Impala.
  • E*H = Evil/Extreme ____ Hater, an extreme hater of a specific character.
  • Eeyore = Referring to the Winnie the Pooh character, this is shorthand for a nonnie who is determined to be pessimistic and expecting the worst of upcoming episodes.
  • Pollyana = Referring the character of the same name, this is shorthand for a nonnie who is determined to be optimistic and upbeat about upcoming episodes.
  • EMW = Evil Michael Weatherly, a running joke and/or affectionate reference about the use of actor Michael Weatherly as an over-the-top villain in J2 RPF fic.
  • BLoD = Bright Lights of Disturbia, a Sam/Dean SPN fic written by leonidaslion that has been discussed repeatedly on the meme.
  • YKW = You Know Who, a term borrowed from Harry Potter but in this context refers to thenyxie/nyxocity due to the events of the WinCon wank that originally broke on spnpermanon.[5]
  • gosser = Participant of the livejournal community spn_gossip.


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