Dean/Castiel Big Bang

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Journal Community
Name: Dean/Castiel Big Bang
Date(s): 2010-current
Type: Challenge, Big Bang
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: deancasbigbang (LJ community)

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The Dean/Castiel Big Bang is a Big Bang specifically focusing on the characters Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural. Like most other Big Bangs, the fest is a collaborative effort between authors who write fics with artists who create accompanying artwork (art and/or vids) for said fics. The fest is hosted on livejournal at the community which was created on February 7, 2010[1].

Rules and Requirements

All fanwork has to be centered on either Dean and Castiel, or the actors that portray them, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins.[2] The primary focus of the fest is on slash so Dean/Castiel fics dominate the output, but gen and threesome fics that include the main characters are also allowed.

The fest has two tracks for participants, a Mini-Bang track and a Big Bang track. The minimum requirements of the two fics are as follows:[2]

Track Author Artist Vidder
Mini-Bang 10,000 words 1 piece 1 min. 30 secs.
Big Bang 20,000 words 2 pieces 2 min. 30 secs.

Although participants are free to do more than the minimum requirement. Writers choose which track they'd like to join in their sign-ups, and are able to upgrade or downgrade their choice until a specific date determined by the mods, which is just before drafts are due. Artists/vidders need not declare their track in sign-ups, but choose it based on the work(s) they pick during claims.

The first round of the fest was held in 2010, in which the Mini-Bang works were posted earlier than the Big Bang fics, on the grounds that the Mini-Bang works were shorter and could be completed faster. The Mini-Bang posting period was from 16 to 26 August[3], while the Big Bang posting period was from 1 to 29 October[4].

After getting feedback from followers of the community, in 2011 the second round of the fest had the Mini-Bang and Big Bang fics posted together, from 3 to 31 October[5]. At the end of the fest more feedback was solicited on whether this merging of posting periods was to be continued or not.



A total of 79 fics were posted for the 2010 round.

The Mini-Bang had 25 full fic/art sets[6], in which 15 were canon-based Dean/Castiel, 2 canon-based Dean & Castiel Gen, 6 Dean/Castiel AUs, 1 Dean/Castiel/Jimmy AU, and 1 Jensen/Misha RPF. One art set was posted without fic due to the author dropping out, that was a canon-based Dean & Castiel gen. Of the 25 fics posted, 6 of them had word counts that exceeded 20,000, but the authors opted to remain in the Mini-Bang track, which had earlier posting dates.

The Big Bang had 54 full fic/art sets[7] in which 24 were canon-based Dean/Castiel, 2 canon-based Dean & Castiel Gen, 19 Dean/Castiel AUs, 6 Jensen/Misha RPF and 1 Dean/Misha canon/RPF crossover. Two sets of art were posted without fics due to their authors dropping out, these were both Dean/Castiel AU sets.


A total of 70 fics were posted for the 2011 round. This was a drop from the previous year, and of note where the 2010 round had 7 RPF fics, the 2011 round had only 1 RPF fic.

The Mini-Bang had 14 fic/art sets[8] in which 9 were canon-based Dean/Castiel, 1 canon-based Dean/Castiel/Jimmy, 1 Jensen/Misha RPF and 3 Dean/Castiel AUs.

The Big Bang had 56 fic/art sets[9] in which 25 were canon-based Dean/Castiel, 5 canon-based Dean & Castiel Gen, 1 canon-based Dean/Castiel combined with French-Mistake!Jensen/Misha, 24 Dean/Castiel AUs and 1 Dean & Castiel Gen AU.


A total of 105 fics were posted for the 2012 round. This is an increase from the previous year, which is partially due to promotion of the fest on tumblr, inviting writers and artists who don't have or don't use livejournal much to participate. There were 21 fic/art sets in the Mini-Bang track, and 85 in the Big Bang track.


A total of 135 fics were posted for the 2013 round, an increase from the previous year.


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