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Name: Sabriel Big Bang
Date(s): 2014 - 2018
Moderator(s): sabrielbbmod
Founder: sabrielbbmod
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
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The Sabriel Big Bang is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom focused on the pairing of Gabriel/Sam Winchester. Writers had to write a minimum 10,000 words for a mini-bang or 20,000 words for a big bang, artists had to create a piece that was 500px x 500px or a fanvid that a minimum of 2 minutes.



Title: Klingon to Samsquatch
Author: JiniZ
Rating M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Past Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 16512
Warnings: smut
Summary: Sam generally hated these things. He understood the need for conferences and furthering one’s education, but this year was worse than usual. This year he wasn’t feeling it. At all.Three days spent away from the office and all he could think about was the metric shit ton of work waiting for him when he returned. At least the conference was in Vegas, so that was a plus.

He took one last glance in the mirror before he left the room, leather portfolio in hand. He strode down the long corridor to the elevator somewhat distractedly, paying more attention to the day’s agenda in his hand than the actual hallway. He almost bumped into the Klingon heading in the other direction.

Wait, what?

Title: The Coyote and his Boy
Author: Charmingwolf
Artist: SlashGod
Rating M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 21728
Warnings: none
Summary: A werecoyote named Gabriel scrapes along to survive, breaking into houses for food when he’s desperate. One night, he is caught by a boy named Sam who gives Gabriel an offer the werecoyote wishes he could refuse. Though he is afraid of this stranger, Gabriel can’t help but be intrigued by Sam. How will Gabriel translate his feelings? How will Sam react to Gabriel’s not-so-human side?

Title: Angels on Ice
Author: Aria_Lerendeair
Artist: TheNargleCharm
Rating E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 45379
Warnings: Mentions of Stalking, hazing, minor character death, death threats
Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester are up-and coming hockey players on the US Olympics team. Gabriel and Castiel Novak are members of the Canadian Figure Skating team. They meet up (and shack up) when they find out someone has been hazing the Winchester boys, in a way more serious way than was appropriate for the Olympics. Oh, and Gabriel is trying to win a gold medal by doing a jump he’d never landed before. He’s also completely lost his passion for skating. Good thing a certain hockey player can help him find it again.

Title: Go Back Home
Author: Bates
Artist: Litra
Rating M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden, Anna Milton/Ruby, Castiel/OFC
Word Count: 41520
Warnings: car crash, Grieving Sam, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Minor Character Death (before the fic starts), Grief, Hurt, Alcoholic Dean, Rehab, slight smut, grey asexual!Gabriel, pansexual!Sam
Summary: Sam Winchester’s book has been stuck at chapter fifteen for ages. He has the inspiration alright, but it just isn’t working out.

Stressed after writing all day, he gives in to Anna’s request to join her had a local concert of the band ‘The Fallen Archangels’. Turns out, alcohol and concerts just don’t mix well. Especially the morning after. Not that he minds waking up next to a naked Gabriel Novak, guitarist of said band.

What ensues is the tale of two men in a pretend relationship, concerts, acting like goofballs and, love?

Title: My Heart Will Go On
Author: stilesxstilinski
Artist: Igglepuff
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 20743
Warnings: none
Summary: When Sam Winchester won a ticket for the RMS Titanic, he thought it was the best thing that ever happened to him. But meeting Gabriel might just top that. A Titanic AU in which Sam is Jack, Gabriel is Rose, but nobody dies.

Title: The Last Kiss
Author: WinterAsh
Artist: figdrawsthings
Rating M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Past Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 25500
Warnings: Death, Paranormal, Blood, Ghosts, Gore, Horror, Demons, suicide, AU
Summary:Gabriel, a semi-famous novelist, moves into an old, isolated house in hopes of being inspired to write, but in the end winds up with more than he bargained for with the ghost of a young man and a demon.

Title: Old Dogs and New Tricks
Author: MaadSkittlez29
Artist: Shiverice
Rating T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Past Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 43299
Warnings: Mentions of past abuse/manipulation
Summary:Between co-owning a bar and performing street magic in his free time, Gabriel Shurley is a witch who’s pretty much got his act together. When he comes across a down on his luck familiar, Gabe offers him a place to stay until he gets back on his feet. But Sam Winchester has had more than his share of bad experiences with witches, and he’s not exactly eager to add to that list. Getting him to warm up to the witch won’t be a walk in the park—especially when Sam’s past isn’t as far behind him as he’d like.

Title: Acceptable Losses
Author: TempestHeart
Artist: Sabriel-OTP
Rating M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Meg Masters
Word Count: 23043
Warnings: none
Summary: After jumping into Lucifer’s Cage, Sam expects it to be the end of the line - last stop, final station. What he doesn’t expect is waking up back on Earth but with a new set of powers. Searching for answers, he comes to the conclusion that Gabriel is his best bet of getting them.

Gabriel lies dead at the Elysian Fields, but when has that ever stopped a Winchester?

Title: Rising Son
Author: demonsboyking
Artist: Milaley
Rating T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 22101
Warnings: none
Summary:The Leviathan can be killed by only two things - and both of them come solely from Archangels. Luckily, Gabriel’s back from the dead and willing to help the Winchesters kill them. The only catch is he’s going to need Sam’s help to do it.

Title: Second Chances
Author: Megara09
Artist: buttsp8jr
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 30824
Warnings: Pagan sacrifices, mention of child abduction, vague insinuation of child abuse
Summary:In his last moments before his death at Lucifer’s hands, Gabriel prays for the first time since he left home. He never expected for God to answer. Now, armed with a second chance and a blessing, Gabriel’s on a mission to save his favorite Winchester. Oh, and the world.

Title: Have a Little Faith in Me (I’ll Bring You Home)
Author: dean_n_pie
Artist: ookamikuro
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester (implied)
Word Count: 22588
Warnings: typical violence
Summary:Team Free Will + Gabriel are hunting down a coven of witches when demons turn up and Sam is turned invisible by some sort of spell. Cue Gabriel hunting down some of his Pagan friends (who may or may not know his true identity) to try and see if they know anything, only to learn that its the Egyptian god Isis, wife of Osiris, who wants some revenge on the boys for them basically killing her husband (he thinks). There’s soulmates, gods, and self-sacrifice of both the sexy and non-sexy kind (although is it really a sacrifice when Gabriel’s wanted to climb Sam like a tree for a good couple months now?) and a happy ending. Season 8 AU fic where Gabriel got Dean and Cas out of Purgatory and decided to stick around after. Based on a prompt from an anon on tumblr.

Art by buttsp8jr created for he fic The Roles We Play

Title: The Roles We Play
Author: Valeada
Artist: buttsp8jr
Rating E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 45687
Warnings: May contain underage sex depending on where you live, but they are of the age of consent where they live.
Summary:High School Actors!AU. Sam Winchester never thought that he would end up in a play. Ever. But when his senior year comes around Sam tries out for the school’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and he ends up getting cast as Oberon. But Gabriel Novak, the guy who plays Puck and the school’s resident theatre nerd turns out to be a little different than he expected. Will the two of them be able to get along until the show goes up? Will they be able to perform the play at all? Will Sam and Gabriel be able to come out of this as friends? Or will things change into a little more than that?

Title: Rock Around the Clock
Author: ScorchedAngel
Artist: SlashGod
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 21174
Warnings: none
Summary:“You built a time machine…out of the Impala?”

Having a mad scientist for a brother, you’d think Sam would be used to things going wrong…like accidentally getting sent 60 years into the past. It was a complicated enough situation before Sam ran into his boyfriend, looking exactly the same, going by a different name. As Dean tries to figure out how to get back to their own time, Sam tries to figure out how Gabriel can exist in two time periods.

Title: A Ring Pop And A Valentine
Author: wibblywobblydemonydeducythings
Artist: hopesetfree
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury/Jo Harvelle, Balthazar/Sam Winchester, Gabriel/Becky Rosen
Word Count: 20937
Warnings: Bullying
Summary:When Sam moves, yet again, with his father and brother to a new town, he doesn’t expect to have friends. Neither does he expect to fall in love, but the biggest surprise was when the one he fell in love with, was the one bullying him and making his life miserable. What happens when Dean and Cas start dating? And when Charlie decides to help Sam out with all of this? Find out…

Title: Pictures in Fogged Glass
Author: Litra
Artist: incredibly-meek-artist
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 33949
Warnings: show level violence, torture of a monster, sexual content
Summary:Sam was taking things one day at a time. His relationship with Gabriel was going well and Kevin was taking things better then he had any right to. With Dean and Cas still AWOL it was probably a good thing that tracking down the leviathans and rebuilding the hunter network kept him to busy to think.

Part two of the broken mirrors verse, (which can be found Here) but can be read on it’s own.

Title: Equitis Foedus
Author: VioletHyena
Artist: geeru
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 42231
Warnings: Arranged marriage, Dragon!Gabriel, Prince!Sam, fighting, violence between beasts, 13th century setting, minor character death, Crime mystery, magic
Summary: Kingdom of Winchester is not a very safe kingdom. It’s constantly bombarded by creatures and within the last few years have lost territory and many innocent people. The local wizard Garth has found an arrangement that can be made with the neighboring, and unvanquished, serpent dragon they call the Dragon of the West Mountain. Prince Sam feels that if they can get the great dragon to help them they will be able to take back their land and protect their people. Though proposing to the dragon is more complicated than Sam initially expects, he’s willing to make sacrifices to protect his people; even if it does mean “bonding” with a dragon.

Title: Half Halts
Author: GreyMichaela
Artist: wordssometimesfail
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 36708
Warnings: none
Summary: Sam Winchester, a dressage instructor and rider in California, is being forced to sell his beloved warmblood mare to pay his brother’s medical bills. Sam hates Saffron’s buyer on principle: Gabriel Novak, a man as insufferable as he is obscenely wealthy. But Gabriel’s wealth isn’t long for this world—when a business scandal leaves him both homeless and penniless, Gabriel turns to his cousin and Sam’s neighbor, Castiel Lancaster, for help. Gabriel insists on working to earn his keep, all the while taking riding lessons from Sam. Both men are determined to be difficult, but pride and butting heads soon gives way to something more when the two find themselves overwhelmingly—infuriatingly—attracted to one another.

Title: Trickster’s Rite
Author: RosaleenBan
Artist: Paxdracona
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester (Background)
Word Count: 23116
Warnings: canon-typical violence
Summary: After Dean and Cas disappear with the Leviathans, Sam does everything in his power to bring them back. When a pagan ritual brings back the Trickster instead, Sam finds himself bound to Gabriel, and the two have to work together to mount a rescue straight through Purgatory.

Title: Within Numbered Days
Author: Waywardwriter07
Artist: lizellysking
Rating T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 25210
Warnings: Cancer, Past Abuse, Drinking
Summary: Sam felt as though his whole life was defined by numbers. He was running on borrowed time, and he knew it. He actually felt like he could hear the smallest tick of a clock every time he coughed, had a dizzy spell, or had trouble breathing. He want the suffering to end. Hell, he wanted it all to be over, but he was too scared to let go.

Gabriel, on the other hand, was doing perfectly fine. He was an artist in New York, had a rich father and a nice apartment, but he always felt like something was missing. It couldn’t be love, he swore off that years ago, but it was definitely something.

Even though they lived on opposite sides of the country, Sam and Gabriel still managed to come together, Sam spending his last days with Gabriel, and Gabriel finally filling that hole in his life with Sam.

Title: Together We Soar
Author: Aria_Lerendeair
Artist: Litra
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 127830
Warnings: Major Character Death (Re-Incarnation), Angst, Heartbreak, Grace!Sex, Soul Feeding
Summary: Gabriel didn’t need anyone, anymore. He was a God, he needed no one. Yet, when he sees a soul so bright that it outshines any other, he cannot resist a taste, then another. Before he realizes it, he’s addicted, and he finds himself drawn to that soul, no matter the time, and era. What was so damn special about that soul anyways?


Title: Angel Wings
Author: loverofwingsandcoffee
Artist: moosesammich
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Gabriel, Dean Winchester/Castiel, past Jo Harvelle/Charlie Bradbury, mean of past Dean/others and past Castiel/others
Word Count: 13,201
Warnings: fluff, humor, slight angst, clows, discussions of guns, mentions of past child neglect/abuse, sexual harassment, Summary: For as long as they can remember the Winchesters and Shurleys have been best of friends. When Sam and Gabriel’s brothers both go missing after a revelation about themselves, they decide to search for them and help them realize their feelings. On the journey across the state, Sam and Gabriel may just realize feelings of their own.

“Gabe and Sam decided to walk around the park after that. The weather was perfect for it: warm, but not too hot. They stopped on the bridge and leaned on the railing too look out at the Falls. They were so close that it would be easy for Gabe to just scoot his hand over and rest it on top of Sam’s. But he honestly didn’t know how that would be received. Sure, they’d been a little flirty with each other all day, but they’ve always been like that”

Title: Go the Distance
Author: wesawbears
Artist: lunavocado
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Sabriel and very light background Destiel
Word Count: 11,000
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content and some strong language
Summary: When the great war between Michael and Lucifer broke out in heaven, Gabriel ran and disappeared. Gabriel crashed to Earth with no memory of who he was or where he came from. Now, though, Lucifer is on the rise again and the ranks of Heaven need his help. Add in a confusing, but enticing boy named Sam who has been reluctantly pulled into supporting the cause and Gabriel may find more than his grace. A Hercules AU with Gabriel as Hercules and Sam as Megara.

Title: I Need a Hero
Author: wefollowedfires / beignetbeny
Artist: fangirl-litra
Rating: Teen and up
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Gabriel, Side Dean Winchester/Castiel
Word Count: 30,000
Warnings: Mental Instability, Paranoia
Summary: The city of Macto is large, winding, and mysterious. Each corner holds a tale, each ally a legend, and each citizen an enigma. With all the riddles and secrets that bubbled within the city’s soul, villains erupted. With those villains, came heroes. Villains like Trickster, a man who carries a dark past of being experimented on endlessly, whose only goals is to teach a few people a lesson or two. Heroes like Visum, a man whose powers are endless, but he just can’t figure out how to control. He has so little control that he practically loses himself every time he uses his powers. But, what if those heroes have a dark side, to them as well? And the villains, a light side? Powers can become unstable, heroes can switch sides. Anything could truly happen, and anything did.

Title: Knives Leave Scars Inside the Mind
Author: gabriels-horn-of-truth
Artist: ashahtaylor
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Meg, Chuck Shurley/OC, Dean Winchester/Carmen
Word Count: 23,500
Warnings: suicide attempt, minor domestic abuse
Summary: For Gabriel, life seems pointless. Well, his life, anyway. He’s stuck in a boring job with no idea what he wants to do with himself. He lives at home at 22- if an absent father and big brothers at war can be called a home. He wants out. Sam has no idea that Gabriel feels this way. He’s happy. He’s studying law and already well on his way. He’s thinking about moving out. He’s in love. But when Gabriel decides to do something about his misery, can Sam save him? And will things ever really change for Gabriel?

Title: Stowaways and Stolen Hearts
Author: aria-lerendeair
Artist: sabriel-otp
Rating E
Pairing(s): Sabriel, Destiel
Word Count: 38,178
Warnings: Mild (very mild) Gore (leg wound that recovers), Pirates!!!
Summary: Sam Winchester is running away from home and stows away on he first ship that he comes across. How was he supposed to know it was the ship Kali, with it’s dreaded and feared captain The Trickster? Come to find out, not quite as dreaded or feared as he’d first thought, even if his jokes are completely terrible and even worse than his flirting…

Art by teenytinytony created for the fic Night Weaver

Title: Night Weaver
Author: kibberswrites
Artist: teenytinytony
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing(s): Sabriel, Destiel
Word Count: 36,171
Warnings: Extremely Mild Sexual Content, Some Cursing
Summary: Newly graduated Sam Winchester has Restless Heart Syndrome and no match to the soulmate tattoo taking up space on his wrist, the only known cure. Not to mention his opportunity with a publishing company is slowly slipping into nothing, no inspiration in sight. He sets off to find somewhere to call home and winds up on the doorstep of a secluded lighthouse, seeking reprieve from the storm raging above, where a man with golden eyes spends his nights studying the stars. As he gets to know the man, Sam starts to think, just maybe, the storm isn’t the only problem kind-hearted Gabriel will solve.

Or the one with the writer who finds inspiration in the stars, the man who weaves the speckled sky each night, and the home they find in each other.

Title: Graceless
Author: greymichaela
Artist: muirgen258
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 20,000
Warnings: canon-typical violence, sex
Summary: Set post-season 9, Metatron has taken Gabriel’s grace. Cast out of Heaven, weak and helpless, Gabriel calls the Winchesters. Sam finds himself with a grumpy, awkward ex-angel who has no idea how to be human. As they hunt for Gabriel’s grace, Sam is drawn to the archangel despite his better judgment. In the middle of the search, Sam is hit with a deadly spell meant for Gabriel, and now it’s a race against time to find the cure and keep Sam alive. And as if things weren’t complicated enough, Sam thinks he might be falling in love.

Title: And Now For Something Completely Different…
Author: gaylegee
Artist: ookamikuro
Rating Mature Explicit
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 44,000
Warnings: temporary main character death, violence, gore, smut
Summary: Sam knew when he left that church nothing would be the same. The Angels had fallen and the gates were still open. Still reeling from the effects of the trials Sam is just trying to get back in the game with his brother and Castiel to help but nothing seems to be working. Enter Gabriel. Ever since Elysian Fields he’s been lying low, and when the doors to heaven are locked against him Gabriel, stranded on Earth with his Grace intact, seeks to help Sam and get some help himself. He’s taken it on himself to help his newly-human siblings find their way in the world but something’s gone wrong. Someone or something is killing off the Fallen…and Gabriel feels like the only one who can stop it.

This is a re-imagining of what might’ve happened after the finale of Season 8. Besides missing Gabriel fiercely there were a lot of ways the writers could’ve gone with this show and I think this would’ve been a neat way to go.

Title: Grand Allegro
Author: Paperann
Artist: fangirl-litra
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sabriel
Word Count: 60.700
Warnings: Mild self-worth issues, major smut
Summary: Gabriel works for a highly recognized, respectable and famous online news site. All his articles are fan-favorites for their quirk and comedy, allowing him to have free rein over his subject matter. Whether it be celebrity interviews, ‘politely’ harassing politicians or reviewing the latest movies. But one of his most recent articles managed to enrage the site’s editor. Mostly because he went behind her back, vigilante-style, to publish it…

For revenge, she’s given him the assignment of covering the grand opening of the New York City Ballet’s Swan Lake. No one wants the job, and the worst part is Gabriel hates ballet.

However, once he catches a glimpse of the leading male dancer he begins to come up with ideas of how to make his article and experience… entertaining. Little does he know, this dancer knows exactly how to entertain and keep Gabriel on the edge of his seat all by himself.

Title: Snickerdoodle
Author: megara09 and wibblywobblydemonydeducythings
Artist: Emmatheslayer
Rating E
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury/Anna Milton
Word Count: 24,151
Warnings: none
Summary: When Sam Winchester entered his last semester at Clark State Community College, he had no clue what was in store. Taking a class with a professor he couldn’t stand, Sam was horrified to discover that the man was, in fact, his soulmate. Hijinks and heartbreak ensue as the two men try to stumble their way through mutual dislike into that thing they call love.

Title: Happy Together
Author: katiebug445
Artist: nintendostrickster
Rating T
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 44,899
Warnings: self-deprecating thoughts, pedophile Lucifer, mentions of off screen character death
Summary: Sam is a depressed teen who doesn’t have anywhere he can really turn. His mother and brother both work, his father is overseas, and his friends have their own lives and he doesn’t want to burden any of them. So, he starts looking for other options. What he finds is a summer camp that deals specifically with teens with depression and anxiety, and he decides to go. The counselor in charge of he and his bunkmates is Gabriel Milton, a happy-go-lucky, overly helpful and very friendly kid, and not someone Sam wants to associate with. Over the summer, things change, and Sam realizes Gabe isn’t as happy as he makes himself out to be, and the two boys are caught up in a romance neither of them expected.

Title: Salvation and Rapture (for the Lonely)
Author: apiancas
Artist: jvalentyne
Rating E
Pairing(s): Sabriel and Destiel
Word Count: 95,767
Warnings: warnings
Summary: Years after his previous relationship’s capricious end, Sam Winchester has finally decided to date again. The only problem is, after being out of the scene for so long, he’s not sure where to begin. When a new patient rolls into his Physical Therapy office, however, Sam realizes that he may not have to look very far at all.

~ After a devastating accident lands Gabriel Novak in the hospital, he does his best to look on the positive side of things. It definitely doesn’t hurt that his new therapist is like sex on legs. (Well, at least a leg.) Sometimes, he learns, even bad situations can have good outcomes.

Art by nintendostrickster created for the fic Into the Light: The Leader

Title: Into the Light: The Leader
Author: charity-angel
Artist: nintendostrickster
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Bobby/Karen
Word Count: 35,000
Warnings: explicit sexual content, canon-typical violence
Summary: In which Gabriel teams up with Team Free Will, remembers about the key to the Cage, and defeating Lucifer suddenly seems like a sure thing. But when Real Life throws a curveball at Sam, can his relationship with Gabriel survive? And when are things ever so simple as all that?

Title: Just Another Year
Author: lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell
Artist: thisshouldbegabriel
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabe, Dean/Cas, Balthazar/OFC, Garth/OFC
Word Count: 37,000
Warnings: Rape attempt, graphic sex, panic attacks, violence
Summary: Sam Winchester is a theology major and he has a bad day, which included tripping over a cute guy. Gabriel Novak has a sugar addiction a mile wide. Over the school year, they become best friends and lovers- despite the obstacles

Title: Take the Cat - I’ll Explain Later
Author: synergygabriel
Artist: wefollowedfires
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sabriel, Sam/Gabe
Word Count: 30,000
Warnings: heavy angst, graphic description of violence, mention of emotional neglect, mention of a car accident, (there IS a happy ending)
Summary: Gabriel Novak, a hyperactive golden haired drama student with a penchant for sugar and pranking people. Sam Winchester, a law student with a love of strawberries and good reading material. Mr Fizzles, a cat who unwillingly drew two people together.

After meeting Sam by pure fluke, Gabriel keeps coming back to him, just to hang out on a regular basis, bringing him tea even when Sam doesn’t ask for it and just generally supplying him with a distraction from daily stresses. Until one day Gabriel gets one of the worst phone calls of his life, and the only person he thinks of going to is Sam. Not for sympathy, not to talk it out, but to simply be around.

From there comes Christmas at Sam’s with his annoying older brother, hijinks that involve too much glitter, an astonishing amount of jelly beans, a bucket full of jelly and a rather suspicious Christmas tree, and the simple yet poignant act of falling irrevocably in love.

Title: The Road To His Soul
Author: Satan Mark 2 (Queen_of_Hell)
Artist: canadelgium
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sabriel, Destiel
Word Count: 23,553
Warnings: Abuse, alcoholism, warnings for John Winchester being abusive and alcoholic and that there is a whole lot of porn in here
Summary: Thirty percent of the world’s population have soulmates. Sam’s eighteen, he’s never even dreamed of being part of that minority - hell, he hasn’t even thought about falling in love - but he’s not exactly annoyed when his soulmate, Gabriel, comes into play; not when the sex is this good.But then of course his Dad has to find out and ruin everything. Sabriel soulmate AU, You can feel whenever your soulmate gets injured or laid, and when they kick it, so do you.

Title: When We Meet As Friends
Author: wannaliveindeansdimples
Artist: little-dreams-of-life
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sabriel
Word Count: 20,000
Warnings: warnings
Summary: Out of the three years Sam has known Gabriel, he’s loved him for about two and a half. Gabriel’s hot and sweet and pretty much perfect. Sam knows Gabriel is gay and he’s never been shy about letting people know how he feels. The only problem? Gabe isn’t exactly what you’d call available. Now a new promotion has them working closely together and Sam’s having a hard time letting go of his feelings.

Title: Call Me Trickster
Author: SarahJaneS
Artist: theblessedbear
Rating: T
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam, Castiel/Dean
Word Count: 20,123
Warnings: not provided
Summary: In a world where Castiel died at the hands of Lucifer, and Dean gave himself to Michael in the wake of his grief, Gabriel found love in the lost and wandering soul of Sam Winchester. But a horrible final encounter catapults Gabriel into another time and place where Armageddon never happened and Sam doesn’t see him in the same light. Will Gabriel find a way to win this other Sam over? Or will his obligation force him to return to his own world where he has no idea what lies in store for him upon his return?

Title: Things To Remember
Author: yes-ima-fluffy-unicorn
Artist: taciturnwind​ /inspirationmeltdown
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 50,000
Warnings: warnings
Summary: This is a story about parallel worlds. An infinite number of them. Some of them are so alike that there’s almost no way to tell one from the other. Almost. Others have practically nothing in common, to such an extent that if you saw them, you would have never believed that they were, at some point in the past, not two separate worlds, but one.

This is a story about the Gabriel who lost his Sam Winchester, and found a Sam Winchester, shredded into billions of pieces, scattered across the multiverse. It wasn’t his Sam Winchester, but still, he couldn’t just watch a Sam Winchester fade into nothing. So he picked up a piece of him, smaller than stardust, and then another, and another. And he started putting this Sam Winchester back together.

This is a story about two beings finding each other against all odds. They were drawn together by one of the fundamental laws of the multiverse, the one we all have encountered at some point in our lives, a tiny part of this law known to the human beings in any world as coincidence.

This is a story of how they met.

And everything that happened next.

Title: Coffee Stains and Faded Ink
Author: rocknrollout
Artist: homoeroticmoose
Rating: M
Pairing(s): Gabriel/Sam Winchester, past Ruby/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 20,000
Warnings: Past Drug Abuse
Summary: Gabriel Shurley is just your average 30 year old, gay, coffee shop owner. He works with his family, makes a decent living, and is generally content with his life. When a gorgeous new customer catches his attention one day, Gabriel dumps a latte down his chest. After that, he’s perfectly content to admire the tall, tattooed and tempting man from afar.

Until, of course, that man saves Gabriel’s dog’s life.

Title: Blue Hour
Author: hopesetfree
Artist: ookamikuro
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas, mentions of prior Gabriel/Kali
Word Count: 132,834
Warnings: Blood, description of severe injuries (gore)
Summary: Angels ruined the world. They slaughtered half of humanity in their prizefight, and didn’t bother to stick around to clean up their mess. The human survivors crawl towards a slow death from a crop blight that starves them, and relentless dust storms that choke the air from their lungs. Despite the odds, Gabriel Novak manages to cobble together a halfway decent life for his family. But any illusion of normality crumbles away when a half-dead archangel from another universe drops out of the sky. He says his name is Samael, and no matter how much Gabriel doesn’t like angels, this one just might save the world. (Human!Gabriel/Archangel!Sam)

Title: Fifty Shades of Gold
Author: aria-lerendeair
Artist: gabrielseductivetrickster
Rating: E
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester x Gabriel Novak
Word Count: 34,485
Warnings: BDSM, BDSM Dynamic, A/B/O, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mentions of Stalking, Gabriel being an asshole, Spanking, Sexting, Phone Sex, Plugs
Summary: Gabriel Novak is a Class-A Alpha asshole and Sam Winchester wants nothing to do with him, especially after that interview! Except then, he maybe finds out a few things about Gabriel Novak that make him hate him a little less, and hey, maybe some of that bondage stuff sounds interesting…

Title: Don’t Let Them Tell You Otherwise
Author: fangirl-litra
Artist: thisshouldbegabriel
Rating M
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester x Gabriel
Word Count: 21500
Warnings: This has some serious manipulation and attempted non-con from Lucifer. The non-con is only one scene but the mental manipulation is throughout and gets into abusive levels so please read wisely.
Summary: It’s another hallucination. It has to be. The short blond man in the room across from Sam’s can’t be Gabriel. Except he can see Lucifer, and Sam knows Lucifer is only in his head.

Title: All That Glitters
Author: spicarias
Artist: thenarglecharm
Rating: M / 15
Pairing(s): Gabriel / Sam Winchester
Word Count: 35,882
Warnings: Canon-typical violence, sexual content
Summary: Sam and Dean are using the Men of Letters Bunker as their haven from the world, when one day an uninvited and totally unexpected archangel - one who should still be dead - turns up at their kitchen table asking if there’s room to spend the night. Made cautious by their shared history, and despite his easy smile, Sam suspects that all is not well with the suddenly resurrected archangel.

Unfortunately however, monsters don’t wait on such things, and after Dean is forced to go off in search of a missing hunter friend, Sam must work on both the case of a potentially murderous fairy, as well as figuring out exactly what he feels for the archangel that’s suddenly very much back in his life. And if that’s not enough it soon becomes clear that Gabriel may well be keeping secrets.

A mid-season 8 canon divergence fic wherein Gabriel returns, and Sam Winchester must deal with the fall out for both of them.

Title: The Rest Still Shine
Author: gabrielwinchhester
Artist: stareena
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester x Gabriel Novak
Word Count: 23 872
Warnings: Angel bonds, season 9 AU, Non-Graphic Violence
Summary: Sam’s just ejected Gadreel from his body, and now he and Dean are trying to work out their many issues as they always do- by ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away soon. Thankfully, they have something to distract them: Castiel’s stolen Grace has made him an angel again, and he needs help opening Heaven’s Gates.

One day while researching, Sam finds an old spell that will restore Heaven and let the angels go back home. Only problem is, the spell can only be carried out by an archangel. Opening the Cage to free Michael and Lucifer isn’t an option, and Raphael isn’t the easiest to deal with, which leaves them with Gabriel. And Gabriel’s dead.

Well, he was.


No-One Mourns the Broken
Author: thetricksterstolemyshoe
Artist: trekchik
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Charlie/Jo Harvelle (side), Lucifer/Sam Winchester (past)
Word Count: 20,028
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: “Contrary to what his best friend Charlie thinks, Sam is perfectly fine. He’s definitely not still messed up from his previous relationship and it’s definitely not bleeding into his everyday life. In fact, his everyday life is going great. He’s in law school, he has a decent job and a shared apartment with cool people. He’s even met a cute police investigator called Gabriel who, against all odds, seems interested in him.

Of course, he wouldn’t be a Winchester if something didn’t come along and f**k it all up. And he wouldn’t be Sam Winchester if that something wasn’t as absurd and horrifying as a serial killer, a killer that seems to be connected to him…”

Attorney-Client Privilege
Author: paperannxo
Artist: mooseinaboot
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester
Word Count: 32k
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: There was a strong possibility getting blackout drunk on a Tuesday night wasn’t the brightest idea Gabriel had come up with…but it was the cans of spray paint and the bulk-sized container of chocolate sauce that did him in. Oh, and the cops who’d been called. Plus the little charge of “resisting arrest,” tacked onto his “drunk and disorderly.”

He could deal with all of that, really. What he couldn’t deal with was facing his “court appointed attorney,” who was none other than Sam Winchester.

Since it was this asshat who turned their three years of happy domestic bliss into a break up - in three months, flat.

Gabriel had done a damn good job of making himself unreachable, and it was just his luck he was now cornered with a pleading, begging pair of puppy-eyes “wanting to set things right.”

But there was no way it would be that easy. This was downright entrapment, as far as Gabriel was concerned. Not to mention an excellent fucking reason to never drink again.

The Kiss of Time
Author: mathamota
Artist: krisn5
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing/s: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Crowley/Bobby Singer, mention of Gabriel’s past relationship, mention of Castiel’s past relationship
Word Count: about 21k
Warnings: Major Character death
Summary: Sam and his brother Dean, top notch private detectives, went to a small town to solve a basic cheating spouse case. However the case gets a little bit complicated when a young boy is brutally murdered. After attending the funeral Sam meets a twinkly eyed stranger at the churchyard. Through many strange mysteries he manages to find out the truth about the murder case and the stranger. Only thing he can’t solve is whether he will be able to handle the truth behind all the mysteries or not.

Cop and the Magician
Author: midnightstar789
Artist: emmatheslayer
Rating: None apply
Pairing/s: Sabriel, background destiel
Word Count: 21434
Warnings: um offscreen torture? Gabe being kinda an ass to Sam?
Summary: Can a reformed killer turned cop, get a tricky magician to give him a chance? Or will the magician’s ignorance keep them apart?

Heaven Sent
Author: allonsy-gabriel
Artist: ookamikuro
Rating: M
Pairings: Sabriel
Word Count: 20,185
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence
Summary: In the fight against Amara, Chuck decides he needs more fire power, and rescues Gabriel from whatever hell pit Metatron has been keeping him in since he resurrected him. Sam doesn’t expect Gabriel to be so broken, and he certainly doesn’t expect the feelings he had for the archangel to return full force.

A Playdate With Misery
Author: madhatterboxghost
Artist: kd-heart
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing/s: Sabriel, Destiel
Word Count: 23000
Warnings: psychologial horror
Summary: Nothing is worse than having a squabble with an absentee Father; except of course, when he tells you that a long lost family member has entrapped a few loved ones of yours in a dangerous, haunted forest on the island nation of Japan.

For Gabriel, this means heading to Aokigahara Forest, the ‘Suicide Forest’ as termed by the people who know it best, and working with one Winchester in order to find and rescue another! But can he work together with them after everything has happened? And exactly what do they mean to him in the first place?

And who, or what, exactly, placed them into this situation to begin with?

Author: scrollingkingfisher
Artist: ekiju
Beta; @theriverscribe
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Castiel (hinted)
Word Count: 44,025
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: Raven daemons are rumoured to be bad luck. Sam Winchester is beginning to suspect that everyone who’s ever shunned him might have been onto something, because someone up there has definitely got it in for him. Between a trickster, a mysterious ally, soulless angels and rumours of an apocalypse that seems to have everyone confused, Sam’s life certainly isn’t getting any simpler.

Bakeries and Diners
Author: naniquena and fridarules
Artist: spnstoryland
Rating: Explicit.
Pairing/s: Sabriel, side of Destiel. Past Sam/Brady Past Gabriel/the world. Jess/Benny
Word Count: 35,000
Warnings: No warnings.
Summary: Gabriel’s bakery was picked up for an episode of the show “Bakeries and Diners”. Sam and Dean are part of the cast and crew. Sparks flew when they met. Will Gabriel’s conquer Sam’s Don’t-do-boyfriends heart?

In the Heart of Stars
Author: kibberswrites
Artist: megibabe1
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Sam Winchester/ Gabriel, Dean Winchester/Castiel
Word Count: 68,000
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: Sam Winchester spent centuries as a star, dancing through the darkness alongside fellow star, Gabriel. But, then he falls and the sky seems so very far away, Gabriel too. With dwindling hope of returning to the sky, Sam has to find a way to live on the Earth, has to try not to dream of the star he left behind, while dealing with the humans hunting for the blood of a star, said to be worth millions. Then a star hurtles to the ground while Sam’s looking skyward and his purpose on the Earth begins to reveal itself. Hope for a happy ending starts to spring from the hole the sky left in his chest.

Art by thisshouldbegabriel created for the fic By Joyful Happenstance

By Joyful Happenstance
Author: archangel-with-a-shotgun
Artist: thisshouldbegabriel
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, past-Gabriel/Kali
Word Count: 23,143
Warnings/Tags: College AU, First Date, First Kiss, Being Stood Up, Charlie is Gabriel’s Roommate, Sass, Mentioned Past-Cheating, Kali is Gabriel’s Ex, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Hurt Gabriel, Loving Sam, Insecure Gabriel, Handjobs, Anal Sex.
Summary: Following a bad breakup from his ex-girlfriend, Gabriel was loathe to start a new relationship or even to begin dating. That view was only reinforced when his best friend sets him up on a blind date, who then subsequently stands him up. Finding true love was just something Gabriel felt was permanently elusive to him. When Sam Winchester approaches him at the campus bar the night of his failed date, however, Gabriel’s perspective on dating and love just might change for the better.

Golden Shades of Freedom
Author: aria-lerendeair
Artist: jvalentyne
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Sam Winchester/Gabriel Novak, Dean Winchester/Castiel Novak, past Gabriel Novak/Baldur
Word Count: 30,000
Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, BDSM, Sex Toys, Explicit Sex
Summary: After the world finds out about their relationship, Sam settles into something semi-normal, with Gabriel. The paparazzi are desperate for something, but Sam is, well. Happier than he expected to be, dating an asshole like Gabriel. That, of course, is when the invitation from Gabriel’s family had come for the summer. Sam agrees to go, only if he can bring Dean with him. A few uncomfortable family revelations and one epic fight later, Sam’s left wondering if Gabriel actually is his happily ever after.

Don’t Dream It- Be It
Author: padamooseandgrasshopper
Artist: beignetbenny
Rating: M
Pairing/s: Sabriel, minor Destiel
Word Count: 20 027 words
Warnings: swearing, allusions to underage drinking, sexual situations set in a play
Summary: This is the story of a boy, who joined his highschool drama group to help his brother get the guy of his dreams. As it turns out his brother doesn’t really need help. Sam though is soon swept up in the whirlwind that is the theatergroup. Especially since Gabriel managed to convince the school to let them perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A story about finding yourself, making choices and jumping over your shadow to the left. Because it might just be that he likes you back.


Out of Hell Leads Up To Light
Author: warlockwriter
Artist: queen-of-the-trash-people
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Gabriel, Past Dean Winchester/Castiel
Word Count: 38388
Warnings: None
Summary: Sam wasn’t happy about sending Dean off to Apocalypse World with Ketch, but what was he to do? He had a broken archangel to put back together.Set just after 13x17 and is not canon compliant with the rest of the season

Cold Moon
Author: silvaxus
Artist: osnaart
Rating: Explizit
Pairing: Sabriel
Word Count: 33k
Warnings: none
Summary:The war was finally over and while some came to Gabriel’s tavern to celebrate, others came to mourn the loss of their loved ones. It was a cold and stormy night when the door of to his tavern was forced open and tall man dressed in a long cloak in need of a drink, food and fire walked in. This was only the beginning, Gabriel learned. The beginning of something new, magic, desire, passion, blood and the heat of battle. Some things were worth fighting for…even when you need to face fear itself.

Art created by iamkathtasrophe for the fic Ramblin’ Man

Ramblin’ Man
Author: Ttttrickster
Artist: iamkathtasrophe
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Gabriel/Sam Winchester, Background Castiel/Dean Winchester, Past Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester, Past Gabriel/Crowley
Word Count: 27,911
Warnings: Homophobic slurs, homophobia, Drugs, drug abuse, drug overdose, overdoses, Near Death, hospitals, alcohol, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy (mentioned), Fluff, Angst, Smut, Bassist! Gabriel, Roadie! Sam, Band AU, Singer! Dean Winchester, Drummer! Crowley, Guitarist! Chuck, Manager Cas, Background Destiel, Prior Crowley/Gabriel, Prior Sam/Jess
Summary: Sam Winchester’s perfect life was falling apart; the girl he wanted to marry left him, and everything he had built crumbled before his eyes. He decides to take a job as a roadie for his brother Dean’s band, to help him get over Jess and move on with his life before law school. He was not accounting for Gabriel Novak.

Cold Blood
Author: jumclia
Artist: kd-heart
Rating: Mature
Pairing/s: Sam/Gabriel
Word Count: 15.000
Warnings: None
Summary: Gabriel summons an ancient deity of death. He needs Thanatos’ aid to save his nephew Jack. Well, there’s always a but … and a price.

I’ll Rise with the Tide, We’ll Breathe Underwater
Author: paperannxo (PaperAnn)
Artist: krisn5
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester (Background Dean Winchester/Castiel)
Word Count: 71.5K
Warnings: Referenced Non-Con (non-graphic), Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: It all started because of a stupid lead Sam checked without backup. That was how he found himself caged, used and shrouded by darkness inside an omega trafficking ring. The torture continued for months, until Dean finally unearthed the operation and saved them. While Sam sought justice in court for all the victims, he unwittingly became a media sensation. Yet, all Sam wants is to fade into the background. Being buried alive puts life in perspective. His dream of traveling seems impossible, so he gets creative. After all, he’s got the cash from a massive settlement. Sam realizes he doesn’t have to ‘fly’ under the radar, maybe he could ‘ship off—raise anchor?’ Dean’s terrified of Sam disappearing again. He and his mate, Cas, decide to plant a Novak brother in Sam’s path secretly: as a hired bodyguard. It works, Sam and Gabriel set sail, Gabriel acting as a guide, captain and (covert) watchman…but complications arise. Complications, in the way that Sam learns to trust again and begins falling in love. Complications, in the way that all of Sam’s PTSD medications compromise his nose, because Gabriel is fucking positive: they’re true mates. A normal around-the-world cruise would be too much to ask for, of course

A New Life Series: Rocky Start
Author: lanibb
Artist: megibabe1
Rating: (Explicit)
Pairing/s: (Sabriel, Destiel, Crobby Past Jess/Sam, Past Gabriel/Kali, more on AO3)
Word Count: (53,824)
Warnings: (Gay bashing, Homophobia, pudgy Gabriel, Alcohol Abuse, Mental issues, Kid Fic, etc.
Summary: AU Human College Sabriel Background Human Destiel Chubby/overweight Gabriel Sam with slight feeding fetish Gabriel with Mental conditions Sam has a daughter

Gabriel is the maintenance man at the College that Sam is going to studing to be a Lawyer. They meet and sparks fly but it tskes convincing on Sam’s part to get Gabriel to date him. Gabriel is very insequre, chubby, has many issues and has had a horrible run for most of his life and feels he doesn’t deserve Sam. Sam also has a 4 year old daughter and a homophobic father. Will they work out? Or will it all fall a part?

The Man In The Mirror
Author: ScrollingKingfisher
Artist: dmsilvisart
Rating: mature
Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester Castiel/Dean Winchester
Word Count: 95381
Warnings: no warnings
Additional Tags: Temporary Character Death Consensual Possession Slow Burn Uneasy Allies Friends to Lovers Season 5 AU Destiel in the background OCs - Freeform Canon-Typical Violence Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Angelic Possession Soul Lore Angelic Grace
Summary: After the disaster that was the Elysian Fields Hotel, Sam makes a decision that saves Gabriel’s life and changes everything. Suddenly, Team Free Will has gained a new and unexpected member. Being possessed by an archangel isn’t exactly what Sam had imagined, but with a new plan to set into motion and Lucifer still hot on their tails, there’s little enough time to figure themselves out.

Rules are for the Living
Author: My_Untold_Lies/ krisn5
Artist: scrollingkingfisher
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Hunting, Pre-Slash, Pre-Canon, Slash, doing things the human way, John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, Running Away, Sabriel Big Bang 2018
Summary: Gabriel is Sam’s guardian angel. It’s not usually done, having one of the Archangels be someone’s guardian but Sam has always been special. When he gets kicked out by John Gabriel has decisions to make, like how closely does he have to follow the rules when everyone thinks he’s dead. And even once they do, there’s another secret lying buried deep below the surface. One that could change the course of the apocalypse entirely…

Author: megara09 and woefuldean
Artist: tessakallarts
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/s: Gabriel Novak/Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte
Word Count: 29611
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: The psychic staring effect (sometimes called scopaesthesia) is a supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means. Sam Winchester has a stalker. It’s okay, he’s been dealing with it. For years, he’s been dealing with creepy notes, having his trash dug through, the feeling of being watched wherever he goes, even had his apartment broken into. But it’s fine. The stalker has never hurt him… Until now. When Sam is attacked one night in his home, the police take special interest in his case. The youngest DA in California history? Oh yeah, they’re all over it. Enter Gabriel Novak, a detective who specializes in stalking cases. Along with his partner Benny, they take on the case of Sam’s stalker, hoping to protect the poor guy from further harm. He never expected to fall for Sam along the way. A second attack leaves them reeling, and Sam and Gabriel are whisked away to a safehouse for both of their protection while Benny and Dean finish the case. But in the silence and solitude, who will protect them from each other and their own burgeoning feeling