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Name: Supernatural Gen Big Bang
Date(s): 2011 - 2014
Moderator(s): reapertownusa
Founder: reapertownusa
Type: Big Bang - fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Supernatural
URL:; archive link
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Supernatural Gen Big Bang was a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, that ran annually from 2011 to 2014. All stories that to be gen, writers had to write 5,000 words for a mini-bang or 15,000 words for a big bang, artists had to create one piece for a mini-bang or 2 pieces for a big bang.



Title: A Haunting
Author / Artist: cece_away / votaku
Summary: Pre-series. Dean is 18, Sam is 14. John & Dean enter a haunted mansion to go after a vengeful spirit of a serial child killer.

Title: A Touch of Providence
Author / Artist: jennytork and ramblin_rosie / reapertownusa
Summary: Sam, Dean, and their girlfriends decide to get a certain distinctive, protective tattoo to celebrate the boys' graduation from high school. But when the ink's secret ingredients cause an autoimmune reaction that hits Sam the hardest, the race is on to find a cure... and to keep a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions from achieving its goal.

Title: A Twist of Fate
Author / Artist: zara_zee / coronasunrise
Summary: In late1864 John Winchester left his sons in the boarding house where they were staying and rode out of town, following yet another lead on the men who'd murdered his wife. Six months later he still hadn't returned and his sons were declared abandoned children and taken into the custody of the Kansas City Poorhouse. Several twists of fate later the boys run away to New York City—and find themselves on a collision course with the Unholy Trinity; Azazel Se'irim, who runs a gang of youthful pick pockets; Gordon Walker, a violent armed robber who selects his apprentices from among Azazel’s boys; and Alastair von Damon who runs the notorious Hellfire Club. Will Dean and Sam’s free will, strength of character and the deep brotherly love they have for one another help them rise above their situation and find their father? Or will they be used, corrupted and destroyed by sinister men of evil?

Title: Better Off Dead
Author / Artist: quickreaver / becc_j
Summary: As much as Sam loathes the idea of returning to California, the boys get a call from Bobby, requesting they make a beeline to San Francisco; a hunter has gone missing. A hunter Dean knew quite well. Intimately, one might say.

The Winchesters discover there are witches, and then there are witches. Some claim to walk the White Path, but do they? Or is this just cover for infernal machinations?

Between a neo-hippie commune and the exotic temptations of Chinatown’s dark secrets, the Winchesters must untangle a spider’s web of magical allegiances, missing women, and eventually...a missing brother.

Title: Brand New Day
Author / Artist: acc812a / chosenfire28
Summary: When two people show up claiming to be John and Mary Winchester, Dean's convinced it's someone's evil trick but Sam thinks it just might be real. But before they can figure out how to deal with their suddenly resurrected 'parents', something starts killing pregnant women in Nevada.

Title: Built To Fall
Author / Artist: emmram / apieceofcake
Summary: An s4 + s5 AU. Dean Winchester is not resurrected four months after hisdeath; he is brought back to life by the angels to fulfil his destiny only after his brother is well on his way to fulfilling his. Ergo, he comes to life after Sam breaks the final seal and releases Lucifer into the world.

A confused Dean comes back to a world that seems drastically changed; to a guilt-ridden and half-crazy brother addicted to demon-blood; to angels; to mysterious beings demanding fantastical things of him in his dreams; to what seems to be his own guardian angel, Castiel, who hates his brother but seems loath to kill him.

Dean is horrified and dismayed at what his brother’s become, is dogged by relentless nightmares about Hell, and the people who populate his dreams and every waking moment, telling him it will all be over with a simple yes.

Sam’s got a secret that could end the war easily either way: in its destruction, or his own destruction. See, Lucifer has only one compatible vessel on Earth. Just one. But he can't possess Sam without his consent; and so he nestles in the back of Sam’s mind, deep within the darkest crevices of his soul, egging him on, saying, we can end all of this. The world’s suffering, your brother’s suffering. All he had to do as say yes.

Will Dean, having lost faith in his brother and everything he believed was untouchable, be able to work with Sam again and stop the Apocalypse? Will Sam, broken as he is, be able to keep the devil at bay? And just who is that mysterious being, powerful enough to bend time and reality, who seems inexplicably on their side?

Back cover art by kj_svala for Clatter and Keen
Cover Art by kj_svala for Clatter and Keen

Title: Clatter and Keen
Author / Artist: 4422shini / kj_svala
Summary: Dean wakes up badly injured and concussed in a hospital with the last six weeks of his memories gone. Sam is missing, Dean has no recollection of where he is, or if he's even alive. Dean and Bobby must scramble to retrace Sam and Dean's steps through their last hunt in hopes to save Sam- or bury him. Set in the later half of Season 2.

Title: Country of the Heart
Author / Artist: ratherastory / naisica
Summary: After being hospitalized for meningitis, fifteen-year-old Sam finds himself put in a foster home while John is investigated for suspected abuse. Against all of Sam's expectations, his foster family turns out to be a caring couple with the kind of home Sam only ever saw from the outside while he was growing up, making him feel even more conflicted about the kind of life his own family leads. To make matters worse, John leaves town to go on a routine hunt in spite of his upcoming custody hearing, prompting Sam to wonder if his own father and brother might be relieved to have him —and his constant demands for normalcy— out of the picture. When his father goes missing, followed by Dean when he goes after him, Sam quickly discovers that they need him just as much as he needs them, and sets out to bring his family back together again, for good.

Title: Crusaders
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie / spn_2008
Summary: Five men. Two angels. One demon. One last chance to stop the Apocalypse before it starts. Can one disaster serve as cover to prevent another, or will history repeat itself after all?

Title: Even Angels Fall
Author / Artist: jennylynneh / mizra
Summary: John was always meant to break the First Seal.

Sam was always meant to lead Azazel’s army, start the Apocalypse, and say “yes” in Denver.

Dean was always meant to be the Sword of Michael.

The Hosts of Heaven and the Hordes of Hell had planned the Apocalypse down to the last detail. They were all sure Destiny and Fate could not be altered once set in motion.

Of course, no one took into account, the theory that if a New Orleans butterfly flutters her wings, a man in Jericho might walk out of his hotel room and change everything.

Title: Fill in the Blanks
Author / Artist: annathemis / amberdreams
Summary: They thought it was an average case, hunting a witch, until Sam starts spouting gibberish. Losing coherency and his senses fast, Sam’s reality blurs into waking dreams while Dean frantically searches for any explanation amidst this inexplicable curse.

Title: Follow me Home...
Author / Artist: fate_incomplete / roselani24
Summary: Dean had woken up in a hospital with no idea who he was, just these strange dreams, and a doctor who may be even stranger. As he tries to make sense of his dreams and the memories hidden in them, he wonders if he wants to know the man he used to be. With a little help from a friend, he finds what he needs to get back home.

Title: Full of Sound and Thunder
Author / Artist: chiiyo86 / geckoholic
Summary: AU/futurefic after the end of season four; sequel to Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air. In Portland, Oregon, Sam and Dean are dealing with the aftermath of a difficult hunt. Dean, who has been in therapy for a few years, finds them another hunt through his therapist: one of her patients is having very intense dreams after a strange encounter in the mountains. But after a conversation with the man, they worry that they're dealing with hellhounds. With the help of a now human Castiel, they have to work against the clock to fight an enemy more powerful than they suspected.

Title: Ghosts of Future Past
Author / Artist: etrix / amberdreams
Summary: Dean already knows that the future isn't looking good. Sam's sneaking out at night and lying about it. Dean's pretty sure the angels are dicks and that they're lying to him, too. It isn't until he gets a visit from his own ghost that he realizes just how bad it's going to get, and the future that was becomes part of Dean's memories of the past. Surely, with all that he knows, he can fix things—if he can stay alive and sane, that is. A season 4 AU that bumps into seasons 5 and 6.

Title: God Gave Rock and Roll to You
Author / Artist: sailorlaalaa / adrenalineshots
Summary: This story takes place between episodes 6.14 (Mannequin 3: The Reckoning) and 6.15 (The French Mistake). I'm going with the theory that it has been a year and a half since the showdown at Stull Cemetery. Sam (with his soul recently returned) and Dean are doing miscellaneous hunts to keep busy. Castiel and Raphael are still fighting over Heaven with no clear victor in sight. But who is looking after the Prophets of the Lord and keeping them safe during this Heavenly Civil War? What of Chuck Shurley, the one Prophet Raphael was assigned to personally protect? Does he still drink regularly? Does he still have sleepovers with one of his lady friends each night? Since Raphael isn't paying attention, has Chuck been given the ability to protect himself from demons and other things which may cause him harm? Do Sam and Dean approve of these new safeguards? This fun and lighthearted story should answer those questions and provide additional revelations about our beloved author and prophet.

Title: Graduation Day
Author / Artist: jennytork and ramblin_rosie / geaugaart
Summary: After years of diversions and interference, John finally makes his way to Cazadore to see Sammy graduate from high school. But what he finds there challenges everything he thought he knew about his sons, his friends, his foes, the hunting life, and the supernatural order itself. And for their part, Sam and Dean receive some long-overdue revelations and come to conclusions that John would never expect—and might never accept.

Title: In Memory
Author / Artist: mcnamcj / caluk
Summary: In the days after Sam’s departure to Stanford, John and Dean battle each other’s broken hearts while hunting a powerful witch, hell bent on avenging her dead son. Can the elder Winchesters put aside their family anguish to save the latest victim and escape the witch’s terrifying clutches? Or will Dean become her ultimate sacrifice, causing John to lose both of his sons forever? Hurt!Angsty!Dean, Angsty!John, hurt/comfort.

Cover art by dollarformyname for the fic In the shuffling madness of the locomotive breath

Title: In the shuffling madness of the locomotive breath
Author / Artist: the_sammykinz / dollarformyname
Summary: With Dean’s doomsday clock hovering at eleven months to go, the Winchesters decide that a good old-fashioned ghost hunt is in order, in the wilds of White River Junction, Vermont. What begins as an old local legend turns out to be much more, and what they thought was a simple case is anything but. In the end, it all comes down to two brothers—because, really, irony’s a b*tch.

Title: It Leaves a Stain On All Your Clothes (And No Detergent Gets It Out)
Author / Artist: purple_carpets / miki_moo
Summary: Back in 1991 the Winchesters spent a summer with an old hunter in Louisiana. Dean never told anyone about what happened during those nights, when John was out and Sammy was asleep. Now, they need to go back there on a hunt and Sam should really stop asking questions and throwing worried glances Dean's way. Dean's is fine. Not like he was traumatized or anything.

Title: Lankeer
Author / Artist: jennytork / spn_2008
Summary: The Winchester brothers' lives were never easy before. But collision alerts and older-little brothers jumping from bunks are never a pleasant way to wake up. The adventure begins with those twin shocks, and gets decidedly strange when Bobby tracks down the name of the world they are headed for.

Lankeer was once a thriving world, ready to join the fledgling Alliance. But now it has become the Bermuda Triangle of Alliance space—ships go in and are never heard from again. Instead of scaring them away, this information intrigues the Winchesters, and they decide to investigate this strange world.

Going in blind is never fun. Going in enraged after watching your brother quite literally shot from the sky makes things that much harder. Getting out from Lankeer may prove more than the Winchesters can handle.

Title: Look Back in Anger
Author / Artist: vail_kagami / quickreaver
Summary: When John Winchester is possessed by the yellow-eyed demon and asks his son to kill him, Sam does so and disappears, leaving his injured brother behind in a hospital. As a result of the demon's early death deals are never made and a lot of bad things never happen - but Dean doesn't know that. All he knows is that Sam killed his father and abandoned him.

Looking for answers, Dean chases his brother all through the United States while Sam solves cases he couldn't possibly know about and always remains one step ahead. When Dean finally catches up with him, the answers he gets are not the ones he expected and it looks like no matter what he does, he's only going to lose Sam in the end.

Title: Mythos
Author / Artist: zoemathemata / votaku
Summary: Six months after the apocalypse was averted, Dean is living with Lisa and Ben. He has a bed in the spare room. He cooks breakfast. He works with cement. He can't sleep without waking up in a cold sweat and pretending he doesn't remember what he was dreaming about. He wouldn't exactly call it living, but he's doing what he promised.

Until Death pays him a visit.

The averted apocalypse and subsequent fallout has left a vacuum in the natural order of things. Heaven is at war, Hell is in chaos and supernaturals are running amok. The bodies are piling up faster than Death can reap their souls. Death needs Dean Winchester back in business. And he's willing to bargain to do it.

Pulling Sam out of the pit was easy. Now Death needs Dean to repay the favor and start doing his job.

A Greek goddess is running rampant in a small town. The inhabitants are forced daily to reenact whichever myth tickles her fancy. As they die, she refuses to let their souls be reaped, stuffing them back into their bodies, reanimating them and winding them up to play once more.

Title: No Place to Grow Old
Author / Artist: greeneyes_fan / vail_kagami
Summary: As Dean drove out of Jericho, California, Sam threw back his head and laughed. With all the ugliness that went along with his family's lifestyle, he'd forgotten the thrill of hunting with his brother and the joy of a job well done. Still, there's no way I can keep hunting with you, not now. The long drives and the no sleep, the fights and the beatings, it'll take me a week to recover from this little weekend road trip. And there's no way you'd understand.

Title: Over the Hills and Far Away
Author / Artist: superbadgirl / apieceofcake
Summary: Set in late S3. With only a few months left before Dean’s deal comes to fruition, the boys are back in LA, but the less glamorous part of town where reports of several mysterious, messy deaths all point to the involvement of something supernatural. They encounter a witch more powerful than any they've ever seen, and during that encounter are transported thirty-three years into the past. Not only are they stuck in 1975 LA, the jump in time has done something Dean’s mind, leaving him with more unstable moments than lucid ones. Sam desperately tries to hold himself and Dean together and get them back to their own time without their usual methods (no phone, no computers, no Bobby), as Dean’s mind fractures piece by piece.

Title: Paternal Evolution
Author / Artist: faithburke / chosenfire28
Summary: Dean Winchester gets a call that changes his entire life.

Title: Riding Shotgun
Author / Artist: bythedamned / kalliel
Summary: "Sam doesn’t know how he can say his brother is dead when there’s still someone on this earth who looks at him like that." For the Winchesters, death is never the end.

Title: Riding the Fence
Author / Artist: 9tiptoes / thruterryseyes
Summary: Summer of 1999: After becoming injured on a hunt w/ his father & brother, and despite his wishes, 20 yr old Dean is left w/ family friend & fellow hunter, Bobby Singer while John & Sam leave on a week-long hunt. Not one to let Dean stew too long in his own juices, Bobby quickly puts Dean to task. Along the way, the window into Bobby’s world is opened and through it Dean learns many things about Bobby’s life and he may just learn something about himself as well.

Title: Rock and Roll Heroes
Author / Artist: mlebayre / thruterryseyes
Summary: A trip for Dean's birthday gives the boys more than birthday cake. A mysterious woman, and Australian legend come to life might be more than the brothers can handle.

Title: Sam I Am
Author / Artist: pinkphoenix1985 / sailorhathor
Summary: Season 6 AU. Sam Winchester was rescued from the deepest depths of hell with no memories of his past and ended up living with family, who were more like strangers and who seemed to have their own plans for him. Fortunately for Sam, he gets help from an unknown source and in the process starts to discover more about himself and who he really is.

Title: Saved To Save
Author / Artist: jennytork / geaugaart
Summary: After Lilith wipes out an entire police station, an unexpectedly honest demon crashes Ruby's reprimand of the Winchesters and reveals some stunning truths. The facts of the matter are: what came back from Cold Oak was not 100% pure Sam, Ruby is not who she seems, and the forces of Heaven and Hell are conspiring to get Dean Winchester's soul into Hell. With conspiracies revealed and very few places to turn, the brothers find themselves dealing with a strangely human angel and a race of alien beings whose reputation as rescuers precedes them. The goal is to save Dean Winchester from the terms of the Deal. The price of this unprecented cooperation might result in the salvation of both Winchesters. But it might just cost the brothers the Earth.

Title: Smokin' Holes Where My Memories Used to Be
Author / Artist: borgmama1of5 / quickreaver
Summary: November 2008. With Ruby's help, Sam and Dean have just manipulated the angels and demons to allow Anna to escape. Now Bobby has sent them to check on another set of omens in Chicago—only this time the trap is for them.

One brother wakes up in a warehouse with mutilated bodies—the other wakes up in a hospital ER—and neither has any memory of being a Winchester. Without any recollection of their own names, much less having a brother, how will they reconnect? And will Ruby help or hinder?

Title: The 24th Pair
Author / Artist: adrenalineshots / liliaeth
Summary: Reality is but a mere point of view, fuelled by the emotions it stirs. For Dean, reality is a life where he has lost everything: his brother, his friends, Lisa... his legs. The only thing Dean has left is Ben, a surrogate son that is about to be taken from his hands as well. For Sam and Bobby, reality is a constant search for someone that they have lost and keeping each other hopeful that their quest will not be in vain. And for some, reality is all that stands between them and their dreams of becoming more than humans. This is a story about the same event, experienced from three different points of view. Trust no one; take nothing for a fact. Assume only that illusion and reality are twin sides of the same mirror.

Title: The Art of Pulling Pie from Thin Air
Author / Artist: poetartist / vail_kagami
Summary: It's been four years since he disappeared from Stanford and Sam is wandering. Oh, he knows who he is, no amnesia involved (anymore), but he's not fully human (he's sure) and with that whole "if you walk out that door, don't you come back" still hanging between him and his family, Sam doesn't think they'll view his new demi-god status any different than college (except there might be more guns involved). With the vague and mostly frustrating guidance of trickster Coyote, his blunt and sarcastic teacher Fred (female, half-god), alcoholic berries, homicidal non-Winchester hunters, and pie, Sam comes to find that insanity brings the best clarity, and maybe you can go home again.

Title: The Importance of an Education
Author / Artist: gerolyn7 / deadflowers5
Summary: John and Mary Winchester died in a fire on November 2, 1982. Bobby Singer adopted their son Dean and raised him to be a brilliant hunter. His little brother Sam was given to Bobby's friend Don Padalecki, a theology professor at Stanford. When mysterious things begin to happen at Sam's college, Don calls Bobby. Never being told about each other, the boys are thrown together to solve the mystery that seems to be following Sam, and has something to do with the family that he never knew. Dean and Sam must find the secret to the family to figure out what is going on.

Title: The North West Passage
Artist: caluk
Summary: Art only

Title: The Way of The Warrior.
Author / Artist: sasha_dragon / roselani24
Summary: After events in Milwaukee, Sam and Dean are trying to lie low to keep themselves off Agent Hendrickson’s radar. To stop his brother from driving him insane due to boredom, Sam finds them what he thinks is a simple hunt, but life is never simple for the Winchesters. Soon the brothers find themselves trying to protect a group of civilians from a tribe of angry Native American ghosts. Faced with the prospect of seeing his brother and innocent people die, Dean agrees to undergo an ordeal which will to push him to the limits of both his strength and courage.

Title: Thespian Madness
Author / Artist: phebemarie / caluk
Summary: A call from an old friend takes the Winchesters to a place they never imagined. If you think "men in tights", you're on the right track.

Title: Three Brothers
Artist: mizra
Summary: Art only

Title: Thunderstruck
Author / Artist: sendintheklowns / thruterryseyes
Summary: John is determined to make Sam a part of the team and as a result, a hunt goes awry. All three Winchesters face some hard decisions in the aftermath.

Title: Til Death Do Us Part
Author / Artist: moviegeek03 / kiscinca
Summary: A text from John sends Sam and Dean to a little town in Virginia, where men drive up the main hill in town but never make it to the other side. Upon investigation, the boys learn that whatever is killing these men have one thing in common, they all had been carrying engagement rings in their cars that they had been planning on giving to their girlfriends. Sam, still grieving from Jess's death, believes he has the ability to stop everything. Because he still carries the ring he had been planning on giving to Jess...

Title: Welcome to the Hotel California
Author / Artist: minviendha / skylar0grace
Summary: There's a house in the desert that eats people. A casefic set in latter half of S2.


Banner by mamapranayama, for the fic All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire)

Title: All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire)
Author / Artist: vail_kagami / mamapranayama
Summary: AU after 5.18: When they go to confront Michael, Sam takes Dean along to give him the chance not to say yes - but Dean does. Now Michael is unleashed on the world, leaving a trail of destruction as he waits for his brother to take his destined vessel and face him in their final fight.

Castiel wakes up without his grace in a world waiting for obliteration. Through the collapsing civilization he makes his way to Bobby's salvage yard where Sam still refuses to give in to Lucifer, no matter how much it hurts. Now it's up to them to save Dean and save the world from Dean's mistake - but the road is much, much longer than any of them anticipates, and every little victory comes with a price.

Title: Between Shadow and Light
Author / Artist: roselani24 / twisted_slinky
Summary: Sequel to Secrets in Shadow. Haunted by the case in Gettysburg, Detective Peter Burke seeks out one Dean Winchester in hope of finding answers. Peter finds Dean and a whole lot more than he expected. What started out as mutual respect soon evolves into a strong friendship. Over the years, that friendship has a ripple effect on their families, friends, and even opponents. Includes appearances from Sam Winchester, Elizabeth Burke, Neal Caffrey, and a special guest appearance by John Winchester. Story told in 25 parts.

Title: Borrowing Freedom
Author / Artist: toady2moo / roselani24
Summary: Dean has spent his life in the saddle and has the bow legs to prove it. Raised on a horse ranch he was riding before he could walk, breaking horses before middle school and was riding broncos by the time he was 16. While rounding up mustangs at a privately run sanctuary at a friend’s ranch in Montana he saw a young colt and it was love at first sight. He'd have to use all the skills he had learnt to calm this wild horse down, but knew it would be worth all the effort. But the life of a bull rider isn't as clear cut, no one is safe from injury, especially Dean.

Title: Damn Nuisance When It's Raining
Author / Artist: purple_carpets / colls
Summary: Dean's struggle with Manic Depression over the years. Not that it's a struggle. Or even a problem. Sure, he gets sad sometimes, but it's not that bad and anyway, sometimes he also feels really awesome and no matter how often Cassie or Sam or Dad or Bobby or Cas tell him to get help, he does not have a problem.

Title: Family Ties
Author / Artist: cherry916 / reapertownusa
Summary: The bond of the Winchesters proves to be their saving grace and their downfall. As Dean and John investigate a hunt near Stanford, Sam finds himself falling neck deep into the same hunt himself. Can he really say goodbye to John and Dean again? Is escaping hunting all together even possible?

Title: Gardening in the Desert, The Art of Tiny Moments
Author / Artist: poetartist / amberdreams
Summary: Sometimes it doesn't matter how you change events, sometimes things were meant to play out a certain way. Dean made a deal for Sam, Sam came back, and Dean has to pay his dues. But instead of hell, Dean wakes up in 1860 where the West is wilder than Hollywood could have prepared him for. To get back to Sam, Dean has to finish a gauntlet that may rob him of everything- including his memory of Sam- before he reaches the end. In short, all gods are douchebags and being separated from pie (Sam) sucks.

Title: Gimme Shelter
Author / Artist: mamapranayama / twisted_slinky
Summary: Sometimes it's not the monsters, ghosts or demons the Winchesters should fear the most, sometimes their worst enemy is nature itself. Preseries, hurt!Sam (17), hurt!Dean(21), angsty!John and his questionable parenting skills.

Title: In the Blood Red Dust
Author / Artist: quickreaver / thruterryseyes
Summary: The Leviathan are rapidly infesting the world; life is getting grim for hunter and civilian alike. Out of the seeming blue, the brothers Winchester are whisked from the frying pan and into a fire, circa 1873. Dean is dumped into Mongrel, Nevada—a near–lawless mining town—where he discovers a bigger threat than protecting one’s share of the silver. Sam finds himself in the desert, no horse in sight, named or otherwise. The boys must reunite, deal with a woman known as the White Witch, address Mongrel’s pesky werewolf situation, and decide if they want to return to a doomed future, crawling with Big Mouths.

Title: Magic Carpet Ride
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie / ilikemyhumordry
Summary: Gabriel knows that Jim's going to need special help on this mission and prompts him to call in the Winchesters. Friendships, alliances, and assumptions will be tested as the IMF team goes down the rabbit hole into an Illinois town home to Nazis and witchcraft, and hunters and spies alike will discover that on this case, almost no one is who—or what—he seems.

Poster art by chosenfire28 created for Make It Right

Title: Make It Right
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie and jennytork / chosenfire28
Summary: Gabriel gets one last message from God at the Elysian Fields Hotel: "Go back and make it right." It's not until Lucifer turns his sword back on him that he realizes exactly what God meant, and he's not able to get away before the blow strikes. But go back he does—landing in a hospital ER where Dean lies dying, and Gabriel's just a few steps away from death himself. The only way he knows to follow Dad's order is to stop John's deal, even if it kills him. Naturally, Zachariah has a Plan B... but fortunately for the Winchesters, so does Gabriel. And Dean's not afraid to turn Trickster himself if it means saving Sam's life.

Title: Structurally Unsound
Author / Artist: patriciatepes / eyestoowide
Summary: Set in SPN S6. The Apocalypse is over, and Purgatory is all anyone can talk about since Eve hit the scene. However, Sam and Dean find themselves drawn to the campus of the University of North Alabama where supernatural mischief has students and professors pushing up daisies. Although they first suspect the little girl ghost, Molly, is responsible, they soon find that that's not the case. Instead, the Winchesters find that they are up against an item the subject of some real curiosity, a bottle tree.

Title: The Glass Vial
Author / Artist: skylinehorizon / tiggeratl1
Summary: End of S6 AU. The souls, with Cas, get sent back to purgatory, and Dean is left to deal with Sam, who's mind is cracked and damaged from Hell. He decides to quit the hunting life and stay by Sam’s side until he gets better, and isn't plagued with constant hallucinations and nightmares from the cage. Then, one day, a mysterious vial turns up on Bobby’s doorstep, which contains a silver liquid. He's not sure who it's from, or what it is, but it starts to help Sam recover, and together they start the process of learning how to settle down and live without hunting.

Title: The Ones Who Have Gone Over
Author / Artist: reapertownusa / amberdreams
Summary: A planned day off goes to hell when the boys are abducted by a doomsday cult, who use Dean in a brutual ritual sacrifice that nearly kills him. Sam struggles to help his brother heal in the aftermath of the attack.

Title: The Hyacinth Girl
Author / Artist: nagi_schwarz / twisted_slinky
Summary: John Winchester picks up on a poltergeist in Hartford, Connecticut that's haunting the house of one Paris Geller. While Sam is on the case, he runs into a whirlwind of blue, gold, and plaid, Eliot's The Waste Land, and the complexities of hunters talking to girls.

Title: The Lord of Misrule
Author / Artist: amberdreams / adrenalineshots
Summary: The action takes place immediately after Lucifer kills Gabriel. Gabriel’s death releases the real god Loki from his thousand-year imprisonment, and he is out for revenge on the architect of his suffering - Gabriel. Furious that the archangel is out of his reach, and discovering that his powers are weakened by this modern unbelieving world, Loki goes after Kali and the Winchesters. The Norse god finds he has bitten off more than he can chew, but unfortunately the boys are caught up too, when Kali decides to teach Loki a lesson.

Title: The Space Around Him
Author / Artist: rainylemons / evian_fork
Summary: Two years ago Sam Winchester went blind after an opportunistic infection ruined his optic nerve. He and Dean have since settled down, but Sam's still struggling to learn the difference between adapting and coping. Fortunately, he has an awesome brother, a therapist, a few exotic dancers, and a canary named Phil to help him out.

Title: Tooth and Claw
Author / Artist: twisted_slinky / dreamingauthor
Summary: Alabama, 1994. After a hunt gone bloody, the Winchesters recover in a small town, where John picks up on a Big Cat hunt, and the boys find themselves at a new school, facing another animal legend, the Belgreen Bear.

Title: Toys In the Attic
Author / Artist: carole_cc / caiti_icons
Summary: In the peaceful town of Goldwood, Pennsylvania, a small child goes missing in the night. Horrible and tragic, but it happens all the time. Nothing to attract the attention of a pair of Hunters like Sam and Dean. Except that this child vanishes out of a locked, second-story room. Then another child disappears, and another.

In every case, something else has mysteriously vanished along with the children: a large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse. The same large, exquisite Victorian rocking horse. Sam and Dean vow to find and destroy the evil toy before it can abduct another child, only to discover that the trail is almost a hundred years long.

Title: Trial and Error
Author / Artist: adrenalineshots / kj_svala
Summary: Imagine the single most powerful weapon in the Universe is yours to protect. How far would you go to keep it from falling into the wrong hands? How much would you give up to keep it safe?

Title: True North
Author / Artist: adrenalineshots and jackfan2 / caluk
Summary: New York's North Brother Island, holds a past that the world has forgotten, secrets long dead and atrocities buried deep; but for those who suffered, there is no forgetting. Rumored to be haunted, six college kids challenge her decayed remains, only to vanish without a trace. An acquaintance from their past calls the Winchesters to investigate, pushing the brothers into a world where death is merely a stumbling block and the past is just a gateway to a future with the promise of revenge. Still reeling from his time in Hell, Dean's own secrets plot to put him at odds with reality, leaving Sam to wonder if his brother is finally losing his mind.

Mini Bangs (Under 15K)

Title: A Time To Heal
Author / Artist: jennytork / king_stitch
Summary: After the events of "Lankeer", the Winchester brothers need someplace to hold up and heal. That happens to be the Roadhouse, currently parked on Dorlan. Meet the new Roadhouse crew!

Art by quickreaver created for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Title: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Author / Artist: monicawoe / quickreaver
Summary: When Sam opened Lucifer’s Cage, the only thing he found inside was Lucifer’s grace – his grace. With the return of his grace, Sam remembered his past – his war against the Host, his Fall, and his plans to bring about the End. The thing is...he doesn't want the Apocalypse anymore. He likes things the way they are, and tries everything to keep his identity a secret- especially from Dean. Of course, the four Horsemen, Hell and Heaven have other ideas.

Title: Darkness Falls
Author / Artist: jennytork /cassiopeia7
Summary: During Sam's date with Sarah Blake after the events of "Provenance", Dean is injured in a bar fight and blinded. What now?

Title: Drawn to Flame
Author / Artist: vail_kagami / quickreaver
Summary: After half a century, the Mothman is back in West Virginia. Dean thinks it's only the coolest hunt ever, Sam is a little more concerned about hiking through the TNT Area—and Bela’s eye may be on the prize, but she never can resist getting one up on Dean.

Title: Expectations
Author / Artist: antrazi / becc_j
Summary: Buffy/Supernatural. To avert the apocalypse the IWC needs a special glove. To use the glove they just need to summon a special sword to their dimension. The Michael-sword is nothing like they expected.

Title: Favourite Son
Author / Artist: jennytork / ilikemyhumordry
Summary: Set in the Dean Has Asperger's AU. The Winchester brothers are camped out at Bobby's when the long-missing John Winchester calls with devastating news: Their apartment has burned to the ground. When they find a body was found in the rubble, they race to Palo Alto to solve this mystery, only to find a witness IDs two very familiar people as the murderers. What is going on? Why does John keep texting them co-ordinates to Blackwater Ridge, Colorado? And what does Jessica Moore have to do with any of this?

Title: Five Times Dean Tied Sam's Shoes
Author / Artist: bythedamned / sammycolt24
Summary: Just what it says on the tin, five times throughout Sam's life Dean ended up tying his shoes. A mix of angst, humor and h/c.

Title: Not By Half
Author / Artist: jennytork / patriciatepes
Summary: AU from the middle of the events of "Point of No Return". Thanks to angelic intervention, Sam and Dean find themselves suddenly half-brothers. What effect will that have on the impending Apocalypse since Dean is no longer capable of housing Michael?

Title: One Step To The Edge (and One Step Back)
Author / Artist: yohkobennington / thruterryseyes
Summary: After a hunt changes their lives, the boys are left to deal with the fall out. Except this time they have to cope with the changes, the strains it causes in their relationship, and re-learn everything that defines them as hunters while they're on the run from the King of Hell. Hurt!Dean. Hurt!Sam. Return of a beloved object. Post-Purgatory S8 AU.

Title: Sammy's Baby
Author / Artist: jennytork / patriciatepes
Summary: Gabriel plays messenger once again—telling a startled Sam Winchester that he and Ruby are going to be parents. Ruby instantly realises she is carrying Lucifer Reborn and the road to Apocalypse is now much easier. But is she really carrying what she thinks she's carrying? And what is the product of this unholy alliance doing to Ruby herself?

Title: The Dark Wind: Bi’ee’ Łigai
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie / amberdreams
Summary: Thousand Books has decided he's done with the family business. Too bad the family business isn't done with him.

Title: The Dark Wind: Nihighan
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie / roselani24
Summary: John wants safety for his sons at all costs; Sam wants answers after losing Jess and reading Mary's journal; and Dean just wants his family back. But when Thousand Books has a vision that leads the brothers back to Lawrence, it puts them on a collision course between ancient taboos and unexpected discoveries that may leave all three Winchesters wondering whether any of their desires can be fulfilled.

Title: The Father Speaks In The Son
Author / Artist: saberivojo / tiggeratl1

Title: The No-Tailed Fox
Author / Artist: ceedeeandco / adrenalineshots
Summary: Amy the kitsune: Who she was and how she got that way.

Title: This Far, No Further
Author / Artist: nwspaprtaxis / quickreaver
Summary: Stabbing a Leviathan-filled angel isn't something someone can just recover from. Especially when he has a brain full of Hell before he even makes the attempt. Dean cares for his catatonic, insane little brother. And angsts. And barely copes.


Title: A Case of Do or Die
Author / Artist: ramblin_rosie / siennavie
Summary: A man falls out of John's closet in April 1987 and sends him on a quest to close the gates of Hell. Yet somehow, in the process of losing his life to save his sons, he finds a life he never thought he'd have. And there may be more than one closet full of secrets waiting for him further down the road—in fact, there may be a whole bunker full of them.

Title: All That Comes After
Author / Artist: pamymex3girl / soserendipity
Summary: Claire Novak is born on a Thursday. So is her father for that matter. One day an angel comes down from the heaven's above, all light and peace and promise, and takes her father and just walkes away. This is all that comes after. A story of Claire's journey to accept what happened to her family and maybe move on.

Poster art by adrenalineshots for Impala's Run

Title: Impala's Run
Author / Artist: monicawoe and quickreaver / adrenalineshots
Summary: Sam and Dean Singer (aka Winchester) aren't your average young Kansas farmers. Their home is very, very far from Kansas, in fact. Many light-years worth of ‘far’. The boys may look human, but certain talents set them apart: Dean speaks the language of machines, and Sam can heal through manipulating energy. Hidden on Earth by their father, their agricultural lifestyle gets rocked when warring alien races discover where they've landed, and Sam and Dean are forced to make the run of their lives.

Title: It's a Dog's Life
Author / Artist: amberdreams / odysseaia
Summary: Set in 2005. After finishing the voodoo job in New Orleans, Dean’s supposed to contact John to get new instructions for his next hunt, but instead decides to detour to Stanford to check up on Sam. On arriving in Palo Alto, Dean stumbles on a case. Unluckily, he is cursed by the witch when he ganks her and is turned into a dog. Being adopted by Sam and Jess seems like a stroke of good fortune, but as all hunters know, there is no such thing as blind luck.

Title: It's a Long, Long Road
Author / Artist: twisted_slinky / amberdreams
Summary: Dean's sleeping off a hunt when he gets a call from a kid claiming to be his half brother. The weirdest part? It's true. He's already had one brother leave him, and Dean doesn't want to chance another rejection from his own blood, but for some reason, he can't simply forget Adam Milligan exists, even if he knows it would probably be safer for both of them.

Title: Primal- Seeing is believing
Author / Artist: adrenalineshots / evian_fork
Summary: How far can run from yourself? Purgatory changed Dean in more ways than he's aware of, in more ways than he is willing to admit even to himself. Working on a new case that takes them deep into the midst of a series of gruesome murders and an invisible killer, Dean struggles to come to terms with who he is while Sam does his best to figure out his brother’s secrets.

Title: The Art of Re-Fixing Sour Lemonade Masterpost
Author / Artist: poetartist / chomaisky
Summary: Time is not a straight line. It's not even a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, if you'll forgive the geek-ism. Time is a tangled web with no logical pattern with strands intersecting, occasionally exploding, and always moving. Case in point: every variation of the epic Winchester saga. It makes a great story but a shitty life because Adam dies and comes back and goes to hell in every retelling.

Not this time, though. With knowledge of what happens in every world Adam is alive in, he hops through timelines and tangled story threads to stay ahead of the angels seeking to secure one of the last remaining vessels for Michael. Time is running out, though, and as he fails again and again, Adam's last resort may only succeed in unraveling him out of existence, but not before he fixes what goes wrong in every timeline.

And if his half brothers would just mind their own business everything would work out easy as pie.

Title: The Song Of Gabriel
Author / Artist: pamymex3girl / soserendipity
Summary: This is how it begins, it begins with a song. In a time so long ago that Gabriel can barely remember it. This is the strangest part: Lucifer is the one who's singing. A story about Gabriel's live from the moment he's created to the moment he dies. A story of love between brothers and the loss of everything.

Title: The Winchester Boys and the Tremors of Doom
Author / Artist: 9tiptoes and zara_zee / cassiopeia7
Summary: “You know what we need? Shore leave.” Having just finished up an emotionally-taxing case in upstate New York, Dean decides that the Winchester brothers deserve a little ‘quality R & R’, so he talks Sam into a pilgrimage to Vegas. A road trip along scenic, historical Route 66 lands them in a ‘living Ghost town’ in northern Arizona, but what started out as a short layover to enjoy the local entertainment quickly develops into something more sinister when a couple of teens go missing. The Winchesters join in the hunt for the missing kids and soon find themselves on a case that's bizarre, even for them; a case that could’ve come straight out of one of the sci-fi movie matinees that Dean used to drag Sam to as a kid.


Title: You've Done All the Things That Could Kill You Somehow
Author / Artists: sw0rdy / thruterryseyes and siennavie
Summary: After eventually finding a ritual that worked, Sam has sprung Dean from Purgatory, but there are a couple of problems: one, Dean's re-appeared in an alleyway in London and two, he's so broken physically and mentally that he's been classed as a 'vulnerable adult' and has been placed under the guardianship of Social Services. When Sam arrives at the hospital he quickly realises that broken bones are the least of his worries...

Title: Splinters in the Windmills of Your Mind (SPN/A-Team [TOS])
Author / Artist: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie) / dollarformyname
Summary: One of Sam's (and then Cas') fellow patients in the mental hospital is none other than Capt. HM Murdock, who's not as crazy as even he believes. When things get wild after Sam and Dean unlock the Leviathan tablet, they bring HM with them to Whitefish, where the other surviving members of the A-Team eventually meet and join forces with what's left of Team Free Will. Together, can they keep Kevin safe and take down SucroCorp and Dick Roman?

Art by wataru-kisugi created for the fic Side B

Title: Side B
Author / Artist: chiiyo86 / wataru_kisugi
Summary: AU. After her husband's death, Mary Winchester tried to do her best for her sons: she taught them how to defend themselves against the monsters that go bump in the night, but tried keep them out of hunting and give as normal a life as possible. But while Sam has followed her mother’s wishes and gone to college, Dean has become a hunter and he and Mary haven't talked in years. A hunt brings the family together and forces them to confront the past.

AKA, the AU where some people who are dead aren't, and some people who aren't dead are.

Title: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie
Author / Artist: San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie) / twisted_slinky
Summary: Cas has no intention of letting Sam rot in the Cage, but even before the surviving members of Team Free Will leave Stull Cemetery, Cas receives a plea from the future that sends him on a very different path from the one he'd planned to follow. Can Cas keep his promise and still help Dean keep his pledge to pursue the apple-pie life with Lisa and Ben?

Title: I don't think the world is sold (I'm just doing what we're told)
Author / Artist: caranfindel / matchboximpala
Summary: After Sam jumps into the cage with Lucifer, Dean would do anything to undo it. What happens when he is given that opportunity? Written for the 2014

Title: The Wild Ones
Author / Artist: katzenspn / dollarformyname
Summary: Castiel Novak, runaway, manages to find the wrong guy to pickpocket: a rogue angel of the Lord. The angel tells him that he can keep the world from ending, but only if he is willing to return to the family he ran away from and face off against angels and demons, including his angel's own righteously pissed off older brother.

Castiel can believe in angels, demons, Heaven and Hell, the Apocalypse and everything in between. But believing that someone like him could have a hand in saving the world...that's harder.

Title: Fields of Gold
Author/ Artist: jaelijn / twisted_slinky
Summary: After Castiel followed his commander Anael into rebellion, supporting her as second-in-command and standing against both Michael and Lucifer, he never doubted that his choice had been the right one, even if he disliked the term "assassin" that followed him like a shadow. He certainly didn't expected the task to kill the Vessels, the two humans whose death would bring the Apocalypse to a halt once and for all, to affect his loyalties in any way...

Title: Read Him Like a Book
Author / Artist: sw0rdy / thruterryseyes
Summary:“Dean, I need to ask you something and I want you to promise that you’ll tell me the truth. Can you read and write?”

Sam is looking at him again and he realises that all his years of running and hiding have come to an end here, with Sam and a promise and a question.

Set in Season 1, canon AU. In the aftermath of his father’s disappearance and Jess’s death, Sam is stunned to discover his brother’s darkest secret: Dean is completely illiterate. As they re-establish their relationship during the hunt for their father and the yellow-eyed demon, Sam tries to persuade Dean of his worth and that it's never too late to learn...

Title: Singer & Winchester's Home for Wayward Hunters 2: Blood and Kin
Author / Artist: Enola Jones (jennytork) and San Antonio Rose (ramblin_rosie) / m14mouse
Summary:The Home's routine is shattered by a literal blast from the past—but Henry Winchester's training by Cuthbert Sinclair turns out to offer more protection than anyone expected. And when the family heads out to investigate the mysterious artifact Henry carries, they find that the Men of Letters' secrets may hold the key to putting the final nail in the coffin of Azazel's plan for Sam.

Title: Wayward Sons Come Home
Author / Artist: evelyncarver / siennavie
Summary: Against all odds, Sam got out. He left the Hunter's Retreat Compound and his family behind to attend Stanford and make a life that wasn't dictated by studies in ancient religions and working on the community farm. But according to FBI Special Agent Hendrickson, things have changed and they need him to get inside and figure out where the new weapons stockpiles are being kept. There's someone on the inside who wants out, too, and Sam hopes it's Dean. . .Even if that's just a wish.

Title: Sanguis Sanctus (Parts I and II)
Author / Artist: agelade / amberdreams
Summary: Something's killing people in Smalltown, America, so what else is new? Sam's dealing, Dean's dealing, and both are keeping their secrets, but when Sam takes off before the hunt's even done, some secrets will find their way into the light of day.

Title: Without You (The Tears Dry)
Author / Artist: spn_passenger / kj_svala
Summary: Sam makes an unexpected discovery about Dean. He's keeping a secret journal, in shape of series of cassettes, for times he wasn't feeling so well. Maybe he didn't know Dean as well as he thought he did.

Title: Nothing but a Magic Shadow-show
Author / Artist: amberdreams / alexisjane
Summary: Leaving Kevin alone in the Bunker with only Crowley for company was probably not the Winchesters’ brightest idea. Mix together a prophet’s paranoia with drug abuse and demonic stirring, add the Winchesters’ unexpectedly early return to the Bat Cave after a chimera hunt gone a little bit awry, stir in a meddlesome demon and you've got yourself the recipe for a perfect Winchester storm. Hurt!Dean, hurt!Sam, crazy Kevin, manipulative Crowley, Gadreel inside's just another day in the life of the Bat Cave.

Title: Living Dead Boy
Author / Podficcer: reapertownusa / angelzfurys and Not_a_Mastermind for AO3
Summary: The ghost of a stripper is possessing thirty year old, attractive males with light brown hair